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Found 60 Records with the keyword term of "Continuous bridges"

2015  Integral Lifting of a Three-Span Continuous Beam Bridge

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Damage Localization Method Using Vertical Support Reaction Data for Real-World Continuous Bridge

2014  Effects of Friction at Movable Supports on Elasto-Plastic Seismic Responses of Continuous Girder Bridges

2014  Field Test and Finite-Element Modeling of a Three-Span Continuous-Girder Bridge

2014  Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction and Liquefaction on the Isolation Efficiency of a Typical Multispan Continuous Steel Girder Bridge

2014  Seismic Performance of Conventional Girder Bridges in Moderate Seismic Regions

2013  Evaluation of a Noncomposite Steel Girder Bridge through Live-Load Field Testing

2013  Rule for Vessel Distribution in Continuous Bridge Area of the Yangtze River

2012  Influence of Skew Angle on Continuous Composite Girder Bridge

2012  Regularity Criteria for RC and PRC Multispan Continuous Bridges

2012  Seismic Fragility of Retrofitted Multispan Continuous Steel Bridges in New York

2009  Dynamic Parameters Identification and Finite Element Model Updating for Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge

2009  Research on Application of Externally Prestressing for Simple-Continuous Bridge

2008  Effect of Skewness on the Distribution of Live Load Reaction at Piers of Skewed Continuous Bridges

2007  Analysis of Lateral Slippage Mechanism and Behavior for Curved Continuous Bridge

2007  Damage Identification of Continuous Girder Bridge’s Dynamic Behavior Based on Trust Region Algorithm

2007  Effect of the Friction Force at the Movable Supports on the Seismic Performance of Continuous Bridges

2007  Evaluation of Seasonal and Yearly Behavior of an Integral Abutment Bridge

2007  Implications of Design Assumptions on Capacity Estimates and Demand Predictions of Multispan Curved Bridges

2007  Integral Abutment Bridge Behavior: Parametric Analysis of a Massachusetts Bridge

2007  Seismic Performance Assessment of Simply Supported and Continuous Multispan Concrete Girder Highway Bridges

2006  The Effect of Skewness on Live Load Reactions at Piers of Continuous Bridges

2005  Time-Dependent Behavior of Continuous Composite Integral Abutment Bridges

2003  Continuous Prestressed Bridges Using “Leadline” Tendons

2000  Long-Term Behavior of Continuous Precast Concrete Girder Bridge Model

1999  Considering the Options (Available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)

1999  Effect of Multilanes on Wheel Load Distribution in Steel Girder Bridges

1998  Dynamic Analysis of Existing Continuous Bridge

1998  Effect of Continuity on Wheel Load Distribution in Steel Girder Bridges

1997  Vibrational Behavior of Continuous Span Highway Bridge—Influencing Variables

1996  Design Methodology for Strengthening of Continuous-Span Composite Bridges

1996  Dynamic Behavior of Continuous and Cantilever Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges

1996  Girder Moments in Continuous Skew Composite Bridges

1995  Seismic Performance of Single-Span Simply Supported and Continuous Slab-on-Girder Steel Highway Bridges

1994  Finite Element Modeling of Continuous Posttensioned Voided Slab Bridges

1993  Behavior of Two-Span Continuous Bridge Under Truck Axle Loading

1993  Collapse Load Analysis of Continuous, Posttensioned Voided Slab Bridge Models

1993  Hybrid Control of Seismic-Excited Bridge Structures Using Variable Dampers

1993  Inelastic Behavior of Noncompact Steel Bridge Girders

1993  Longspan Bridges with Double Composite Action

1992  Impact Analysis of Continuous Multigirder Bridges due to Moving Vehicles

1991  Continuous-Beam Analysis for Highway Bridges

1991  Evaluation of Proposed Bridge Formula for Continuous Spans

1991  The Great Canadian Bridge Slide

1991  Jointless Redecking

1990  Live-Load Moments for Continuous Skew Bridges

1990  Strengthening of Continuous Composite Bridges

1989  Study and Design of Multi-Span Continuous Bridge

1989  The Three-Dimensional Analysis of Curved P.C. Box Girder Bridges

1987  Microcomputer Assisted Bridge Rating

1985  Application of Preflexed Composite Beams to Continuous Bridges

1985  Collapse Loads of Continuous Orthotropic Bridges

1985  Dynamic-Fatigue Response of Continuous Composite Bridges

1983  Finite Element Analysis of a Taxiway Bridge

1983  Force-Displacement Behavior of Concrete Bridge

1983  Modal Methods in Continuous Bridge Deck Statics

1982  Minimization of Composite Dead Load Effects

1982  Prestressed Decks in Continuous Composite Bridges

1960  Continuous Girder Bridge with Variable Moment of Inertia