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2013  Agile Simulation Analysis for Automated Container Terminal and Intermodal Facility Development and Planning

2013  Analysis the Safety Characters of the Ship Container Logistics Networks of China

2013  Application of EDI Information System Based on XML in the Container Multi-Model Transportation

2013  Application of Electronic Documents to Container Rail- Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  The Application Research of RFID in Container Terminal Security

2013  Approach to Cylindrical Steel Tank Design to Accommodate Sloshing Effects

2013  Automated Container Terminal Design at the POLA

2013  Baltimore’s New Berth

2013  Berth Allocation in Container Ports: A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)-Based Approach

2013  Bridging the Gap - Cai Lan International Container Terminal, Vietnam

2013  Construction Management in a Foreign Land - SP-SSA and Cai Lan International Container Terminals, Vietnam

2013  Container Berth Bridges over Sewer Tunnel

2013  Customer-Oriented Organizational Model for Railway Container Transportation

2013  Deltaport Intermodal Railyard Capacity Study

2013  Development and Application of Container Automated Guided Vehicle System

2013  Development Strategies of Container Trains Based on the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

2013  Discussion of Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transport Documents Process

2013  Discussion of Modern Logistics Development on Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  Equipment Layout and Optimization of Railway Container Central Station

2013  Features of the APL Los Angeles 22-Wide STS Cranes

2013  Forecast of Container Throughput for Lianyungang Harbor

2013  Fuel Storage Container Performance during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan, Tsunami

2013  Geotechnical Challenges in Reclamation of a Soft Soil Site

2013  Infrastructure Design for Automated Container Stacking Area

2013  Leading Indicator for the Foreign Trade Container throughput in China Water Transport

2013  Location of the Road Transfer Station for Containers Based on the Mixed-Integer Programming Principle

2013  Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers in Rail-Water Combined Transport

2013  Optimization of Empty Container Allocation in Depots with the Participation of Freight Forwarders

2013  Optimization of Railway Empty Container Transportation

2013  Optimization of Resource Allocation for Rail Container Terminals Based on Internet of Things Technology

2013  Planning, Design and Realization of a Successful Automated Container Terminal

2013  Planning for the TraPac Automated Container Terminal

2013  Railway Empty Container Allocation Problem Analysis and Optimization

2013  Simulation Design of Composites Containerization Tray

2013  Strategy and Optimization of Empty Container Transportation

2013  Thoughts on the Acceleration of the Development of Railway Double-Layer Container Transport in China

2013  Three-Dimensional Wharf Response to Far-Field and Impulsive Near-Field Ground Motions in Liquefiable Soils

2012  Analytical Method to Determine Vertical Stresses within a Granular Material Contained in Right Vertical Prisms

2012  Based on Multi-Objective Programming Container Multimodal Transportation Research

2012  The Development Tendency of Sea, Rail, and Highway Intermodal Container

2012  The Forecast of Railway Container Transport Volume Based on Gray Forecasting Model and MATLAB

2012  Options for Hauling Fully Loaded ISO Containers in the United States

2012  An Organizing Optimization Model and Its Algorithm of Container Multimodal Transportation

2012  Railway Container Station Layout on Modern Logistics Conditions

2012  Research on Railway Empty Container Disposition Based on the Integer Linear Programming Method

2012  Slosh Dynamics of Liquid-Filled Rigid Containers: Two-Dimensional Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Approach

2012  Study on Reducing Assembling Time of Container Flow from Terminal Area

2012  A Study on the Relations between Port Container Throughput and Truck Trips in Different Logistics Modes

2011  The Advantages of Railway Container Transportation Development and Constraint Factors in China

2011  Analysis of Empty Container Discount Price Based on Average Time Value

2011  The Application Research of Container Berth Allocation Based on Ant Colony Algorithms

2011  Container Ship Routing Design Considering Combined Patterns and Plans of Loaded and Empty Containers

2011  Demand Oriented Dynamic Lane Allocation Model of a Container Terminal Entry Gate

2011  Determining Width of Channel for Large Container Based on Simulation Trials

2011  Dynamic Network Flow Model of Empty Container Distribution

2011  Evaluation Index System of Transshipment and Repacking Solutions in Railway Container Terminals

2011  Fuzzy Synthesis Estimation System in Efficiency of Containerized Handling Facilities System

2011  Modeling and Simulation for Stevedoring Technology Scheme of a Novel Automatic Container Terminal System

2011  Optimal Design of Container Terminal’s Gate System Based on M/G/K Queuing Model

2011  Optimal Hub Port Locations in China-Western Europe Container Liner Route

2011  Optimization Research of Maritime Empty Container Repositioning Based on Linear Programming

2011  The Prospect of Container Transport Development in Zhanjiang Port

2011  A Study on Port Container Throughput Prediction Based on Optimal Combined Forecasting Model in Shanghai Port

2011  Study on the Design of Transshipment MIS at Railway Container Center Station

2011  A Time-Space Diagram for Solving Dynamic Berth Allocation Problem at Container Terminal

2010  Application of Linear Motor in Container-Type Pipeline Transportation

2010  Apron Wharf Structure for Fairview Container Terminal

2010  An Available International Freight Transport System with Rail Container and RORO/Ferry Ship

2010  Berth Allocation Based on Improved Memetic Algorithm in Container Terminal

2010  A Berth Scheduling Problem under Sailing Schedule Disruption

2010  Berths 145-147 Container Terminal Wharf Upgrade Design and Construction at the Port of Los Angeles

2010  A Better Move—Automated Container Terminals in North America

2010  Container Crane Recycling: Upgrade and Relocation

2010  Container Facilities at Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico

2010  Container Terminal Development on Soft-Ground Sites: Geotechnical Considerations

2010  Container Vehicle Dispatching Method and Its Application Based on Fuzzy Control Theory

2010  Containing the Constraints

2010  Design of Container Yard at Port of Balboa

2010  Development of New Container Terminal in Jacksonville

2010  Dynamic Berth Scheduling Optimization Based on Rolling Window in Container Terminal

2010  Experimental Study of the Seismic Response of Container Cranes

2010  Forecast of Monthly Empty Container Throughput Based on Semi-Parametric Linear Regression

2010  Geotechnical Site Assessment for Port of Long Beach, Pier G Container Terminal Redevelopment Program

2010  Infrastructure Cargo Fees—A Way Forward

2010  Inland Water Container Transportation Organization Mode of Middle-Grade Waterway Based on River-Sea Multimodal Transportation

2010  Innovative Reuse of Drydocks as Contained Disposal Sites

2010  Integration of Container Terminal Design and Construction with Operations to Reduce the Project Delivery Cost and Shorten the Schedule

2010  LID Concepts for Container Terminals

2010  Manzanillo Container Terminal Redevelopment: Maximizing Throughput in a Limited Space

2010  Master Planning of a Semi-Automated Container Terminal

2010  Modeling Road Traffic Demand of Container Consolidation in a Chinese Port Terminal

2010  A Multi-Commodity Model and an Algorithm for the Railway Empty Container Allocation

2010  Nested RMGs for Intermodal Rail Handling

2010  An Optimization Model and Heuristic Algorithm for the Ro-Ro Ship Loading

2010  Process and Equipment Automation for Container Terminals

2010  RCC Pavement Success at Mobile Container Terminal

2010  Research on Logistics Transport System Scheduling Optimization in Container Port

2010  Research on Pricing Derivatives on Index of Container Freight

2010  Research on Visual Information Management System on the Whole Process of Container Multi-Modal Transport Logistics

2010  Seismic Fragility of Jumbo Port Container Cranes