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Found 64 Records with the keyword term of "Contact pressure"

2015  Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Elimination of Severe Stress Concentration in Railhead Ends

2013  Analysis of Near-Surface Cracking under Critical Loading Conditions Using Uncracked and Cracked Pavement Models

2013  Impact of Tire Loading and Tire Pressure on Measured 3D Contact Stresses

2013  Measuring Grip and the Contact Patch

2013  Rigid Spread Footings Resting on Soil Subjected to Axial Load and Biaxial Bending. I: Simplified Analytical Method

2013  Simplified Anchor System for CFRP Rods

2012  Understanding the Soil Contact Problem for the LWD and Static Drum Roller by Using the DEM

2011  Effects of Layer Interfacial Bonding Conditions on the Mechanistic Responses in Asphalt Pavements

2011  Soil-Structure Interaction of an Earth Pressure Cell

2009  Contact Interface Model for Shallow Foundations Subjected to Combined Cyclic Loading

2009  Elastic Settlement under Eccentrically Loaded Rectangular Surface Footings on Sand Deposits

2008  Discrete Element Modeling of Contact Creep and Aging in Sand

2008  Mechanisms of Small-Strain Shear-Modulus Anisotropy in Soils

2008  Microstructural Investigations into the Abrasion Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Floors

2007  Interlock Mechanism of Concrete Block Pavements

2007  Novel Anchor System for CFRP Rod: Finite-Element and Mathematical Models

2006  Determination of Stress Intensity Factors for a Cracked Shell under Bending with Improved Shell Theories

2006  Effect of Contact Pressure on Bond Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer to Concrete

2006  Effect of Sleeve Material on Interfacial Contact Behavior of CFRP-Metal Couples

2006  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance: Hard Cylinder on Viscoelastic Foundation of Finite Thickness

2005  Effect of Sandblasting on Interfacial Contact Behavior of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Metal Couples

2005  Effects of Nonuniform Tire Contract Stresses on Pavement Response

2001  Micromechanical Analysis of the Shear Behavior of a Granular Material

2000  Delamination Buckling and Growth in Rings under Pressure

2000  Visual Observation and Measurement of Aerial Stress Distribution Under a Rigid Strip Footing

1998  Interference Assemblies

1996  Interference Assemblies

1996  Photoelastic Determination of Contact Stresses of Foundations

1996  Semicontinuous Mathematical Model for Bending of Multilayered Wire Strands

1995  Contact Problem for Saturated Poroelastic Solid

1994  A Computational Algorithm for Analysis of Rectangular Footings Under Partial Contact with Soil

1994  Construction Robot Force Control in Cleaning Operations

1994  Hydraulics of Stationary Capsule in Pipe

1994  Mechanical Behavior of Metal Contact Joint

1993  Rational Mechanics of Axial Soil-Pile Interaction

1993  Suspension Clamp and ACSR Electrical Conductor Contact Conditions

1993  The Use of Multibody Software in the Wheel/Rail Contact as Applied to Very High Speed Tests

1992  Contact Induced Damage

1992  Frictionless Contact with BEM Using Quadratic Programming

1991  Axial Response of Multilayered Strands with Compliant Layers

1991  Biomechanics of Local Articular Incongruities

1991  Frictionless Contact of Composite Laminates

1991  A Two-Dimensional Model of Airbag Deployment

1990  Application of Uniform Strain Theory to Heterogeneous Granular Solids

1990  Bird-Caging in Wire Rope

1990  Crack Due to Wedge-Shaped Punch with Friction

1990  Hysteresis Sliding Friction of Rubber—Finite Element Analysis

1990  Inclined Circular Punch Bonded to Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

1990  Strain Tensor and Deformation for Granular Material

1990  Truck-Tire Steel Grid Deck Contact Pressure Distributions

1989  Constitutive Model and Finite Element Procedure for Dilatant Contact Problems

1989  Frictional Punch and Crack in Plane Elasticity

1988  Unbonded Contact of Finite Timoshenko Beam on Elastic Layer

1987  Flexible Pavement Strains Caused by Auto Tires

1987  Lower-Bound Collapse Load of Square Footing

1987  Tire Contact Pressure and Its Effect on Pavement Strain

1982  Rocking Vibrations of Footings

1981  Buried Pipelines: Settlement Modification and Load Transfer

1980  Approximate Approach to Contact Effects of Piles

1978  Contact Problems for Solids Containing Cavities

1978  Dynamics of Rectangular Footings by Finite Elements

1976  Analysis of Unilateral Contact Problem

1974  Contact Between Plates and Sagged Supports

1972  Behavior of Crossed Beams on Elastic Foundations