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2014  Benefit Analysis of Knowledge Management System for Engineering Consulting Firms

2014  Best Practices for Procurement and Management of Professional Services Contracts

2014  Determining and Classifying Factors of Employees’ Expatriation Willingness Using Rough Set Theory

2014  Strategies for Building and Sustaining a Successful Engineering and Consulting Company

2013  Internationalization of Construction-Related Consultants: Impact of Age and Size

2013  Is the Knowledge Management System Truly Cost Effective? Case Study of KM-Enabled Engineering Problem Solving

2012  How To Select and Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project

2011  Goal and Process Alignment during the Implementation of Decision Support Systems by Project Teams

2011  Situation and Competitiveness of Foreign Project Management Consultancy Enterprises in China

2010  Owners Respond: Preferences for Task Performance, Delivery Systems, and Quality Management

2010  Partnerships Are the Answer

2010  A Rocky Road Ahead

2009  Strengths, Weaknesses, Oppportunities, and Threats: Case Study of Consulting Firms in Shenzhen, China

2008  Quantifying Impact Factors of Corporate Financing: Engineering Consulting Firms

2007  Musings on Managing for the Long Term

2007  Quality Management System for Design Consultants: Development and Application on Projects in the Middle East

2006  Decline of the Engineering Class: Effects of Global Outsourcing of Engineering Services

2006  Operations Management for Engineering Consulting Firms: A Case Study

2005  Addressing Pricing: Value Bidding for Engineers and Consultants

2005  ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering: Review of the years 1985-2002

2005  Cost Control in Consulting Engineering Firms

2005  Knowledge Management in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Consulting: A Case Study

2005  Performance Evaluation for Cost Estimators by Reliability Interval Method

2005  Pricing Engineering Services

2005  Survival of International Civil Engineering Consultancies: The Need to Adjust to Reality

2004  Consultancy Fees: Dichotomy between A/E’s Need to Maximize Profit and Employers’ Need to Minimize Cost

2004  Forum

2004  Implementing a U-Turn in a Strategic Direction in a Civil Engineering Consultancy

2004  Reflections on Consulting

2003  Achieving Client Satisfaction for Engineering Consulting Firms

2003  In Memoriam, Jerome Morrow Norman

2003  Lean Management of Environmental Consulting

2003  Management Online: Mining the Full Potential of the Intranet

2003  Technical, Managerial, and Organizational CHanges in Adapting an E-Commerce Model in Civil Engineering Design and Consulting Services

2002  Market Research: Departments of Transportation Spend More on Design Consulting

2002  Moderate-Sized Corporation Career Track

2001  Relevance of the Network Factor in the Selection of Consultants

2001  Supporting the Negotiation Process To Obtain What Is Deserved

2000  CEO Corner

2000  Communications

2000  Design Automation in Civil Engineering

2000  Forum

2000  In Memoriam. David P. McKittrick

2000  In Memoriam. Harry W. Lochner

2000  Roth Named ASCE’s Assistant Executive Director

2000  Seven Reasons to Consider ‘Going Out on Your Own’ as a Consultant

2000  Simple Services, Inc.: A Case Study in Ownership Transition

1999  In Memoriam. John Jarvis Burgess

1999  In Memoriam. Robert J. Barletta

1999  Insurance and Risk Management Issues Associated with Foreign Operations

1999  An Opportunity for Change

1998  Consulting Experience vs. Research

1998  Dames & Moore Acquires LRE

1998  Engineers Study Disaster Losses

1998  ERM Forms Financial Services Co.

1998  HLA to Acquire ABB Environmental

1998  In Memoriam. Tom Harold Watters II

1998  Management Digest

1998  More Modifications

1998  The New Environment for Consolidation

1998  On-Call Contracting Strategy and Management

1998  Out of Sight, Out of Time

1998  Salaries Increase at Consulting Firms

1997  BHE Launches Technical Staffing

1997  DPIC Branches Out

1997  FERC License Implementation and Lessons Learned

1997  Forum

1997  Golder Partners with Terrain Resources Ltd.

1997  History and Findings of ACEC Peer Review Program

1997  JNEI Grows 1,383%

1997  Minority Owner Alliance Expands

1997  Neighborhood Traffic Management City of Long Beach, California

1997  PB Chosen for Florida DOT Project

1997  Raymond Fox, 73, Engineering Professor at GWU

1997  The Roots of Bad Management

1997  Turnaround Feat

1996  Analytic Approach Helps Firm Expand Business

1996  Changing Times for Engineers Is Focus of Triennial Conclave between U.S., Britain

1996  Environmental Firms Merge

1996  New on the Web

1996  Reader Urges Peers to Accept Challenge

1995  Engineers Must be Consultants, Not Technicians, Warns Conference Speaker

1995  Jumping the Curve

1995  Milwaukee Makes Maps Accessible

1995  Nothing to Fear but Lawsuits, Study Finds

1995  Using Technology to Improve Delphi Method

1995  Who Do ASCE Members Work For?

1994  CEOs Discuss People and Profits

1994  From Smoking Policies To Notebook Computers

1994  Identifying Causes of Failure in Providing Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Services

1994  Poor Service Not Poor Design Drives

1994  Report Analyzes Pay and Perks

1994  Staffing and Projects Grow Slightly in 1993

1993  Consulting Firm Value Rebounds

1993  Expat Happiness

1993  Learning from Relicensing: Lessons for the Hydro Industry

1992  Better Use of Computer Resources

1992  Pricing of Services

1992  Recession Brings Maturity to Environmental Market

1991  D.C. Metro Staff Seeks Contractor Candidates