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2014  Best Practices for Procurement and Management of Professional Services Contracts

2013  Critical Success Factors for Key Project Players and Objectives: Case Study of Singapore

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Internationalization of Construction-Related Consultants: Impact of Age and Size

2012  Global Weights of Parameters for Sustainable Buildings from Consultants’ Perspectives in Indian Context

2012  How To Select and Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project

2012  Maximize our Value By Being Active Consultants

2010  Geotechnical Trends for Sustainable and Constructible Solutions

2009  Consultants’ Perceptions on Construction Delay Analysis Methodologies

2009  FIDIC and Integrity: A Status Report

2009  Quality Culture Auditing for Engineering Consultants

2007  Engineering Your Future: Price-Based Selection: Three Costs to the Consultant

2007  Quality Management System for Design Consultants: Development and Application on Projects in the Middle East

2006  Court Decisions: Engineer for Transit Authority Enjoys Sovereign Immunity

2006  Subconsultant Not Liable to Owner for Retaining Wall Failure

2005  Nature of Engineering Consulting Projects

2005  The Owners’ Perspective: Issues Important to an Owner in the Owner/Consultant Relationship

2005  Performance Evaluation for Cost Estimators by Reliability Interval Method

2004  Forum

2004  Framework for Evaluating the Performance of Engineering Consultants

2004  Reflections on Consulting

2002  Commentary: Pricing: Define Your Marketplace

2002  How to Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project at the Right Price for Your Public Constituents

2002  In Memoriam. Brian J. Lewis (1929–2001)

2002  In Memoriam. Brian Lewis (1929–2001)

2002  In Memoriam, John P. Stecich

2002  Perceptions of Construction Professionals Concerning Important Skills of Effective Project Leaders

2002  Roland C. Rautenstraus and Fred N. Severud

2001  Consultants Win Important Court Case

2001  In Memoriam. James A. Maple

2001  In Memoriam. Lyman Wilbur

2001  In Memoriam. Rowland Ian Kingham (1933-2001)

2001  Leadership Profile - The Geo-Leader: Suzanne Lacasse: Engineer, Researcher, Educator and Manager

2001  Relevance of the Network Factor in the Selection of Consultants

2001  Zelenko to Head National Captial Section

2000  Civil Engineer’s Firm Gets National Award for Ethics

2000  EDI: The Challenges of the Knowledge Economy

2000  Engineering Your Future, The Non-Technical Side of Professional Practice in Engineering and Other Technical Fields

2000  The Ethics of Contributions

2000  In Memoriam. George E. Brandow

2000  In Memoriam. Gerald R. “Gerry” Manning

2000  In Memoriam. Gustav “Gusti” Wüstemann

2000  In Memoriam. J. Donovan Jacobs

2000  In Memoriam. Robert M. Collie

2000  Learning More about Our Sacred Profession

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "Civil Engineers Firm Gets National Award for Ethics"(Vol. 25, No. 3, March 2000, pg. 5)

2000  A New Century, but Some Things Never Change

2000  Praise for Small Firms

2000  Public Policies Keep Small Firms from Competing

2000  Questioning Design/Build Weaknesses

2000  Retired Executives Offer Expertise Availability

2000  Return of the Master Builder

2000  Seven Reasons to Consider ‘Going Out on Your Own’ as a Consultant

1999  Compensation of Consulting Engineers: Legalities and Realities

1999  In Memoriam. Fred P. Boljen

1999  In Memoriam. Gordon Ryerson Williams

1999  In Memoriam: James Ketchel Bishop

1999  In Memoriam: James P. Gould (1923–1998)

1999  In Memoriam. James Wallace Harland

1999  In Memoriam. John S. Pidcock

1999  In Memoriam. Ned P. Clyde (1921–1998)

1999  In Memoriam. Richard J. Woodward, Jr. (1907–1998)

1999  In Memoriam. Wesley Edward Taft

1999  In Memoriam. William H. McFarland

1999  Innovative Seismic Strengthening: Meeting the Client’s Needs

1999  Letter to Editor regarding "Nitsch Finds Her Niche"(Vol. 24, No. 7, July 1999, pp. 1,7)

1999  Management Digest

1999  Management Digest

1999  Nitsch Finds Her Niche

1998  AIA Contract Revisions: A User’s Guide—Part 1

1998  ASCE Member Takes Top Moles Award for 1998

1998  Business Bulletin

1998  CEO Survey Sums Up Environmental Outlook

1998  Consulting Engineering, A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services

1998  Dames & Moore Acquires LRE

1998  Discovering Your Niche

1998  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice: Expert Impartiality: A Thing of the Past?

1998  Ethics in Professional Practice: Cases-of-the Month Program

1998  The Expert Witness Handbook: Tips and Techniques for the Litigation Consultant by Dan Poynter

1998  Forum

1998  Half-Life...What Half-Life?

1998  Hospitals Face Seismic Sticker Shock

1998  How and When to Select a Wetlands Expert

1998  How to Succeed in Business...

1998  In Memoriam. Robert Richard Aluise

1998  In Memoriam. Sandor A Veress

1998  A Merger Manual

1998  On a Fortune Hunt

1998  Pulling Ahead

1998  Rizzo Adds Sam Park

1998  A Stockholder’s Story

1998  Survey Shows Support for Environmental, Water Resources Institute

1998  Three Dimensional CADD for Consulting Engineers

1997  Ajit Virdee, CSUS Professor, Was 65

1997  Angel Villasor, with Long Career as Structural Engineer, Dies at 74

1997  Brownfield Design/Build Move

1997  Demystifying the Local Agency Procurement and Selection Process for Professional Engineering Consultant Services

1997  Editorial

1997  Engineered for Murder by Aileen Schumacher

1997  Evaluation of Factors Influencing Construction Clients’ Decision to Build