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2015  Adequately Protecting Construction Insolvencies: Disposition of Trusts to Facilitate Security of Payment in Australia

2015  Application of Low-Cost Accelerometers for Measuring the Operational Efficiency of a Construction Equipment Fleet

2015  Automated Progress Monitoring Using Unordered Daily Construction Photographs and IFC-Based Building Information Models

2015  Collaborative Learning Experience in a Construction Project Site Trip

2015  Critical Success Factors for Value Management Workshops in Malaysia

2015  Critical Success Factors in Distance Learning Construction Programs at Central Queensland University: Students’ Perspective

2015  Determination of Priority Weights under Multiattribute Decision-Making Situations: AHP versus Fuzzy AHP

2015  Developments in the United Kingdom Dispute Resolution Process

2015  Discrete-Event Simulation for Estimating Emissions from Construction Processes

2015  Framework of the Virtual Construction Simulator 3 for Construction Planning and Management Education

2015  Holonic Construction Management: Unified Framework for ICT-Supported Process Control

2015  Hybrid Discrete Event Simulation and Virtual Reality Experimental Setup for Construction Management Research

2015  Instrumentation of a Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge during Construction

2015  Quick Abnormal-Bid-Detection Method for Construction Contract Auctions

2015  Sociotechnical Systems Approach to BIM Implementation in a Multidisciplinary Construction Context

2015  Sustainable Construction Education Using Problem-Based Learning and Service Learning Pedagogies

2015  Synthetic Cash Flow Model with Singularity Functions. II: Feasible Prompt Payment Discount Scenarios

2015  Using Grounded Theory Methodology to Explore the Information of Precursors Based on Subway Construction Incidents

2014  The 10-10 Performance Assessment Campaign: New Theories Regarding the Benchmarking of Capital Project Performance

2014  3D Data Collection and Automated Damage Assessment for Near Real-time Tornado Loss Estimation

2014  4D-based Value Engineering

2014  Acceleration and Deflection Analysis for Class C Edge Protection Systems in Construction Work

2014  Accident Prevention through Production Control: Lessons from High-reliability Foremen

2014  Accuracy in Design Stage Cost Estimating through Risk-contingency Analysis: A Theoretical Exploration

2014  Achieving Building Sustainability through the Application of Information Systems and Stakeholder Alignment

2014  Achieving Higher Energy Efficiency in High-Performance Buildings Using Integrated Practices: A Fuzzy Set- Qualitative Comparative Analysis Approach

2014  Achieving Value for Money: An Analytic Review of Studies on Public-Private Partnerships

2014  An Action Research Approach to Implementation of Alternative Project Delivery Methods within Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Owner Organizations: Overcoming Resistance through Education

2014  The Advantages of the Construction Sector of China and India: A Comparison

2014  An Agent-based Model for Exploring Formation of Housing Prices: Housing Market Laboratory (HoML)

2014  Agriculture Infrastructure Investment and Financing Management of Fujian Province

2014  Aircraft Sound Transmission in Homes Categorized by Typical Construction Type

2014  Alternative Approach for Conducting Construction Management Research: Quasi-Experimentation

2014  Alternative Project Delivery Methods for Water and Wastewater Projects: The Satisfaction Level of Owners

2014  Analysis and Application of Cloud Data Center Energy Monitoring and Controlling

2014  Analysis of Causes of Delay and Time Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Analysis of China’s New Urbanization Main Problems

2014  Analysis of Disruptions Caused by Construction Field Rework on Productivity in Residential Projects

2014  Analysis of Financing Channels for Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in the Current Situation

2014  Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Value of Real Estate Companies Based on the Value Chain

2014  An Analysis of Process versus Inspection Capabilities in Fabricated, Engineered-to-Order Construction Supply Chains

2014  Analysis of Shanghai and Chongqing Property Tax

2014  Analysis of the Embodied Environmental Impact of Building Project Based on the Ecological Footprint

2014  Analysis of the Growth Dynamics and Structure of the Modular Building Construction Industry

2014  Analysis of the Temporal Relationships between Highway Construction Cost and Indicators Representing Macroeconomic and Construction and Energy Market Conditions

2014  Analyzing Abnormal Cycles of Pilot Tube Microtunneling through Pattern Recognition in Time-series Data of Hydraulic Pressure

2014  Analyzing Scaffolding Needs for Industrial Construction Sites Using Historical Data

2014  ANP-Based Research on a Financing Decision-Making Model for Energy Performance Contracting

2014  Antecedents of Health and Safety Issues Relating to Plant Trailer Wheels

2014  Application and Research on High-Quality and Efficient Management of an EPC Project

2014  Application of CBR in Commercial Real Estate Investment Decisions

2014  Application of Green Construction Technology in Construction Projects

2014  Application of KDD Techniques to Extract Useful Knowledge from Labor Resources Data in Industrial Construction Projects

2014  Application of Photogrammetry: 3D Modeling of a Historic Building

2014  Application of Solar Heating System in a Building

2014  Application of the Adaptive CDIO Model in Construction Management Education in China

2014  Application of the BIM Technique in Modern Project Management

2014  Application of the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on AHP in the BIM Application Maturity Evaluation

2014  Application of the Time "At Large" Principle to Standard Forms of Contract

2014  Application of Thermal Insulation Mortar in Energy-Saving Retrofitting on the External Wall of an Existing Structure

2014  Applying Lean Process Principles to Improve Labor Efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Installations

2014  An Appropriate Livability Evaluation in Harbin

2014  Assessing Coordination Performance Based on Centrality in an E-mail Communication Network

2014  Assessing Occupants’ Energy-load Variation in Commercial and Educational Buildings: Occupancy Detecting Approach Based on Existing Wireless Network Infrastructure

2014  Assessing Operational Risks in Road Projects Under the PPP Framework in Colombia

2014  Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete

2014  Assessing the Performance of Two-Step Design-Build Procurement

2014  An Assessment of Best Practices and the Efficacy of an Open Repository in the Construction Industry

2014  Assessment of Critical Construction Engineering and Management Aspects of Nuclear Power Projects

2014  Assessment of the Effect of Changing Activities’ Start Times on Cash-flow Parameters

2014  Association between Construction Contracts and Relational Contract Theory

2014  Automated Detection of Near-miss Fall Incidents in Iron Workers Using Inertial Measurement Units

2014  Automated Extraction of Building Geometry from Mobile Laser Scanning Data Collected in Residential Environments

2014  Automated Lifting System Integrated with Construction Hoists for Table Formwork in Tall Buildings

2014  Automated Monitoring of Operation-level Construction Progress Using 4D BIM and Daily Site Photologs

2014  Automated Reasoning for Regulatory Compliance Checking in the Construction Domain

2014  Automated Registration of 3D Point Clouds with 3D CAD Models for Remote Assessment of Staged Fabrication

2014  Automated Worker Activity Analysis in Indoor Environments for Direct-Work Rate Improvement from Long Sequences of RGB-D Images

2014  Automatic 3D Reconstruction of As-built Pipeline Based on Curvature Computations from Laser-Scanned Data

2014  Automatic 3D Thermal Zones Creation for Building Energy Simulation of Existing Residential Buildings

2014  Automatic As-is 3D Building Models Creation from Unorganized Point Clouds

2014  Automatic Cave-in Safety Risk Identification in Construction Excavation

2014  Automatic Detection of Pavement Surface Defects Using Consumer Depth Camera

2014  An Automatic Scheduling Approach: Building Information Modeling-based Onsite Scheduling for Panelized Construction

2014  Automating Construction Operations Using Discrete Event Simulation Models

2014  Bank Lending and Housing Prices in Shenzhen: 2000-2010

2014  A Bayesian Approach for Best Practice Recommendations in Collaborative Designs of Construction Projects

2014  Benchmarking Construction Labor Productivity

2014  Benefit Analysis of the Development and Construction of the Guangzhou Baiyun New District

2014  Benefit-Cost Analysis of International Instructional Methods for Construction Management and Engineering Students

2014  Best Practices for Maintenance of Concrete Bridge Elements Against Mold and Mildew Growth

2014  Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Analysis at the Engineer Research and Development Center

2014  BIM Application Implementation Plan and Roadmap in the Cost Management of Electric Power Engineering

2014  BIM Implementation Practices at India’s AEC Firms

2014  BIM Information Collaborative Framework Based on Supply Chain Management

2014  A BIM-Based Collaborative Design Platform for Variegated Specialty Design

2014  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2014  A BIM-RFID Unsafe On-Site Behavior Warning System

2014  Blast-Resistant Design of Structures

2014  Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions