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2014  Alternative Approach for Conducting Construction Management Research: Quasi-Experimentation

2014  Analysis of Causes of Delay and Time Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Analysis of Disruptions Caused by Construction Field Rework on Productivity in Residential Projects

2014  Application of KDD Techniques to Extract Useful Knowledge from Labor Resources Data in Industrial Construction Projects

2014  Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete

2014  Assessment of Critical Construction Engineering and Management Aspects of Nuclear Power Projects

2014  Automated Progress Monitoring Using Unordered Daily Construction Photographs and IFC-Based Building Information Models

2014  Blast-Resistant Design of Structures

2014  Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions

2014  Case Study of Innovative Top-Down Construction Method with Channel-Type Excavation

2014  Causes of Time Buffer and Duration Variation in Construction Project Tasks: Comparison of Perception to Reality

2014  Claves del Éxito en la Gestiön de Megaproyectos en México y los Estados Unidos: Un Estudio de Casos

2014  Cognitive Workload Demands Using 2D and 3D Spatial Engineering Information Formats

2014  Collaboration Environments for Construction: Management of Organizational Changes

2014  Combination of Growth Model and Earned Schedule to Forecast Project Cost at Completion

2014  Construction Supervision Mechanism for Public Projects in China: Progress Goal-Oriented Perspective

2014  Cooperative Game Theoretic Framework for Joint Resource Management in Construction

2014  Critical Criteria on Client and Customer Satisfaction for the Issue of Performance Measurement

2014  Critical Factors Determining Bid/No Bid Decisions of Contractors in Qatar

2014  Critical Review of Labor Productivity Research in Construction Journals

2014  Critical Success Factors for Value Management Workshops in Malaysia

2014  Cyclic and Static Tests to Evaluate the Seismic Strength of Walls and Connections of Prefab Lightweight Panels for Housing Construction Projects

2014  Determining the Optimal Premium for ADR Implementation Insurance in Construction Dispute Resolution

2014  Diary Study of Disruption Experiences of Crew Members on a Jobsite

2014  Driving Forces behind and Barriers to Relational Transaction Practices in Public Construction Projects

2014  Effectiveness of Coordination Methods in Construction Projects

2014  Enhancing Construction Hazard Recognition and Communication with Energy-Based Cognitive Mnemonics and Safety Meeting Maturity Model: Multiple Baseline Study

2014  Evaluaciön, Diseño, e Influencia de Estrategias de Instrucciön-Aprendizaje en el Desempeño Académico de los Estudiantes de Ingenieria Civil en la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Factors Influencing Construction Labor Productivity in Egypt

2014  Factors That Influence the Concession Period Length for Tunnel Projects under BOT Contracts

2014  Findings and Path Forward: Leveraging Project and Career Success

2014  Focus Group Study to Explore Critical Factors of Public Engagement Process for Mega Development Projects

2014  Forces Driving Changes in Urban Construction Land of Urban Agglomerations in China

2014  Forming Risk Clusters in Projects to Improve Coordination between Risk Owners

2014  Group Decision Making for Stochastic Optimization of Time, Cost, and Quality in Construction Projects

2014  How the Design and Assessment of Instruction/Learning Strategies Influence the Academic Performance of Civil Engineering Students at Universidad Industrial De Santander, Colombia

2014  Impact of Design Cost on Project Performance of Design-Bid-Build Road Projects

2014  Impacts of Different Types of Owner-Contractor Conflict on Cost Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Improved Baseline Method to Calculate Lost Construction Productivity

2014  Improved Similarity Measure in Case-Based Reasoning with Global Sensitivity Analysis: An Example of Construction Quantity Estimating

2014  Improving Data Quality in Construction Engineering Projects: An Action Design Research Approach

2014  Improving Environmental and Production Performance in Construction Projects Using Value-Stream Mapping: Case Study

2014  Improving Predictability of Construction Project Outcomes through Intentional Management of Indirect Construction Costs

2014  Improving Project Performance through Partnering and Emotional Intelligence

2014  Industry Input for Construction Engineering and Management Courses: Development of a Building Systems Coordination Exercise for Construction Engineering and Management Students

2014  Industry Participation in Construction Capstone Courses: A Company’s Experience

2014  Information Framework for Intelligent Decision Support System for Home Energy Retrofits

2014  Inspection of Metal Plate-Connected Wood Trusses in Residential Construction

2014  Integration and Leadership as Enablers of Innovation in Construction: Case Study

2014  Integration of ELECTRE III and PROMETHEE II Decision-Making Methods with an Interval Approach: Application in Selection of Appropriate Structural Systems

2014  Investigation into the Relationship of Construction Engineering and Management Education with Specialty Trade Contractors

2014  INVOLVE: Developing Interactive Workspaces That Impact Communication and Task Performance When Using Virtual Prototypes

2014  Key Relational Contracting Practices Affecting Performance of Public Construction Projects in China

2014  Keys to Success in Megaproject Management in Mexico and the United States: Case Study

2014  Leadership Styles in Architectural Design Offices in Turkey

2014  Learning Opportunities and Career Implications of Experience with BIM/VDC

2014  Lessons from Using BIM to Increase Design-Construction Integration

2014  Life Cycle Approach to Construction Workspace Modeling and Planning

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment for Construction of Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Links between Successful Innovation Diffusion and Stakeholder Engagement

2014  Managing Sustainability Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Projects Using Work, Nature, and Flow

2014  Method for Energy Performance Integration in Corporate Public Real Estate Management

2014  Model of Trade-Off between Overlapping and Rework of Design Activities

2014  Nexus between Contracting and Construction Professional Service Businesses: Empirical Evidence from International Market

2014  Occupational Risk Index for Assessment of Risk in Construction Work by Activity

2014  Pedagogical Principle-Based Experiential E-Learning Exploration in Construction Mediation Training

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Practical Application for Integrated Performance Measurement of Construction Projects

2014  Predicting and Tracing Change-Formation Scenarios in Construction Projects Using the DEMATEL Technique

2014  Principal-Agent Model of Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts and Its Critique

2014  Process-Oriented Approach of Teaching Building Information Modeling in Construction Management

2014  Programmatic Examination of Missouri Incentive/Disincentive Contracts for Mitigating Work Zone Traffic Impacts

2014  Project Pathogens Network: New Approach to Analyzing Construction-Defects-Generation Mechanisms

2014  Reducing Barriers to Remote Project Planning: Comparison of Low-Tech Site Capture Approaches and Image-Based 3D Reconstruction

2014  Retracted: Metodologa para el Diagnstico de la Sostenibilidad de Empresas de Servicios Pblicos

2014  Root-Cause Analysis of Construction-Cost Overruns

2014  Selecciön de Formas de Relaciön con Terceros en la Construcciön

2014  Selection of Third-Party Relationships in Construction

2014  Simulation-Based and Statistical Analysis of the Learning Effect in Floating Caisson Construction Operations

2014  Simulation-Based Multiagent Approach for Scheduling Modular Construction

2014  Simulation-Model-Structuring Methodology for Industrial Construction Fabrication Shops

2014  Solution to the Time-Cost-Quality Trade-off Problem in Construction Projects Based on Immune Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Mechanical Construction Industry

2014  State-of-the-Art Best Construction Practices Integration into Higher Education Curricula

2014  Strategic Procurement Practices for the Industrial Supply Chain

2014  Synthesis of Performance Measures for Highway Cost Estimating

2014  Task Variation and the Social Network of Construction Trades

2014  Temperature Prediction Modeling and Thermal Integrity Profiling of Drilled Shafts

2014  Temporal Constraints in Linear Scheduling with Singularity Functions: Case of Calendarization

2014  Tracking the Built Status of MEP Works: Assessing the Value of a Scan-vs.-BIM System

2014  Understanding Construction Delay Analysis and the Role of Preconstruction Programming

2014  Use of Value Engineering to Develop Creative Design Solutions for Marine Construction Projects

2014  Using Grounded Theory Methodology to Explore the Information of Precursors Based on Subway Construction Incidents

2014  Valuation of Projects with Stochastic Cash Flows and Intertemporal Correlations: Practical Modeling Guidelines

2014  Vision-Based Tower Crane Tracking for Understanding Construction Activity

2014  Workflow-Based Construction Research Data Management and Dissemination

2013  A 4D CPM-Based Graphic Scheduling System

2013  Active Dimensional Quality Assessment of Precast Concrete Using 3D Laser Scanning

2013  Adaptive Learning of Contractor Default Prediction Model for Surety Bonding