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2015  Assessment of the U.S. Nuclear Construction Industry in Terms of Human Capital and Construction Technologies

2015  BIM Acceptance Model in Construction Organizations

2015  Characteristics of Jobs and Jobholders that Affect Job Satisfaction and Work Performance of Project Managers

2015  Characterization and Probabilistic Modeling of the Mesostructure of Parallel Strand Lumber

2015  Containing the Cost of Complex Adjudications

2015  Economic Performance Assessment for the Construction Industry in the Southeastern United States

2015  Evaluating the Suitability of Using International Market Analyses to Characterize the Global Construction Industry

2015  Information and Communication Technology Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Organizations: A 15-Year Review

2015  Integration of Information Technologies into Field Managers’ Activities: A Cognitive Perspective

2015  Late Deliverables to Construction: How Understanding the Impacts Can Benefit Dispute Prevention and Resolution

2015  Major Barriers to Off-Site Construction: The Developer’s Perspective in China

2015  Modeling the Decision-Making Process Concerning Participation in Construction Bidding

2015  Motion Data-Driven Biomechanical Analysis during Construction Tasks on Sites

2015  Niche Width, Competitive Positioning, and Performance of International Construction Contractors (1992-2009)

2015  Optimal Work Pattern for Construction Workers in Hot Weather: A Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Proposed Reform for Singapore’s 2004 Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act

2015  Review of Contemporary Construction Procurement Practices

2015  The Role of Commitments in the Management of Construction Make-to-Order Supply Chains

2015  Semantic System for Stakeholder-Conscious Infrastructure Project Planning and Design

2015  Shifting Sands and Shifting Grounds: Analysis and Implications of Shifting Dynamics in the Global Construction Industry

2014  Analysis of the Relationships between Value Management Techniques, Conflict Management, and Workshop Satisfaction of Construction Participants

2014  Assessing the Direct Employment Impact of Federal Economic Stimulus Funds on Construction Projects in Texas

2014  Benefit Analysis of Knowledge Management System for Engineering Consulting Firms

2014  BIM Education and Recruiting: Survey-Based Comparative Analysis of Issues, Perceptions, and Collaboration Opportunities

2014  Collaborative Patterns and Power Imbalance in Strategic Alliance Networks

2014  Competitive Strategies Associated with Particular Localization Patterns Adopted by Implanted Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms in China

2014  Concurrent Delays in Construction: International Legal Perspective

2014  Conflicting Side of Building Information Modeling Implementation in the Construction Industry

2014  Construction Workers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Social Norms as Predictors of Their Absence Behavior

2014  Contract Administration Guidelines for Contractors Working under AIA A201-2007 Contract for Construction

2014  Cost of Quality Evaluation in Mass-Housing Projects in Developing Countries

2014  Critical Success Factors and Enablers for Optimum and Maximum Industrial Modularization

2014  Developing Competitive Advantages in Political Risk Management for International Construction Enterprises

2014  Does Expectation Match Reality? Examination of Risk Management Education in China

2014  Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflicts in the Sociocultural Norms of the Thai Construction Industry

2014  Examples of How Building Information Modeling Can Enhance Career Paths in Construction

2014  Finite Element Modeling of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Structural Members

2014  Forecasting the Demand and Supply of Technicians in the Construction Industry

2014  From Social Network to Data Envelopment Analysis: Identifying Benchmarks at the Site Management Level

2014  Future Trends of Sustainability Design and Analysis in Construction Industry and Academia

2014  Government Liable to Designer/Builder

2014  Groutability Estimation of Grouting Processes with Microfine Cements Using an Evolutionary Instance-Based Learning Approach

2014  Impact of Toyota Way Implementation on Performance of Large Chinese Construction Firms

2014  The Importance of BIM

2014  Investigating the Causal Relationships between Causes of and Vulnerabilities to Corruption in the Chinese Public Construction Sector

2014  Late Payment and Nonpayment Encountered by Contracting Firms in a Fast-Developing Economy

2014  Lean Design Process

2014  Long-Term Significance of a CII Best Practices Course

2014  Mathematical Formulation of the Project Quarterback Rating: New Framework to Assess Construction Project Performance

2014  Nexus between Contracting and Construction Professional Service Businesses: Empirical Evidence from International Market

2014  Options to Bring Design and Construction Experience into the Classroom

2014  Personality and Occupational Accidents: Bar Benders in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, China

2014  Predictive Modeling of Workplace Stress among Construction Professionals

2014  Predictive Models for Work-Life Balance and Organizational Commitment of Women in the U.S. Construction Industry

2014  Productivity Improvement for Construction and Engineering, Implementing Programs That Save Money and Time

2014  Project Benchmarking: Tool for Mitigating Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes through Improved Performance

2014  Proper Risk Allocation during Construction: Differing Site Conditions

2014  Quality Management Evaluation Based on Self-Control and Cosupervision Mechanism in PIP

2014  Role of Human Resource Practices in Enhancing Organizational Learning in Chinese Construction Organizations

2014  Safety Management in Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration, and Addition Works: Knowledge Management Perspective

2014  Significant Characteristics of Scheduled and Condition-Based Maintenance in Office Buildings

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Electrical Construction Industry

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Mechanical Construction Industry

2014  Structural Equation Modeling of Occupational Stress in the Construction Industry

2014  Survival Factors for Subcontractors in Economic Downturns

2014  Tender Pricing Environment of Subcontractors in the United Kingdom

2014  Use of Building Information Modeling in Design to Prevent Construction Worker Falls

2014  Volatile Organic Compounds Generated in Asphalt Pavement Construction and Their Health Effects on Workers

2014  Workplace Stress, Stress Effects, and Coping Mechanisms in the Construction Industry

2013  Alignment Partnering: A Bridge to ADR Processes?

2013  Analysis of Construction Dispute Review Boards

2013  Anatomy of Construction Disputes

2013  Assessing the Market Potential for Housing Construction Products in Mexico

2013  Automated Method for Checking Crane Paths for Heavy Lifts in Industrial Projects

2013  Can a Carbon Tax Push the Australian Construction Sector toward Self-Regulation? Lessons Learned from European Union Experiences

2013  Causes of Construction Delays for Engineering Projects: An Egyptian Perspective

2013  Class Arbitration and the Construction Dispute: Analysis of Current Jurisprudence and Practical Tips for the Construction Practitioner

2013  Communication Makes a Corporate Code of Ethics Effective: Lessons from Hong Kong

2013  Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Impact of Green Practices on Collaborative Work in China’s Construction Industry

2013  Conceptual Maturity Model for Sustainable Construction

2013  A Conceptual Model for Analysing the Impact of Outsourcing Decision on FM Service-Level Performance

2013  Construction in an Open Economy: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Approach and Causality Analysis—Case of North Cyprus

2013  Contractor Selection Model for Highway Projects Using Integrated Simulation and Analytic Network Process

2013  A Creative Proposal for Dispute Systems Design for Construction Projects Employing BIM

2013  A Critical Review of Green Retrofit Design

2013  Cross-Cultural Interviewing and Counseling: Client-Oriented Perspective between Japanese and American Partners

2013  Delivering Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings: Influence of Project Delivery Methods on Integration and Project Outcomes

2013  Design of Performance Assessment System for Selection of Contractors in Construction Industry E-Marketplaces

2013  Determination of Behaviors in Building Product Information Acquisition for Developing a Building Product Information System in Turkey

2013  Determining Optimal Proportion of Design in Design-Build Request for Proposals

2013  Development and Interpretation of the Security Rating Index

2013  Development of the Chinese Construction Industry after the Cultural Revolution: Administration Framework, Economic Growth, and Market Structure

2013  Empirical Analysis of the Actual Tax Burden Influencing Factors of China’s Listed Companies in the Construction Industry

2013  Empirical Framework for Making the Bid/No-Bid Decision

2013  Employing Data Warehousing for Contract Administration: e-Dispute Resolution Prototype

2013  Engineering a Successful Negotiation

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Expanding Collaboration in Academia: Case Study of the Development of Construction Products

2013  Factors Formulating the Competitiveness of the Chinese Construction Industry: Empirical Investigation

2013  Factors Influencing Energy Consumption of Energy Star and Non-Energy Star Homes