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2015  Application of Low-Cost Accelerometers for Measuring the Operational Efficiency of a Construction Equipment Fleet

2015  Motion Planning and Coordination for Mobile Construction Machinery

2015  Simulation-Based Estimation of Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Asphalt Paving Operations

2014  Assessment Model for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions during Building Construction

2014  Compacting Characteristics of Light Compacting Equipment

2014  Prevention through Design: Health Hazards in Asphalt Roofing

2014  Projection-Recognition-Projection Method for Automatic Object Recognition and Registration for Dynamic Heavy Equipment Operations

2014  Vision-Based Tower Crane Tracking for Understanding Construction Activity

2013  Acceleromter-Based Measurement of Construction Equipment Operating Efficiency for Monitoring Environmental Performance

2013  Algorithmic Method for Scraper Load-Time Optimization

2013  Analysis of Construction Equipment Safety in Temporary Work at Height

2013  Analysis of United Kingdom Off-Highway Construction Machinery Market and Its Consumers Using New-Sales Data

2013  Analytical Study of Temporary Minimum Cover Requirements for Thermoplastic Pipes under Construction Equipment Loads

2013  Analyzing the Effect of Equipment Selection on the Global Warming Potential of Construction Projects

2013  Assessment of ASCE 7-10 Standard Methods for Determining Wind Loads

2013  Carbon Footprint Estimation Tool for Transportation Construction Projects

2013  Engine and Duty Cycle Variability in Diesel Construction Equipment Emissions

2013  Evaluation of the Position and Orientation of (Semi-) Passive RFID Tags for the Potential Application in Ground Worker Proximity Detection and Alert Devices in Safer Construction Equipment Operation

2013  Importance of Operational Efficiency to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Exhaust Emission Reduction of Construction Operations

2013  Laser Scanning for Safe Equipment Design That Increases Operator Visibility by Measuring Blind Spots

2013  Multiimaging Sensor Data Fusion-Based Enhancement for 3D Workspace Representation for Remote Machine Operation

2013  Real-Time 3D Visualization of Heavy Construction Equipment Operations Using LADAR

2013  Resource Sharing-Based Multiobjective Multistage Construction Equipment Allocation under Fuzzy Environment

2013  Server-Customer Interaction Tracker: Computer Vision-Based System to Estimate Dirt-Loading Cycles

2012  3D-Modeling for Crane Selection and Logistics for Modular Construction On-Site Assembly

2012  Analysis of Loads and Stresses of Drilling Tool in Trenchless Directional Drilling

2012  Automated Visual Recognition of Construction Equipment Actions Using Spatio-Temporal Features and Multiple Binary Support Vector Machines

2012  Comparison of Two Models for Estimating Equipment Productivity for a Sustainability Quantification Tool

2012  Crane Pose Estimation Using UWB Real-Time Location System

2012  Decision Models to Support Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction from Transportation Construction Projects

2012  A Decision-Support Model Utilizing a Linear Cost Optimization Approach for Heavy Equipment Selection

2012  Design, Certification, and Load Testing of Facade Access Equipment

2012  Detection of Construction Workers in Video Frames for Automatic Initialization of Vision Trackers

2012  Development of Virtual Laser Target Board for Tunnel Boring Machine Guidance Control

2012  Enhancement of Construction Equipment Detection in Video Frames by Combining with Tracking

2012  Equipment Technology Innovation for Extreme-Batter Pile Driving Operations

2012  Evaluation of Construction Equipment Fleets through Fuel Use and Emissions Inventories

2012  Evaluation of On-Site Fuel Use and Emissions over the Duration of a Commercial Building Project

2012  Factors Influencing the Decision of Technology Adoption in Construction

2012  Forensic Evaluation on the Bearing Capacity of Partially Saturated Soils—A Heuristic Approach

2012  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Onsite Equipment Usage in Road Construction

2012  HDD Performance Analysis on Screw Drilling Tools with Uniform-Thickness Stator

2012  Impact of Engine Idling on Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions of Nonroad Diesel Construction Equipment

2012  Impact of Machine-Failure Costs on Equipment Replacement Policies: Tunneling Company Case Study

2012  Information Exchange Requirements for Capital Equipment and Facility Infrastructure for Semiconductor Facilities

2012  Integrative Model for Quantitative Evaluation of Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2012  Interactive Modeler for Construction Equipment Operation Using Augmented Reality

2012  Location and Depth of Pervious Concrete Clogging Material before and after Void Maintenance with Common Municipal Utility Vehicles

2012  Methodology for Estimating Emissions Inventories for Commercial Building Projects

2012  Multiagent Approach for Real-Time Collision Avoidance and Path Replanning for Cranes

2012  Proximity Sensing and Warning Technology for Heavy Construction Equipment Operation

2012  Real-Time 3D Positioning and Visualization of Articulated Construction Equipment: Case of Backhoe Excavators

2012  Real-Time and Automated Recognition and 2D Tracking of Construction Workers and Equipment from Site Video Streams

2012  Soil Deep Mixing by Small Equipment

2012  Solving the Least-Cost Route Cut and Fill Sequencing Problem Using Particle Swarm

2012  Student-Centered Teaching Construction Equipment and Methods to 350 Students

2012  Task Analysis for Improving Training of Construction Equipment Operators

2012  The Use of Linear Regression to Estimate the Actual Hourly Production of a Wheel-Type Loader in Construction Projects

2011  Applying Optimal Control Model to Dynamic Equipment Allocation Problem: Case Study of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam Construction Project

2011  Construction Equipment Telematics

2011  Coordination of Converging Construction Equipment in Disaster Response

2011  Data Transmission Network for Greenhouse Gas Emission Inspection

2011  Decentralized Approach Considering Spatial Attributes for Equipment Utilization in Civil Engineering Disaster Response

2011  Field Studies in Construction Equipment Economics and Productivity

2011  History of Construction Equipment

2011  Innovative System for Off-the-Ground Rotation of Long Objects Using Mobile Cranes

2011  Installation Technology and Deformation Control of a High-Level, Large-Span Steel Hoisting Structure

2011  Lampson Transi-Lift Mobile Crane: Concept, Design, and Use

2011  Learning and Classifying Motions of Construction Workers and Equipment Using Bag of Video Feature Words and Bayesian Learning Methods

2011  Mini-Excavator Safety: Toward Innovative Stability Testing, Procurement, and Manufacture

2011  Modeling the Residual Market Value of Construction Equipment under Changed Economic Conditions

2011  Using the Cumulative Cost Model to Forecast Equipment Repair Costs: Two Different Methodologies

2010  2D Vision Tracking Methods’ Performance Comparison for 3D Tracking of Construction Resources

2010  Blind Spot Measurements for Real-Time Pro-Active Safety in Construction

2010  Building Hoover Dam (Men, Machines, and Methods)

2010  Case Study on the Evaluation of Equipment Flow at a Construction Site

2010  A GIS Framework for Construction Equipment Request and Deployment during Emergency Response

2010  Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour and Anisotropy of Bituminous Mixture Compacted with a French Wheel Compactor

2010  Multi-Objective Dynamic Simulation-Optimization for Equipment Allocation of Earthmoving Operations

2010  Quantitative Research: Preparation of Incongruous Economic Data Sets for Archival Data Analysis

2009  BIM-Enabled Integrated Optimization Tool for LEED Decisions

2009  Cable Modal Parameter Identification. I: Theory

2009  Collaborative GIS for Request of Construction Equipment in Disaster Response

2009  Design of Tonnage Variable High and Steering Hoisting Girder Machine

2009  Dynamic Characteristics of the Intelligent Compactor Model with Adjustable Vibration Modes

2009  Evaluation of the Compaction Characteristics of Unbound Material Using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor

2009  Interactive 3D CAD for Effective Derrick Crane Operation in a Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction

2009  Modeling the Dynamics of Heavy Equipment Management Practices and Downtime in Large Highway Contractors

2009  Pro-Active-Real-Time Personnel Warning System

2009  Real-Time Simulation for Look-Ahead Scheduling of Heavy Construction Projects

2009  Requirements and Incentives for Reducing Construction Vehicle Emissions and Comparison of Nonroad Diesel Engine Emissions Data Sources

2009  Study of Factors Influencing the Efficient Management and Downtime Consequences of Highway Construction Equipment in Thailand

2008  3D Modeling of Ripping Process

2008  Assessing Residual Value of Heavy Construction Eqiupment Using Predictive Data Mining Model

2008  Capturing Nonlinear Vibratory Roller Compactor Behavior through Lumped Parameter Modeling

2008  Computational Methods for Coordinating Multipole Construction Cranes

2008  Determination of SMA Slab Properties Using a Newly Developed Roller Compactor (Turamesin)

2008  Implementation of 3-D, LIDAR-Based Vision to Improve the Safety of Grading and Excavation Machines

2008  Research on the Position-Controller for Lifted Hoist Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer

2008  Results of Implementing Aggressive PM Reduction on Non-Road Construction Equipment at Two Lower Manhattan Project Sites