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2015  Dynamic Control Thresholds for Consistent Earned Value Analysis and Reliable Early Warning

2015  Empirical Comparison of Methods for Estimating Location Cost Adjustments Factors

2015  Estimating Construction Contingency: Accommodating the Potential for Cost Overruns in Road Construction Projects

2015  Low-Cost Earthquake Solutions for Nonengineered Residential Construction in Developing Regions

2015  New Aspects in Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis

2015  Opposition-Based Multiple-Objective Differential Evolution to Solve the Time-Cost-Environment Impact Trade-Off Problem in Construction Projects

2015  Shuffled Frog-Leaping Model for Solving Time-Cost-Resource Optimization Problems in Construction Project Planning

2014  Application of Artificial Neural Network Methodology for Predicting Seismic Retrofit Construction Costs

2014  Combination of Growth Model and Earned Schedule to Forecast Project Cost at Completion

2014  Correlation Analysis of Capital and Life Cycle Costs in Private Financial Initiative Projects

2014  Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Bridge Construction in Pakistan: Establishing Risk Guidelines

2014  Cost Comparative Analysis of a New Green Building Code for Residential Project Development

2014  Cost Overrun in Public-Private Partnerships: Toward Sustainable Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Discovery of Internal and External Factors Causing Military Construction Cost Premiums

2014  Dynamic Analysis of Onshore Modules Supporting Heavy Machines

2014  Empirical Assessment of Geographically Based Surface Interpolation Methods for Adjusting Construction Cost Estimates by Project Location

2014  Geometric Design Optimization for Dynamic Response Problems of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams

2014  Impacts of Different Types of Owner-Contractor Conflict on Cost Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Improving Accuracy of Early Stage Cost Estimation by Revising Categorical Variables in a Case-Based Reasoning Model

2014  Improving Predictability of Construction Project Outcomes through Intentional Management of Indirect Construction Costs

2014  Interpersonal Conflict in Construction: Cost, Cause, and Consequence

2014  PPPs and Project Overruns: Evidence from Road Projects in India

2014  Predicting Seismic Retrofit Construction Cost for Buildings with Framed Structures Using Multilinear Regression Analysis

2014  Risk-Informed Time-Cost Relationship Models for Sanitation Projects

2014  Role of Statistics and Engineering Judgment in Developing Optimized Time-Cost Relationship Models

2014  Root-Cause Analysis of Construction-Cost Overruns

2014  Stochastic Revenue and Cost Model for Determining a BOT Concession Period under Multiple Project Constraints

2014  Synthesis of Performance Measures for Highway Cost Estimating

2014  Transaction-Cost Approach to the Comparative Analysis of User-Pay and Government-Pay Public-Private Partnership Systems

2014  Use of Support Vector Regression to Improve Computational Efficiency of Stochastic Time-Cost Trade-Off

2014  Work Zone Planning in Pavement Rehabilitation: Integrating Cost, Duration, and User Effects

2013  Comparison of Preproject Planning for Green and Conventional Buildings

2013  Construction Price Prediction Using Vector Error Correction Models

2013  Cost Overruns and Failure in Project Management: Understanding the Roles of Key Stakeholders in Construction Projects

2013  Design of Public Projects: Outsource or In-House?

2013  Detailed Analysis of the Construction, Operating, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Costs of Green Toronto Schools

2013  Determining the Probability of Project Cost Overruns

2013  Empirical Assessment of Spatial Prediction Methods for Location Cost-Adjustment Factors

2013  Factors That Affect Transaction Costs in Construction Projects

2013  Forecasting Engineering News-Record Construction Cost Index Using Multivariate Time Series Models

2013  Improved Genetic Algorithm for Finance-Based Scheduling

2013  In-Service Performance Evaluation of a Cable Median Barrier System on Interstate Highways

2013  An Integrated Mobile Material Management System for Construction Sites

2013  Integration of Financial and Contract Management on the Shanghai Expo Construction Program

2013  Managing the Cost of Power Transmission Projects: Lessons Learned

2013  PCIM: Project Control and Inhibiting-Factors Management Model

2013  Performance-Cost Analysis of Stabilized Undercut Subgrades

2013  Place of Circling Waters - Industrial Land to Habitat Site

2013  Predicting Construction Materials Prices Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

2013  Preliminary Cost Estimation Models for Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants

2013  Preliminary Engineering Cost Estimation Model for Bridge Projects

2013  Preliminary Engineering Cost-Estimation Strategy Assessment for Roadway Projects

2013  Quality Costs in Construction: Case of Qom Monorail Project in Iran

2013  Return on Investment Analysis of Using Building Information Modeling in Construction

2013  A Semantic Web Service Approach to Construction Cost Estimating

2013  Sino-American Opinions and Perceptions of Counterfeiting in the Construction Supply Chain

2013  Stochastic Forecast of Construction Cost Index Using a Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Model

2013  Toward Automated Earned Value Tracking Using 3D Imaging Tools

2013  Uncertainty in Task Duration and Cost Estimates: Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling

2013  Using Contractor Bid Amounts to Estimate the Impact of Night Construction on Cost for Transportation Construction

2012  Algorithm for Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis in Construction Projects by Aggregating Activity-Level Singularity Functions

2012  An Analytic Review of Earned Value Management Studies in the Construction Industry

2012  Are Soft Costs Increasing in Transit Projects?

2012  Automated Time-Series Cost Forecasting System for Construction Materials

2012  Case Adaptation Method of Case-Based Reasoning for Construction Cost Estimation in Korea

2012  Cost-Effective Mobile Application Strategies in a Competitive and Economically Challenged Industry

2012  Decision Models to Support Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction from Transportation Construction Projects

2012  Design Error Costs in Construction Projects

2012  Early Cost Estimating of Road Tunnel Construction Using Neural Networks

2012  Ergonomic Analysis and the Need for Its Integration for Planning and Assessing Construction Tasks

2012  Fuzzy Enabled Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Solve TCRO Problems in Construction Project Planning

2012  Fuzzy Logic Model for Selection of Vertical Formwork Systems

2012  Green and Non-Green School Buildings: An Empirical Comparison of Construction Cost and Schedule

2012  Historical Data Driven and Component Based Prediction Models for Predicting Preliminary Engineering Costs of Roadway Projects

2012  Impact of Design Cost on Design Bid Build Project Performance

2012  Industry Practices for Estimating, Controlling, and Managing Key Indirect Construction Costs at the Project Level

2012  Is the Information Available from Historical Time Series Data on Economic, Energy, and Construction Market Variables Useful to Explain Variations in ENR Construction Cost Index?

2012  Modeling Correlations in Rail Line Construction

2012  Optimizing Longitudinal Alignment in Railway with Regard to Construction and Operating Costs

2012  Parallel Computing Platform for Multiobjective Simulation Optimization of Bridge Maintenance Planning

2012  Pavement Design Optimization Considering Costs and Preventive Interventions

2012  Prediction of Financial Contingency for Asphalt Resurfacing Projects using Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Prices of Highway Resurfacing Projects in Economic Downturn: Lessons Learned and Strategies Forward

2012  Rethinking the Cost Estimating Process through 5D BIM: A Case Study

2012  Revised Case-Based Reasoning Model Development Based on Multiple Regression Analysis for Railroad Bridge Construction

2012  Solving the Least-Cost Route Cut and Fill Sequencing Problem Using Particle Swarm

2012  Stochastic Method for Forecasting Project Time and Cost

2012  Web-Based Risk Assessment Tool Using Integrated Duration-Cost Influence Network Model

2011  Application of Latent Semantic Analysis for Conceptual Cost Estimates: Assessment in the Construction Industry

2011  Business Strategy and Capital Allocation Optimization Model for Practitioners

2011  Developing an Efficient Algorithm for Balancing Mass-Haul Diagram

2011  Military Facility Cost Estimation System Using Case-Based Reasoning in Korea

2011  Modeling the Residual Market Value of Construction Equipment under Changed Economic Conditions

2011  New Approach to Developing Conceptual Cost Estimates for Highway Projects

2011  Parametric Model for Conceptual Cost Estimation of Concrete Bridge Foundations

2011  Portfolio Cash Assessment Using Fuzzy Systems Theory

2011  Reducing the Economic Risk of LNG Tank Construction under Conditions of Fluctuating Resource Prices

2011  A Review of Contemporary Research on Ancient Rammed Earth Technique

2011  Risk Planning and Management for the Panama Canal Expansion Program