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2014  Applying Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization under Fuzzy Random Environment to Traffic Assignment Problem: Case Study of a Large-Scale Construction Project

2014  Assessing Environmental Impacts in Geotechnical Construction: Insights from the Fuel Cycle

2014  Comparative Analysis of Idaho and Micro-Deval Aggregate Degradation Test Methods

2014  Conceptual Design of Superspan Partial Ground-Anchored Cable-Stayed Bridge with Crossing Stay Cables

2014  Construction and Testing of GFRP Steel Hybrid-Reinforced Concrete Bridge-Deck Slabs of Sainte-Catherine Overpass Bridges

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applications for Highway Infrastructure

2014  Design and Construction for Sustainable Industrial Construction

2014  Design and Performance of Reinforced Concrete Water Chlorination Tank Totally Reinforced with GFRP Bars: Case Study

2014  Diseño y Construccion para una Construccion Industrial Sustentable

2014  Existence of Dividing Strength in Concrete Containing Recycled Coarse Aggregate

2014  First Full-Depth Deck-Panel Accelerated Bridge Construction Project in Michigan: Constructability Challenges and Lessons Learned

2014  Fundamental Project Quality Assurance Organizations in Highway Design and Construction

2014  Gradient Analysis of Urban Construction Land Expansion in the Chongqing Urban Area of China

2014  Great 2010 American Earthquakes: Lessons for Seismic Design and Construction

2014  Los Grandes Terremotos Americanos del Año 2010: Enseñanzas para el Diseño y la Construcciön Sísmica

2014  Multiperiod Planning of Water Supply Infrastructure Based on Scenario Analysis

2014  New Engineer’s Knowledge for Success with Subcontractors and Trade Partners

2014  Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Example of the Building Administration Authorities in Taiwan

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Review of Detailed Schedules in Building Construction

2014  State of the Practice: Evaluation of Sediment Basin Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Inspection Procedures

2014  Turbidity in Highway Construction Site Runoff: Preparing for Numerical Effluent Limits

2014  Validation of an Instrument to Measure Governance and Performance on Collaborative Infrastructure Projects

2014  Wood Panelized Roof Subpurlin Hanger Construction Defect Assessment and Load Testing to Establish Defect Tolerances

2013  1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  Active Monitoring and Control of Light Fixtures during Building Construction and Operation: Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

2013  AIMS Array Design and Construction

2013  Airfield and Highway Pavement 2013, Sustainable and Efficient Pavements

2013  Analysis and Countermeasures of Chinese Hub Airports Construction

2013  Analysis of Elastic, Doubly Symmetric, Horizontally Curved Beams during Lifting

2013  Another Look at the Collapse of Skyline Plaza at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

2013  Automated People Mover Standards

2013  Automated Real-Time Monitoring System to Measure Shift Production of Tunnel Construction Projects

2013  Building Information Modeling in Support of Sustainable Design and Construction

2013  Building Information Modeling: Systematic Course Development for Undergraduate Construction Students

2013  Capillary Pressure Controlled Concrete Curing in Pavement Construction

2013  Characteristics of a Large-Scale Deep Foundation Pit Excavated by the Central-Island Technique in Shanghai Soft Clay. II: Top-Down Construction of the Peripheral Rectangular Pit

2013  Concentric and Eccentric Compression Experiments of Plastered Straw Bale Assemblies

2013  Consideration of the Environmental Cost in Construction Contracting for Public Works: A+C and A+B+C Bidding Methods

2013  Considerations of the Construction of the Logistics Park Planning System in China

2013  Construction Begins On Disinfection Facilities at Two Chicago Treatment Plants

2013  Construction Design and Selection of Tunnel-Boring Machine for Shallow-Buried and High-Weathered Soft Rock

2013  Construction Monitoring of a Municipal Gas Pipeline during Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  Construction of a New Aggregate Export Terminal

2013  A Critical Comparison of Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering Curricula

2013  Delivering Construction Education Programs through the Distance Mode: Case Study in Australia

2013  Design and Construction of a Bunker Fuel Transfer Pier at Melones Island, Panama

2013  Design and Construction of Berth IV Marginal Wharf at Seagirt Marine Terminal

2013  Design Philosophy of the Traditional Kuwaiti House

2013  Design-Build Efforts for Naval Marina

2013  Development of a National ASCE Standard for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

2013  Editor’s Note

2013  Education for Sustainable Development: Methodology and Application within a Construction Course

2013  Effect of the Establishment of Xiamen Southeast International Shipping Center on West-Strait Economic Zone

2013  Efficient Utilization of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Structural Concrete

2013  Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Bridges

2013  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Changes due to Road Construction in the Republic of Korea

2013  Field Deformation Study on Enclosure Structure and Environment of Subway Shaft Construction under Complex Conditions

2013  Field Experimental Study on Mechanical Effect of Invert Construction for Shallow Embedded Underwater Highway Tunnel

2013  Fire Safety Design and Construction Considerations for Sustainable Residential Structures

2013  Framework for Empirical Process to Improve Nonnuclear Gauge Performance in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Construction

2013  Full Closure or Partial Closure? Evaluation of Construction Plans for the I-5 Closure in Downtown Sacramento

2013  Geotechnical Aspects of Deep Foundation Design and Construction at the SR520 Pontoon Casting Facility

2013  GPS-Based Real-Time Guidance Information System for Marine Pier Construction

2013  Grand Challenges in Data and Information Visualization for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facility Management Industries

2013  Grand Challenges in Simulation for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facility Management Industries

2013  Hydration Heat Stress Change Rule in the Construction of Segment No. 0 of PC Box Girder Bridge

2013  Improving Transportation System Performance: Construction-Zone Capacity Bottleneck Example

2013  An Integrated Approach for Designing and Building Sustainable Roads

2013  King Abdullah Financial District Conference Center

2013  Ladle Furnace Slag in the Construction of Embankments: Expansive Behavior

2013  Learning Where to Put Large Diameter Pipes in Urban and Political Jungles

2013  LiDAR Scan for Blasting Impact Evaluation on a Culvert Structure

2013  Life-Cycle Assessment of Concrete Dam Construction: Comparison of Environmental Impact of Rock-Filled and Conventional Concrete

2013  Live-Load and Shear Connection Testing of Full-Scale Precast Bridge Panels

2013  Local Scour of a Large-Size Steel Cofferdam in Strong Tide Area

2013  Logical Framework of Freight Transportation Service System Construction Based on RITS

2013  Longitudinal Joints with Accelerated Construction Features in Decked Bulb-Tee Girder Bridges: Strut-and-Tie Model and Design Guidelines

2013  Masonry Wall Flashing - Critical to Performance, But Often Overlooked

2013  Minimizing Disruptions During Shore Power Installation

2013  New ASCE Utility Design and Construction Standards

2013  On The Web (

2013  Operational Structural Performance of Bridge Types by Areas

2013  Optimizing Transparency and Disclosure to Reduce Right-of-Way Acquisition Duration for Construction Projects in Mississippi

2013  Partial Elastic Scheme Method in Cantilever Construction of Concrete Arch Bridges

2013  Performance of Posttensioned Curved-Strand Connections in Transverse Joints of Precast Deck Panels

2013  Performance of Unpretensioned Wind Stabilizing Cables in the Construction of a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Permeable Pavement Design and Construction: What Have We Learned Recently?

2013  Predicting Construction Duration with Typical Construction Sequences for High-Rise Buildings

2013  Progressive Failure and Ductility of FRP Composites for Construction: Review

2013  Project-Oriented Pedagogical Model for Construction Engineering Education Using Cyberinfrastructure Tools

2013  Properties of Concrete Containing Construction and Demolition Wastes and Fly Ash

2013  Protection of Buildings against Damages as a Result of Adjacent Large-Span Tunneling in Shallowly Buried Soft Ground

2013  Rapid Bridge Construction Methods Applied to Piers and Wharves

2013  Real-Time Brick Counting for Construction Progress Monitoring

2013  Remote Monitoring and Early Warning System for Subway Construction

2013  Rendezvous Construction for Road Transportation Emergencies of Sichuan Province Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

2013  Requirements to Enhance the Decision-Making Process for Tunnel Construction by Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

2013  Revisiting the Design, Construction and Damage Assessment of Large Hyperbolic Cooling Towers