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2015  Colliding-Bodies Optimization for Truss Optimization with Multiple Frequency Constraints

2014  Nonholonomic Testbed for Implementation of Attitude Control Laws: Practical Issues

2014  Novel Approach to Multibody System Modeling: Cascading and Clustering

2014  Ultimate Load Capacity of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Different Deck and Pylon Connections

2013  Competition of Thermal Electricity Generators with Coupled Transmission and Emission Constraints

2013  Construction Scheduling Using the Constraint Satisfaction Problem Method

2013  Multiobjective Pavement-Preservation Decision Making with Simulated Constraint Boundary Programming

2012  Controlling Path and Controlling Segment Analysis in Repetitive Scheduling Method

2012  Mechanics of SWCNT Aggregates Studied by Incremental Constrained Minimization

2011  Deformation Analysis by Means of Extended Free Network Adjustment Constraints

2011  An Improved Weighted Total Least Squares Method with Applications in Linear Fitting and Coordinate Transformation

2011  Overcoming the Capacity Constraints on Central Business District’s Commuters

2011  PDM++: Planning Framework from a Construction Requirements Perspective

2011  Preparation of Constraints for Construction Simulation

2011  Tropospheric Modeling and Fixed Stations Constraints in Precise GPS Computations: Case Study

2010  Application Research on Theory of Constraints in Distribution System

2010  Evaluation of Kinematic Constraints Based Method for Reinforced Soil Walls

2010  Petri Net Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Constraints in Track Allocation Problem at Railway Stations

2010  Research on the Supplier Evaluation Model Based on Preference Constraint Cone

2009  Decision Making under Information Constraints

2009  Handling of Constraints in Finite-Element Response Sensitivity Analysis

2009  Key Problem of EMU Routing Scheme

2008  Available Production of the Capacity Constraint of Pull Supply Chain Operating

2008  Development Constraints in Areas with Sugar Beet Spoils

2008  Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Models and Its Application in Groundwater Resources Management

2008  LID on the SC Coastal Plain: Benefits, Costs, and Constraints

2008  Modeling Time-Constraints in Consruction Operations through Simulation

2007  Engineering Analysis with Uncertainties and Complexities, Using Reasoning Approaches

2007  Extracting Modes of Constrained Structure with Elastic Supports from Free Test Data

2007  Formalization of Construction Sequencing Rationale and Classification Mechanism to Support Rapid Generation of Sequencing Alternatives

2007  Identifying and Eliminating Constraints in Reverse Logistics System of End-of-Life Home Appliance

2007  Optimization Model and Algorithm for the Size of Function Areas in Distribution Center under Constraint

2006  Efficient Methods for Constraint-Handling in Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Management of Irrigation Canal Network Operations

2006  An MPEC Model for the Optimal Contraflow Operation Problem with User Equilibrium Constraints

2006  New Approach to Mission Design Based on the Fundamental Equations of Motion

2006  Optimal Design with Probabilistic Objective and Constraints

2005  Exact Algorithm for Solving Project Scheduling Problems under Multiple Resource Constraints

2005  Key Constraint Analysis: Achieve Lean Processes with the Application of TOC

2005  Key Constraints Analysis with Integrated Production Scheduler

2005  New General Principle of Mechanics and Its Application to General Nonideal Nonholonomic Systems

2005  Optimum Layout of Buildings Subjected to Geometric Constraints

2005  Self-Adaptive Fitness Formulation for Evolutionary Constrained Optimization of Water Systems

2005  Time-Cost Optimization of Construction Projects with Generalized Activity Constraints

2004  Constraint Effects in 3-D Fatigue Crack Closure

2003  Constraint-Based Planning with Integrated Production Scheduler over Internet

2003  An Updating Procedure for the Efficient Estimation of Probabilistic Constraints

2002  Genetic Algorithm for Solving Site Layout Problem with Unequal-Size and Constrained Facilities

2002  Multiclass Network Toll Design Problem with Social and Spatial Equity Constraints

2002  Renovation Projects: Design Process Problems and Improvement Mechanisms

2001  Fuzzy Multistage Optimization of Large-Scale Trusses

2001  Station Design for the Clarian Health People Mover System

2000  Constraint Handling for Genetic Algorithms in Optimal Remediation Design

2000  Entropy and Granular Materials: Model

2000  Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Steel Structures

2000  Importance of Capacity Constraints to Construction Cost and Schedule

2000  Kinematics for Constrained Continuum Robots Using Wavelet Decomposition

2000  Nonideal Constraints and Lagrangian Dynamics

2000  Parametric Coordinator for Engineering Design

2000  Technology Constraints: Limits or Enablers? It Pays to Know the Difference

1999  Alternative Procedure Overcomes Construction Constraints on Parkway

1999  CLOCWiSe: Constraint Logic for Operational Control of Water Systems

1999  Constraint-Based Support for Collaboration in Design and Construction

1999  Cost-Effective Allocation of Research Funds for Emerging Technologies

1999  Economic Impact of Changes in Water Supply Salinity

1999  Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Steel Structures: The Importance of Details

1999  Innovative Seismic Strengthening: Meeting the Client’s Needs

1999  Local Buckling of Side-Plated Reinforced-Concrete Beams. I: Theoretical Study

1999  Local Buckling of Side-Plated Reinforced-Concrete Beams. II: Experimental Study

1999  Nonlocking Beam Finite Elements for Use with Inelastic Material Models

1999  Operations Control Language (OCLTM): The Key to a Flexible Planning Model

1999  Reversing Direction of Transportation Planning Process

1999  Simultaneous Optimization of Topology and Nodal Locations of a Plane Truss Associated with a Bézier Curve

1999  Topology Optimization for Structures with Frequency Constraints Using an Evolutionary Method

1999  WorkPlan: Constraint-Based Database for Work Package Scheduling

1998  An Approach to Optimal Well Design

1998  Buckling of Unilaterally Constrained Infinite Plates

1998  Constraint-Based Database for Work Package Scheduling

1998  Design of Trusses under Uncertain Loads Using Convex Models

1998  Deterministic Analysis of 3D Waves Near Structures

1998  Diagnosis of Buried Sewers: Tools and Methods, the French Experience

1998  Managing Water Scarcity for Sustainable Irrigation in the Southern Mediterranean Region

1998  Opportunities and Constraints of APM Stations Within Buildings

1998  Overcoming Alternative On-Site Sewage System Barriers

1998  Presence of Nonconvexity in Groundwater Concentration Response Function

1998  Quantitative Constraint Satisfaction in Preliminary Bridge Foundation Design

1998  Scouring in Long Contractions

1998  Three-Arc Vertical Curve for Constrained Highway Alignments

1997  Are Current Water Management Policies Equal to the Task?

1997  Army Posts in Water and Community Development

1997  Design Optimization of Airframe Structures

1997  Directional Drilling for Small Projects - A Resource for Meeting Schedule, Budget and Environmental Goals

1997  Effective Move Limits for Approximate Structural Optimization

1997  Fuzzy Set Theory with Genetic Algorithm in Constrained Structural Optimization

1997  A Generalized Center Method for Multiobjective Optimization

1997  Hydro System Modeling for Real Time Simulation

1997  Kinematic and Dynamic Characteristics of Pulsatile Flows in Stenotic Vessels

1997  Multiple Objective LQG Control of Wind-Excited Buildings

1997  A New Approach to Hydroelectric Operations Modeling - A Stepwise Development of Exact Solutions

1997  Optimal Design of Steel Transmission Poles

1997  Parametric Constraint Management in Planning and Scheduling: Computational Basis