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2014  As I See It: Excessive Conservatism in Geotechnical Engineering Is Not Sustainability

2014  Heterogeneous Residential Water and Energy Linkages and Implications for Conservation and Management

2014  Modification of Hunter’s Curve in the Perspective of Water Conservation

2012  Energy Consumption Evaluation of U.S. Navy LEED-Certified Buildings

2012  Estimating and Verifying United States Households’ Potential to Conserve Water

2012  Evaluation of Water Conservancy Project Modernization Based on Rough Set Theory

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Improved Operations and Efficiency Conservation in Large-Scale Irrigation Systems

2012  NewsBriefs: Jeans Maker Advocates Water Conservation (The New York Times)

2012  Quantitative Studies of the Effectiveness of Perennial Grass on Soil and Water Conservation

2012  Special Issue on Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) Methodology

2011  California’s Water: The Cost and Supply Implications of Water Conservation and Varying Delta Exports in a Warmer, Drier Climate

2011  Finite Particle Method for Progressive Failure Simulation of Truss Structures

2011  Impact of Shallow Groundwater on Evapotranspiration Losses from Uncultivated Land in an Irrigated River Valley

2011  Leading by Example: Promoting EMS, Energy Conservation, and Sustainability

2011  NewsBriefs: Student Builds Pedal-Powered Car to Promote Sustainability (The Washington Post)

2011  Residential Irrigation and Water Conservation Potential of Smart Irrigation Technologies in the Catawba River Basin

2011  Residential Water Use Trend Shifts by Implementation of Best Management Practices for Water Conservation

2011  Robust Conservation Decision-Making

2010  Energy Conservation Opportunities in an Industrial Boiler System

2010  Estimating and Verifying Household Potential to Conserve Water

2010  Evaluating Conservation Potential in Agricultural and Municipal Water Use in South Florida.

2010  Evaluation of the Advection Scheme in the HSPF Model

2010  Head Reconstruction Method to Balance Flux and Source Terms in Shallow Water Equations

2010  Life-Cycle Perspective on Residential Water Conservation Strategies

2010  Water Conservation and Reuse: A Case Study of the Energy-Water Nexus in Texas

2009  Do Upland Soil Conservation Measures Reduce Watershed Sediment Yield?

2009  Failure and Repair in Cultural Heritage Conservation

2009  The Nature Conservancy’s Mississippi River Program: Sustainable Conservation of a Working River that Works

2009  Under One Green Roof

2009  Virtual Reconstruction of Medieval Monastery Using Computer-Aided Design Model

2009  Zona Rosa and Rush Creek Conservation Area — Applied Ecology in a Mixed-Use Development

2008  Assessment of Water Conservation Education

2008  Cotton Production Potential and Water Conservation Impact Using the Regional Irrigation Demand Model of Northern Texas

2008  Discrete Water Content Solution of the Infiltration Problem

2008  Ecological Co-Conservation and Sharing Mechanism for Sustainable Watershed Management

2008  Fundamental Studies for River-Training Works

2008  Grey Water Use as a Water Management Option in Las Vegas, Nevada

2008  Implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) Practices in the District of Columbia: Lessons Learned

2008  Infiltration Best Management Practices for Stormwater for the Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan

2008  The Integration of Low Impact Development and Conservation Design: The New Castle County, Delaware, Experience

2008  License Granted to Produce ’Air Car’ in the United States

2008  Linking Conservation and Land Use Planning: Using the State Wildlife Action Plans to Protect Wildlife from Urbanization

2008  Model Development for Evaluating USDA Conservation Practices

2008  Quantifying Runoff and Erosion Response to Conservation Practices at Fort Hood, Texas

2008  The Status and Use of Potable Water Conservation and Savings Devices in the Domestic and Commercial Environments in South Africa

2008  Volume Conservation Controversy of the Variable Parameter Muskingum — Cunge Method

2008  Water Conservation on the Supply Side, Using Underground Water Storage Systems

2007  Probabilistic Estimation of Water Conservation Effectiveness

2007  Suitability of SWAT for the Conservation Effects Assessment Project: Comparison on USDA Agricultural Research Service Watersheds

2006  American Sedimentation Law and Physical Processes

2006  Conversion Factors

2006  Density and Viscosity of Water O°-40°

2006  Divergence Form for Bed Slope Source Term in Shallow Water Equations

2006  Economic Aspects of Sedimentation

2006  Front Matter

2006  Importance of Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment Protection in Key Hydraulic Projects and Hydropower Stations Construction on Chinese Great Rivers

2006  Index

2006  Integrated Management of Irrigation and Urban Storm-Water Infiltration

2006  Managing Conflict through Conservation: The Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program

2006  Nature of Sedimentation Problems

2006  Sediment Control Methods

2006  Sediment Measurement Techniques

2006  Sediment Sources and Sediment Yields

2006  Sediment Transportation Mechanics

2006  Sedimentation Engineering

2006  Symbols

2006  System-Wide Data Quality Control of Inductance Loop Data using Nonlinear Optimization

2005  Actual Storm Events Outperform Synthetic Design Storms: A Review of SCS Curve Number Applicability

2005  Calculating the Value of Nature with CITYgreen Software

2005  Conservation of Electrical Energy for Automated Transportation Systems

2005  Coordinating Marine Reserves Management – From Process to Implementation in the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary

2005  Emerging Issues in California’s National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Energy Efficient and Demand-Driven Operation of Automated Rapid Transit Systems

2005  Energy-Efficient Trajectories of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Flying through Thermals

2005  Identifying the Sources of Escherichia coli Contamination to the Shellfish Growing Areas of the Morro Bay Estuary

2005  Impact of Agricultural Water Conservation on Water Availability

2005  The Integration of Low Impact Development and Conservation Design: The New Castle County, Delaware Experience

2005  The Integration of Low Impact Development and Conservation Design: The New Castle County, Delaware, Experience

2005  Membrane Pervaporation for Wastewater Reuse in Microirrigation

2005  Methodology for Calculating Water Quantity and Quality Changes in CITYgreen Software

2005  Modeling the Impact of Riparian Buffer Systems on Bank Stability of an Incised Stream

2005  Moving Beyond Paper Parks: Improving Compliance and Enforcement: Measuring and Improving Marine Protected Area Effectiveness

2005  New Approaches to Ecosystems-Based, Marine Protection using Leveraging Partnerships: The Experience of The Nature Conservancy

2005  NRCS Geo-Hydro — ArcView GIS Interface to WinTR-20

2005  Pelagic Predators, Prey and Processes (P4): A Multi-species Approach to the Conservation of Offshore Organisms and Habitats in the California Current System

2005  Predicting Local Responses to Marine Reserves from Global Evidence

2005  A Proposed State Process for Establishing Marine Reserves in Oregon

2005  Regional Management in a Statewide Marine Protected Area Process: The Marine Life Protection Act Working Groups

2005  A Revolution in Management?

2005  Team OCEAN: Naturalist Corps Volunteers Promote Stewardship for the Marine Sanctuary

2005  Telework Adoption and Energy Use in Building and Transport Sectors in the United States and Japan

2005  The UC Davis Wildlife Health Center’s Marine Ecosystem Health Program: A University-Government-Private Sector Partnership to Enhance Marine Stewardship

2005  Using CITYgreen and High Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery to Analyze the Urban Ecosystem

2005  Valuing our National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Will the Decline of the California Sea Otter Impact Coastal and Ocean Policy?

2004  Bird Use of Habitat Created by Irrigation and Drainage Practices in the Delta, Utah Area

2004  Effect of Covers for Soil and Water Conservation using Tilting Flume

2004  Energy Equation for Volatile Liquid Transport in Porous Media

2004  Feasibility Analysis of Shore Protection Alternatives for Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in the Chenier Plain of Southwestern Louisiana (USA)

2004  Geomorphologic and Soil Hydraulic Parameters for Watershed Environmental Hydrology (WEHY) Model