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2014  Blast Modeling of Steel Frames with Simple Connections

2014  Composite Floor Systems under Column Loss: Collapse Resistance and Tie Force Requirements

2014  Computational Framework for Automated Seismic Design of Steel Frames with Self-Centering Connections

2014  Cyclic and Static Tests to Evaluate the Seismic Strength of Walls and Connections of Prefab Lightweight Panels for Housing Construction Projects

2014  Equivalent Unbonded Length for Modeling of Multistrand Tendons in Precast Segmental Construction

2014  Generalized Component-Based Model for Shear Tab Connections

2014  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Roof Structures

2014  Lateral Performance of Nail Connections from Century-Old Timber Floor Diaphragms

2014  Modeling and Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections under Column Loss

2014  Moment Connection for Quick Assembly of Timber Portal Frame Buildings: Theory and Validation

2014  Monotonic Loading Tests of Ring-Beam Connections for Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns and RC Beams

2014  Plain Pile Embedment for Exterior Bent Cap Connections in Seismic Regions

2014  Prestressed Pile to Bent Cap Connections: Seismic Performance of a Full-Scale Three-Pile Specimen

2014  Retracted: Effective Flange Width for Honeycomb FRP Sandwich Bridge Deck-on-Steel Girder System with a Mechanical Shear Connector Considering Degrees of Composite Action

2014  Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames

2014  Special Detailing Techniques to Improve Structural Resistance against Progressive Collapse

2014  Static Strength of Axially Loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X Joints with Braces Welded to Wide Sides of Chord. I: Numerical Investigations Based on Experimental Tests

2014  Static Strength of Axially Loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X Joints with Braces Welded to Wide Sides of Chord. II: Parametric Study and Strength Equations

2014  Testing and Acceptance Criteria for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Grid Connectors Used in Concrete Sandwich Panels

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Long-Term Structural Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Wood Block Tear-Out Resistance and Failure Modes of Timber Rivet Connections: A Stiffness-Based Approach

2013  Analysis of Connections in Composite Construction Under Cyclic Loading

2013  Analysis of Three Thin-Walled Box Beams Connected at a Joint under Out-of-Plane Bending Loads

2013  Bonded FRP Plates for Strengthening Rectangular Hollow Steel Section T-Joints against Web Buckling Induced by Transverse Compression

2013  Buckling of Generic Higher-Order Shear Beam/Columns with Elastic Connections: Local and Nonlocal Formulation

2013  Cyclic Seismic Testing of Composite Concrete-Filled U-Shaped Steel Beam to H-Shaped Column Connections

2013  Design of Steel Shear Connections for Eccentricity as a Result of Secondary Bending Moment

2013  Dynamic Response of a Chevron Concentrically Braced Frame

2013  Effect of Powder Actuated Fasteners on the Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Frame Connections

2013  Effect of Shear Stud Connections on Dynamic Response of an FRP Deck Bridge under Moving Loads

2013  Effect of Slab Shear Reinforcement on the Performance of the Shear Wall-Floor Slab Connection

2013  Effectiveness of Externally Applied CFRP Stirrups for Rehabilitation of Slab-Column Connections

2013  Effects of Bolt Spacing On Prying Forces in WT Connections

2013  Evaluation of HSS-to-HSS Moment Connections for Seismic Applications

2013  Experimental Investigation and Design Method Research on Low-Rise Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Steel Framing Buildings

2013  Experimental Study on Two Simple Mechanical Precast Beam-Column Connections under Reverse Cyclic Loading

2013  Experimental Tests of Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections with Sway-Buckling Response

2013  Fatigue Behavior of Concrete Bridge Decks Cast on GFRP Stay-in-Place Structural Forms

2013  High-Strength Concrete and Reinforcing Steel in Beam-Column Connections

2013  Imaging Tools for Evaluation of Gusset Plate Connections in Steel Truss Bridges

2013  Innovative Wharf Details: Elastomeric Bearing Pile-Deck Connection and Finned Monopile

2013  Integral Bridge Abutment to Approach Slab Connection

2013  Integrity of Steel Single Plate Shear Connections Subjected to Simulated Column Removal

2013  Investigation of Various GFRP Shear Connectors for Insulated Precast Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels

2013  Large-Scale Experimental Validation of Steel Posttensioned Connections with Web Hourglass Pins

2013  Live-Load and Shear Connection Testing of Full-Scale Precast Bridge Panels

2013  Modelling the Roof-to-Wall Connections and Roof Failures in Residential, Wood-Frame Buildings under Realistic Wind Loads

2013  Performance of Beam-to-Column Connection of a Well-Detailed RC Moment Frame Building under Pseudodynamic Loading

2013  Performance of Screen Enclosures under Repeated Loading Cycles

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. I: Experiments

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. II: Analysis

2013  Precast Concrete Diaphragm Connector Performance Database

2013  Probabilistic Models for Structural Performance of Rounded Dovetail Joints

2013  Proposal to Account for Concrete Shrinkage and Environmental Strains in Design of Timber-Concrete Composite Beams

2013  Punching Shear Resistance of Interior GFRP Reinforced Slab-Column Connections

2013  Seismic Design and Viability of Hybrid Masonry Building Systems

2013  Seismic Performance of Steel Self-Centering, Moment-Resisting Frame: Hybrid Simulations under Design Basis Earthquake

2013  Seismic Resistance of Socket Connection between Footing and Precast Column

2013  Seismic Vulnerability of Gravity-Load-Designed Beam-Column Connections

2013  Steel Post-and-Beam Barrier with GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Curb and Bridge Deck Connection

2013  Stress-Concentration Factors in Circular Hollow Section and Square Hollow Section T-Connections: Experiments, Finite-Element Analysis, and Formulas

2013  Structural Connections for Small-Diameter Poles

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Behavior of Light-Framed Wood Roof-to-Wall Connectors Using Aged Lumber and Multiple Connection Mechanisms

2012  Behavior of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections under Fire

2012  Behavior of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls and Design Considerations

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. I: Experimental Investigation and Finite-Element Modeling

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. II: X-Type Parametric Numerical Study and Design

2012  Concrete Filled Steel Tube Piles to Concrete Pile-Cap Connections

2012  Creep Behavior of Epoxy-Based Adhesive Reinforced with Nanoparticles for Bonded-In Timber Connection

2012  Date and Modeling for the Performance of Pristine and Blast Damaged Connections

2012  Defect Tolerance for Cast Steel Connections in Braced Frames

2012  Digital Imaging Technique Aids Gusset Plate Loading Research

2012  Dowel-Bearing Strength Behavior of Glued Laminated Guadua Bamboo

2012  Elastic Stiffness Comparisons between RBS Beams with Either Flange or Web Reductions

2012  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Space-Trusses with the Reinforcement of Stamped Connections

2012  Experimental Behavior and Mechanical Modeling of Dissipative T-Stub Connections

2012  Experimental Investigation of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls

2012  Failure of Wood Connections and the Evolution of Connection Design

2012  Fatigue Performance of Stiffened Pole-to-Base Plate Socket Connections in High-Mast Structures

2012  Finite Element Analysis on Seismic Behavior of Steel Beam to T-Shaped CFT Column Connections

2012  Finite Element Study of Single-Angle Connection under Tensile Loading

2012  Flexural Demand on Pin-Connected Buckling-Restrained Braces and Design Recommendations

2012  Flexural Performance and Moment Connection of Concrete-Filled GFRP Tube-Encased Steel I-Sections

2012  Guidance for the Design of Spliced Columns

2012  Large Deflection Analysis of Plates Stiffened by Parallel Beams with Deformable Connection

2012  Lattice Shear Reinforcement for Enhancement of Slab-Column Connections

2012  Midply Truss Wall System: High-Performance Shear Wall for Midrise Wood-Frame Buildings

2012  Modeling Hysteretic Behavior of Wood Shear Walls with a Protocol-Independent Nail Connection Algorithm

2012  Modeling of Double-Angle Shear Connections for the Evaluation of Structural Robustness

2012  New Bridge Deck Cast onto Corrugated GFRP Stay-in-Place Structural Forms with Interlocking Connections

2012  Parametric Studies and Preliminary Design Recommendations on the Use of Postinstalled Shear Connectors for Strengthening Noncomposite Steel Bridges

2012  Performance of Metal-Plated Wood Joints Exposed to Periods of Soaking Moisture

2012  Performance of Steel Shear Connections under Combined Moment, Shear, and Tension

2012  Punching Shear Capacity of Interior SFRC Slab-Column Connections

2012  Rotational Stiffness of Exposed Column Base Connections: Experiments and Analytical Models

2012  Seismic Design and Performance of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls

2012  Seismic Performance of Semirigid Moment-Resisting Frames under Far and Near Field Records

2012  Seismic Retrofitting for Chord Reinforcement for Unreinforced Masonry Historic Buildings with Flexible Diaphragms

2012  Shear Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Transverse Connections