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Found 25 Records with the keyword term of "Conical bodies"

2006  Spatial Distribution of Electric Cone Tip Resistance Measurements with Depth for a Burleson Clay Site

2005  Equivalent Models of Pure Conical Tanks under Vertical Ground Excitation

2003  Structural Engineering: Distinctive Irish Spire Pierces the Sky

2001  Elastic Buckling of Multilayered Anisotropic Conical Shells

2000  Generalized Differential Quadrature for Frequency of Rotating Multilayered Conical Shell

2000  Ice-Induced Jacket Structure Vibrations in Bohai Sea

1999  Analysis of Ice Forces on Small Conical Structures

1999  Buckling Design of Stringer-Stiffened Conical Shells in Compression

1999  Simple Design Procedure for Liquid-Filled Steel Conical Tanks

1998  Sleeved Cone-Cylinder Intersection Under Internal PRessure

1997  Stability of Imperfect Steel Conical Tanks under Hydrostatic Loading

1995  Bed Shear Stress and Scour Around Coastal Structures

1995  Cone-Cylinder Intersection under Internal Pressure: Non-symmetric Buckling

1994  Cone Models for Embedded Foundation

1994  Cone-Cylinder Intersection under Pressure: Axisymmetric Failure

1991  Axisymmetric Pressures and Thermal Gradients in Conical Missile Tips

1991  Wang’s Equation for Ice Forces From a Pressure Ridge

1990  Algorithms for Computing Conic Splines

1990  Iterative FD Solution to Bending of Axisymmetric Conical Shells

1989  Irregular Wave Loading on a Conical Structure

1988  Conical Shells with Discontinuities in Geometry

1985  Wave Runup Around Conical Structures

1982  Exact Involute Bodies of Revolution

1980  Buckling of Axially Compressed Conical Shells

1967  Characteristics of Separation at Conical Afterbodies