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2014  Analysis of the Relationships between Value Management Techniques, Conflict Management, and Workshop Satisfaction of Construction Participants

2014  Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Checklist: Potential Role in Reducing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes

2014  Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflicts in the Sociocultural Norms of the Thai Construction Industry

2014  Interpersonal Conflict in Construction: Cost, Cause, and Consequence

2014  Public Owner Wrongfully Interfered with Contractor’s Work

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Improving Public Engagement in Construction Development Projects from a Stakeholder’s Perspective

2013  In Search of Sustainability: Constructability Application and Contract Management in Malaysian Industrialized Building Systems

2012  Bankruptcy Methods for Resolving Water Resources Conflicts

2012  Conflicts and Cooperation in Brownfield Redevelopment Projects: Application of Conjoint Analysis and Game Theory to Model Strategic Decision Making

2012  Contract Administration Guidelines for Managing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes under World Bank-Funded Projects

2012  Resolving Transboundary Water Conflicts: Lessons Learned from the Qezelozan-Sefidrood River Bankruptcy Problem

2012  Water Conflicts in Hydrothermal System Operation: The São Francisco River, Brazil

2011  Drivers of Conflict in Developing Country Infrastructure Projects: Experience from the Water and Pipeline Sectors

2011  Influences of Personality on the Adoption of Conflict-Handling Styles and Conflict Outcomes for Facility Managers

2011  Irreconcilable Differences Result in Extreme Conflict

2011  Trust and Distrust in Conflicting Situations: Legal Case Review of Antecedents of Distrust

2010  Attitude-Based Negotiation Methodology for the Management of Construction Disputes

2010  Computerized DSS for Construction Conflict Resolution under Uncertainty

2010  Conflict Management in Concurrent Engineering: A Case Study

2010  Knowledge System Conflicts in Global Project Networks

2010  The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conflict: Chicken or Prisoner’s Dilemma?

2010  Systems Management Study of a Private Brownfield Renovation

2009  Avoiding and Mitigating Delay and Disruption Claims Conflict: Role of Precontract Negotiation

2009  Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2009  Conflict Analysis in Public Engagement Program of Urban Planning in Hong Kong

2009  Contingent Use of Negotiators’ Tactics in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2009  Contractual Approach for Facilitating the Resolution of Dispute over a Contractor’s Failure to Comply with Time Limit for Notice of Delays

2009  Influences of Chinese Cultural Orientations and Conflict Management Styles on Construction Dispute Resolving Strategies

2009  Modeling Incentive Mechanism of Taxi Drivers with the Employment Relationship

2009  Negotiation Support for Cooperative Allication of a Shared Water Resource: Application

2009  A War for Water

2008  Application of Nash Bargaining Theory in Water Allocation: A Conflict Resolution Approach

2008  Bargaining over the Caspian Sea — The Largest Lake on the Earth

2008  Extended OWA Operator for Group Decision Making on Water Resources Projects

2008  Game Theoretical Approach to Conflict Resolution in Transboundary Water Resources Management

2008  Modeling Boundaries of Concern among Conflicting Stakeholders

2008  Perceptions of Contractual Risk Allocation in Construction Supply Chains

2008  Simulation-Based Identification of Possible Locations for Mobile Cranes on Construction Sites

2007  Boundaries and Transboundary Water Conflicts

2007  Dealing with Conflict on How to Operate Multi-Purpose Reservoirs: A Case Study

2007  Dynamic Conflict Management in Large-Scale Design and Construction Projects

2007  Institutional Theory as a Framework for Analyzing Conflicts on Global Projects

2007  North Carolina — Virginia Conflict: The Lake Gaston Water Transfer

2007  Strategic Insights into the Jordan River Conflict

2007  Water and Conflict: Historical Perspective

2006  Conflict Resolution in Construction Disputes using the Graph Model

2006  Conflict Resolution in Transboundary Watercourses through Integration of an Operationalised Legal Doctrine with GIS Based Hydrological Modelling

2006  Decision Support System for Managing Conflict in the Upper San Pedro Subwatershed, AZ

2006  The Freeport Regional Water Project — From Public Conflict to Consent

2006  Managing Conflict through Conservation: The Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program

2006  A New Framework for Water Conflict Resolution

2006  Quantification of Costs for Dispute Resolution Procedures in the Construction Industry

2005  Resolve Conflict to Improve Productivity

2005  Understanding and Mitigating Challenges on Global Projects: The Role of the Freelance Expatriate

2004  Dispute Review Boards: Elements of a Convincing Recommendations

2004  Group Decision-Making in Water Resources Planning using Multiple Objective Analysis

2004  Proactive Utilities Management: Conflict Analysis and Subsurface Utility Engineering

2003  Conflicts between Owner and Contractors: Proposed Intervention Process

2003  Lessons Learned from Rigid Conflict Resolution in an Organization: Construction Conflict Case Study

2002  Formalization and Automation of Time-Space Conflict Analysis

2002  Improving Satisfaction through Conflict Stimulation and Resolution in Value Management in Construction Projects

2002  Navigating the White Water of Project Management

2001  Effect of Delivery Systems on Collaborative Negotiations for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

2001  Introducing the Appropriative Rights Model Water Code

2001  Making Watershed Partnerships Work: A Review of the Empirical Literature

2001  A Model for Understanding, Preventing, and Resolving Project Disputes

2000  Eight Ways to Build Strength

2000  Forum

2000  Innovations to Manage Disputes: DRB and NEC

2000  Nature and Frequency of Secondary Conflicts at Unsignalized Intersections

2000  Strategies for Successful Partnering Relationships

2000  Various Volume Definitions with Conflicts at Unsignalized Intersections

1999  Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

1999  Court Says Ethical Concerns Not Capricious

1999  Modeling Water Resources Opportunities, Challenges and Trade-Offs: The Use of Shared Vision Modeling for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

1999  Resolving Conflicts in Hydrologic Design Criteria: A Case Study in Maryland

1998  Adaptive Retrieval and Presentation of Engineering Information

1998  Coastal Watershed Policy and Management in California: Notes on the Development of Cooperative Strategies

1998  Computer-Supported Collaborative Negotiation Methodology

1998  Conflict in Small- and Medium-Sized Projects: Case of Partnering to the Rescue

1998  Conflict Management Diagnosis at Project Management Organizations

1998  Consequences of Construction Conflict: A Hong Kong Perspective

1998  Cooperative Research Efforts as a Tool for Bridging Information Gaps and Resolving Conflicts: The COOGER Study

1998  Drainage Conflicts in Urban Areas

1998  Governing a Community at the Edge of the Ocean

1998  A Hybrid Prescriptive-/Performance-Based Approach to Automated Building Code Checking

1998  International Drainage Construction Conflicts

1998  Management of Kanawha Basin Use Conflicts

1998  Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

1998  Modeling and Management of Water in the Klamath River Basin: Overcoming Politics and Conflicts

1998  Organizational Issues in Coastal Governance: A Regional Monitoring Example

1998  Politic Politics and Other Realities of Coastal Management

1998  Public Beach or Private Backyard: A Case Study of Del Mar Beach and How the Sand was Divided Up

1998  Rehabilitation of the Chicago River

1998  Stepping Beyond Public/Private Partnerships for Consensus on Environmental Policy

1998  Time-Space Conflict Analysis Based on 4-D Production Models

1998  Using Consensus Building Techniques to Implement Integrated Coastal Management

1998  Water Resources Decision Making, a Shared Approach

1997  Construction Crises As Periods of Social Adjustment