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2015  First-Order Reliability Method for Probabilistic Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Soil Using Genetic Programming

2014  Generalized CPT Method for Evaluating Yield Stress in Soils

2014  Ground Freezing and Sampling of Pleistocene Sand near Charleston, South Carolina

2014  Multilinear Regression Equations for Predicting Lateral Spread Displacement from Soil Type and Cone Penetration Test Data

2014  Overconsolidation and Stiffness of Venice Lagoon Sands and Silts from SDMT and CPTU

2014  Site Characterization of Atlantic Coastal Plain Deposits in Savannah, Georgia

2014  State-Based Overburden Normalization of Cone Penetration Resistance in Clean Sand

2013  Bayesian Approach for Probabilistic Site Characterization Using Cone Penetration Tests

2013  Evaluating Yield Stress of Soils From Laboratory Consolidation and in-Situ Cone Penetration Tests

2013  An Update on Pile-CPTu Direct Correlations

2012  Axial-Torsional Multi-Sleeve Friction Penetration System for Lunar Subsurface Studies

2012  Base Capacity of Open-Ended Steel Pipe Piles in Sand

2012  A Case History of Pile Relaxation in Recent Alluvium

2012  Geotechnical Characterization and Random Field Modeling of Desiccated Clay

2012  Geotechnical Performance of Dredged Material—Steel Slag Fines Blends: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2012  Improved Evaluation of Interface Friction on Steel Pipe Pile in Sand

2012  Influence of Non/Low-Plastic Fines and Associated Aging Effects on Liquefaction Resistance

2012  Influence of Partial Consolidation during Cone Penetration on Estimated Soil Behavior Type and Pore Pressure Dissipation Measurements

2012  Investigation of In Situ Soil Density Change by Resistivity Measurements

2012  Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Pleistocene Beach Sands near Charleston, South Carolina

2012  Modified Dynamic CPTU Penetrometer for Fluid Mud Detection

2012  Seismic Cone Penetration Test Assessment of Vibratory Probe Compaction for Liquefaction Mitigation

2012  Shallow Footing Response on Sands Using a Direct Method Based on Cone Penetration Tests

2012  Soil Investigation of Fly Ash Deposit Improved by Heavy Compaction Method

2011  Bearing Platform Excavation Technology of South Tower for Yangluo River Bridge

2011  Characterizing Spatial Variability of Cone Penetration Testing through Geostatistical Evaluation

2011  Impact of Using Measured v. Corrected Tip Resistance Values in PCPT-Based Soil Characterization and Modeling

2011  Penetrometer-Based Assessment of Spudcan Penetration Resistance

2011  Practical Visual Presentation Approach for CPT-Based Soil Characterization and Modeling

2011  Statistical Analysis of Cone Penetration Tests and Soil Engineering Parameters at the National Geotechnical Experimentation Clay Site, Texas A&M University

2011  Use of CPT Profiles to Evaluate Strength Gain and Estimate Local Settlement

2010  Cone Tip Resistance of Highly Compressible Jeju Beach Sand

2010  Estimation of Lateral Load Capacity of Rigid Short Piles in Sands Using CPT Results

2010  Evaluation of Flow Liquefaction and Liquefied Strength Using the Cone Penetration Test

2010  Evolution of the Pore-Pressure Field around a Moving Conical Penetrometer of Finite Size

2010  Hydraulic Property Estimation Using Piezocone Results

2010  Identification of Soil Stratigraphy of Soft Deposit in Shanghai from CPTU Test

2010  Nonlinear Cone Penetration Test-Based Method for Predicting Footing Settlements on Sand

2010  Prediction of Pile Settlement Using Artificial Neural Networks Based on Cone Penetration Test Data

2010  Relationship between Texas Cone Penetrometer Tests and Axial Resistances of Drilled Shafts Socketed in Clay Shale and Limestone

2009  Assessment of Rock Strength by Texas Cone Penetrometer and Uniaxial Compression Tests

2009  Combined Parallel Seismic and Cone Penetrometer Testing of Existing Foundations for Foundation Length and Evaluation

2009  Correcting Liquefaction Resistance for Aged Sands Using Measured to Estimated Velocity Ratio

2009  CPT-Based Probabilistic Soil Characterization and Classification

2009  CPT-DMT Correlations

2009  Estimation of Axial Load Capacity for Bored Tapered Piles Using CPT Results in Sand

2009  Estimation of Stress History by Partial Piezocone Dissipation Tests

2009  Quality of Conventional Fixed Piston Samples of Norwegian Soft Clay

2009  Resistance Factors for Use in Load and Resistance Factor Design of Driven Pipe Piles in Sands

2009  Statistical Assessment of Repeatability of CPT Measurements

2009  Updated Liquefaction Resistance Correction Factors for Aged Sands

2008  Analysis of Factors Influencing Soil Classification Using Normalized Piezocone Tip Resistance and Pore Pressure Parameters

2008  Cone Penetration Testing before, during, and after Blast-Induced Liquefaction

2008  Database Assessment of CPT-Based Design Methods for Axial Capacity of Driven Piles in Siliceous Sands

2008  Effect of Penetration Rate on Cone Penetration Resistance in Saturated Clayey Soils

2008  Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement from On-the-Fly uCPT Sounding and from VisCPT

2008  Liquefaction Potential Map of Charleston, South Carolina Based on the 1886 Earthquake

2007  A Comparison of the Sowers Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test with Cone Penetration and Flat Blade Dilatometer Testing

2007  Computation of Cavity Expansion Pressure and Penetration Resistance in Sands

2007  Evaluation of Compaction Effects on Granular Backfill Using CPT

2007  Index Properties-Based Criteria for Liquefaction Susceptibility of Clayey Soils: A Critical Assessment

2007  New Look at DCP Test with a Link to AASHTO SN Concept

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2007  Probabilistic Assessment of Stress Normalization for CPT Data

2006  Analytical Investigation of Friction Sleeve Length Effects on Stratigraphic Interpretation

2006  Assessment of Variable Uncertainties for Reliability-Based Design of Foundations

2006  A Cavity Expansion Model and Its Interpretation towards Field Testing of Inclined Penetrations

2006  Cavity Expansion Theory and the Cone Penetration Test in Unsaturated Sands

2006  CPT-Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of in Situ Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential

2006  Effect of Travel Path in the SCPT Test Method

2006  Electronic Nose — Membrane Interface Probe for Geoenvironmental Site Characterization

2006  Field Evaluation of Crushed Glass – Dredged Material Blends

2006  First-Order Reliability Method for Probabilistic Liquefaction Triggering Analysis using CPT

2006  Hybrid Penetration for Geotechnical Site Investigation

2006  Innovations in Cone Penetration Testing

2006  Liquefaction Strength of Sands Containing Fines Compared with Cone Resistance in Triaxial Specimens

2006  Pore Pressure Response Following Undrained uCPT Sounding in a Dilating Soil

2006  Prediction of Soil Composition from CPT Data using General Regression Neural Network

2006  Processing, Soil Profiling and Pile Capacity Analysis from CPTu Data by ”UniCone”

2006  Resistance Factors for Use in Shallow Foundation LRFD

2006  A Review of the State-of-the Art of Cone Penetration Test in China and its Further Development

2006  Use of CPT Resistivity and Dissipation Tests for Delineating Liquid Levels in a Landfill

2005  Application of X-ray Computed Tomography to Cone Penetration Tests in Sands

2005  Impact of Soil Composition on Fall Cone Test Results

2005  Improved Site Stratigraphy and Layer Characterization Using Cone Penetration Testing Methods on Minnesota DOT Projects

2005  In Situ Assessment of Role of Surface Roughness on Interface Response

2005  Probabilistic Liquefaction Triggering based on the Cone Penetration Test

2005  Use of the Cone Penetration Test for Geotechnical Site Characterization in Clay-Mantled Karst

2004  Assessment of Direct Cone Penetration Test Methods for Predicting the Ultimate Capacity of Friction Driven Piles

2004  Compaction Grouting Test Program for Liquefaction Control

2004  Comparative Site Tests for Various Types of Cone Penetrometers in Peat Ground

2004  Enhanced Access Penetration System for Cone Penetration at Difficult Sites

2004  Evaluation of CPT Methods for Load and Resistance Factor Design of Driven Piles

2004  Seismic Performance and Deformation of Levees: Four Cast Studies

2004  Subsurface Characterization at Ground Failure Sites in Adapazari, Turkey

2004  Texas Cone Penetrometer-Pressuremeter Correlations for Soft Rock

2003  Estimation of Load Capacity of Pipe Piles in Sand Based on Cone Penetration Test Results

2003  High Overburden Stress Effects in Liquefaction Analyses

2003  Simplified Cone Penetration Test-Based Method for Evaluating Liquefaction Resistance of Soils

2002  A Cone With a View: The VisCPT