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2014  Suction Effects on Sediment Transport in Closed-Conduit Flows

2013  Comparison of Performance of Two Run-of-River Plants during Transient Conditions

2013  Large Diameter Penstock Condition Assessment & Replacement: Two Case Studies

2013  Load Coefficient for Ditch Conduits Covered with Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Backfill

2013  Local Head-Loss Coefficient at the Rectangular Transition from a Free-Surface Channel to a Conduit

2013  Well-Balanced Scheme for Modeling Open-Channel and Surcharged Flows in Steep-Slope Closed Conduit Systems

2012  Large Steel Penstock Relining: The Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation

2012  Steel Penstocks

2011  Modeling Approaches for the Rapid Filling of Closed Conduits with Entrapped Air

2011  Selection of Conduit Material for the Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project

2011  Stochastic Analysis of Water Hammer and Applications in Reliability-Based Structural Design for Hydro Turbine Penstocks

2011  Theoretical Determination of Sequent Depths in Closed Conduits

2010  Air Entrainment and Sequent Depths in Horizontal Closed Conduits

2010  Emergency Repair of a Mile Long Cast in Place Reinforced Concrete Penstock Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Technology

2008  City of Rochester, NY Conduit Planning Study: Rush Reservoir to City Reservoirs

2008  Design of a 120 in.-Diameter Steel Bifurcation with a Small Acute Angle for a High-Pressure Penstock

2008  Evolutionary Algorithms for the Determination of Critical Depths in Conduits

2008  Flowable Fill and the Ridges Basin Inlet Conduit

2008  Mapping and Drilling of Conduits within the Woodville Karst Plain of North Florida

2008  Reducing Conduit Water Flow into a Quarry in North-Central Alabama: A Case Study

2007  Aggressive Alternative

2006  Dynamics of Air Flow in Sewer Conduit Headspace

2005  Access Terminal Design for Horizontal Landfill Conduits

2005  Case Studies of Massive Flow Conduits in Karst Limestone

2005  Simplified Model of Tractive-Force Distribution in Closed Conduits

2005  Void Evolution in Soluble Rocks Beneath Dams Under Limited Flow Condition

2004  Anatomy of an Error

2004  Hydraulic, Structural, and Seismic Analysis of the Portland Water Supply Conduits

2004  Modulus of Soil Reaction (E′) Values for Pipeline Design

2004  Prediction of Surface Heave Associated with Horizontal Drilling using Neural Networks

2003  Cement Kiln Dust Landfills in Karst Limestone: Delineation of Groundwater Flow Conduits, and Sinkhole Risk

2003  Dual-Flow Phenomena and Longitudinal Dispersivity Interpretation in a Karstic Aquifer

2003  No Two Conduits Are Alike: The Challenges and Lessons Learned during the Rehabilitation of the Washington Aqueduct’s Raw Water Conduits

2003  Quarrying Impacts on Groundwater Flow Paths

2002  Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data

2002  Stresses in Structural Tie Rods in a Large Penstock Bifurcation: Combining Theory, Prototype Measurements, and Numerical Modeling

2002  Undular Hydraulic Jumps in Circular Conduits

2001  Case Study: Lapino Powerplant Penstock Failure

2001  Discharge Characteristics of Conduit Radial Gate

2001  Gauckler and the GMS Formula

2001  Numerical Simulation of Installation Process for Flexible Ditch Conduits

2001  An Overview of Common Methods in Trenchless Technology

2001  Rehabilitation of Underground Infrastructure Utilizing Trenchless Pipe Replacement

2000  Computer Vision Techniques for Inspection of Pipes

2000  Guidelines for Inspection and Monitoring of In-Service Penstocks

2000  The Penstock Puzzle

1999  Balancing Penstock Safety with Project Economics

1999  Installation of Conduits under Highways Using Trenchless Technology

1999  Latest Developments in Microtunneling Methods for Roadway Crossings

1999  Microtunneling Technology for Conduit Construction

1999  Nondestructive Examination of Steel Liners and Penstocks to Ascertain Structural Integrity

1999  Penstock Life Extension

1999  Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis to Justify Inservice Inspection Intervals for the Helms Penstock Field Welds

1999  Steel Penstock Failure and Rehabilitation: HCJB Hydroelectric Power Station: Papallacta, Ecuador

1998  Blasting In and Adjacent to Concrete at Buffalo Bill Dam

1998  Comparative Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Underground Heat Distribution Systems

1998  Comparison of Failure Rates in Conduits for Underground Heat Distribution

1998  Concrete Stabilizes San Bernardino Penstocks

1998  Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair

1998  Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit

1998  Rock Delays Tunnel Boring in Queens

1997  Buckling Capacity of Tunnel and Penstock Liners Using Finite Element Analysis Techniques

1997  Combining Flows in 90° Junctions of Rectangular Closed Conduits

1997  Design and Construction Risk Management for Existing Utilities

1997  El Dorado Hydroelectric Project - Penstock Relining Case Study

1997  Evaluation of Advancements in Microtunneling

1997  Inspection of Aging Steel Penstocks

1997  Intelligent Data Assessment for Underground Infrastructure Rehabilitation

1997  Madison Penstock Rehabilitation

1997  Papallacta River Basin Hydro Expansion Plan

1997  Penstock Gets Landslide Relief

1997  Risk Assessment of Two Water Conveyance Systems of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

1997  Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Project Performance of Reservoirs, Dams and Power Tunnel

1997  Rocky Mountain Pumped-Storage Project in Operation Since the Summer of 1995

1996  Dividing Rectangular Closed Conduit Flows

1996  Electronic Modeling of Underground Piping Systems

1996  Energy Dissipators edited by D.L. Vischer and Willi Hager

1996  Going Down

1996  Penstock Safety: Proactive or Reactive

1996  Rehab by Helicopter

1996  Retrofit of Black Butte Hydroelectric Project Penstock

1996  San Diego’s Historic Dulzura Conduit: New Solutions

1996  Waste of Water Is Costly. Why Not Use an Accurate Flow Monitoring System?

1995  4 Metre Diameter Penstock Construction for the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

1995  Assessment Methodology for Steel Penstocks

1995  Assessment of Centerville Powerhouse Penstocks

1995  Black Creek Hydro Project High-line Cable Penstock Installation

1995  Choice of Pipes for Micro Tunnels

1995  Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation

1995  Dinorwig Power Station Replacement of the Main Inlet Valve Trunnion Bearings with the Penstock Pressurised

1995  Guidelines for Evaluating Aging Penstocks

1995  Minidirectional Drilling for Installation of Underground Electrical Conduit

1995  A New Intelligent Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Closed Conduits and Open Channels

1995  Penstock Evaluation Using Risk Assessment Methodologies

1995  Penstock Leak Detection Using Accurate Flow Monitoring Systems

1995  Penstock Leakage at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant—Investigation, Design, and Construction

1995  Retrofitting Outlet Tunnel for Blue River Project

1995  Saxon Falls Dam Rehabilitation

1995  South Holston Power Intake Penstock Rehabilitation

1995  Steel Penstock Rehabilitation Strategies