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2015  Advanced Spray Multiple Layup Process for Quality Control of Sprayed FRP Composites Used to Retrofit Concrete Structures

2015  Analysis of the Residual Safety Level in RC Slabs with Severe Joist Corrosion

2015  Bond-Slip Model for Detailed Finite-Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2015  Comparison of Nondestructive Evaluation Findings, Constrained and Unconstrained Wave Speeds, Dynamic Moduli, and Poisson’s Ratio of Core Specimens from a Concrete Structure Damaged by Fire

2015  Cyclic Behavior of Wall-Slab Joints with Lap Splices of Cold-Straightened Rebars and Mechanical Splices

2015  Field Testing of All-Steel Buckling-Restrained Braces Applied to a Damaged Reinforced Concrete Building

2015  Finite-Element Method to Predict Reinforcing Bar Buckling in RC Structures

2015  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2015  Load-Carrying Mechanism to Resist Progressive Collapse of RC Buildings

2015  Localization and Quantification of Concrete Spalling Defects Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2015  Numerical Simulation of Chloride-Induced Corrosion Initiation in Reinforced Concrete Structures with Cracks

2015  Performance of Residential Shelters during the May 20, 2013, Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

2015  Remote Modal Study of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using a Multipath Lidar Vibrometer

2015  Smeared-Bar Model for Viscoelastic Analysis of Uncracked Reinforced Concrete Structures

2015  Sustainable Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures through CO2 Emission Optimization

2014  Acoustic Emission Historic Index and Frequency Spectrum of Reinforced Concrete under Accelerated Corrosion

2014  Advanced Sensing Techniques for Damage Detection in Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Analytical Evaluation of FRP Wrapping Effectiveness in Restraining Reinforcement Bar Buckling

2014  Analytical Model for the Pullout Behavior of Straight and Hooked-End Steel Fibers

2014  Axial Capacity of Circular Concrete Columns Reinforced with GFRP Bars and Spirals

2014  Cohesive Model-Based Approach for Fatigue Life Prediction of Reinforced-Concrete Structures Strengthened with NSM FRP

2014  Comparative Study of Different Cement-Based Inorganic Pastes towards the Development of FRIP Strengthening Technology

2014  Confinement of Columns and Wall Boundary Elements Using Headed Bars

2014  Damage in Reinforced-Concrete Buildings during the 2011 Van, Turkey, Earthquakes

2014  Decision Model for Repair Prioritization of Reinforced-Concrete Structures

2014  Dynamic Behavior of the Palazzo Lombardia Tower: Comparison of Numerical Models and Experimental Results

2014  Effects of Assembly Tolerances on Bolted Anchorages in Concrete

2014  Empirical Selection Equation for Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings Applied to Multistory Woodframe Buildings

2014  Expansion of PCA Rectangular Concrete Tank Plate Tables

2014  Finite Element Modeling of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Structural Members

2014  Influence of Structural Walls on the Seismic Performance of RC Buildings during the May 19, 2011 Simav Earthquake in Turkey

2014  Integrity, Robustness and Progressive Collapse Resistance of RC Structures Designed for Different Levels of Seismic Loads

2014  Interrelation among Service Life, Reliability Index, and Costs of Concrete Structures Subjected to Aggressive Exposure

2014  Lessons Learned from the Design of Steel and RC Structures against Progressive Collapse Using Nonlinear Alternate Path Analysis

2014  Life-Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Natural Hazards

2014  Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Assemblies under Column-Removal Scenario

2014  Numerical Simulation of Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Structures considering Corrosion Effects on Bonding

2014  Numerical Simulation of PZT-Bonded Reinforcement for Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structure

2014  Performance-Based, Blast-Resistant and Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Industrial and Petrochemical Facilities

2014  Progressive Collapse-Resisting Mechanisms of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Effects of Initial Damage Locations

2014  Reliability Assessment of Bolting Systems for Steel Frames Connected to Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Reliability Assessment of RC Structures Subjected to Carbonation by Incorporating Spatial Variations

2014  Robustness Assessment of RC Frame Buildings under Column Loss Scenarios

2014  Seismic Damage Assessment of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Seismic Risk Assessment of Four-Span Bridges in Montreal Designed Using the Canadian Bridge Design Code

2014  Simulation of Seismic Collapse in Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Masonry Infills

2014  Software Integration of Safety Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structure Considering Temperature during Construction

2014  Standardized Testing for Determining the Durability of High-Volume Fly Ash Mixtures

2014  Structure-Independent Parallel Platform for Nonlinear Analyses of General Real-Scale RC Structures under Cyclic Loading

2014  Study on Seismic Performance of Concrete Frame-Bent Structure of Power Plant Main Building

2014  A Unified Model of Ultimate Capacity of RC Members with a Rectangular Section under Combined Actions

2013  Ambient and Forced Vibration Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Building before and after Its Seismic Retrofitting

2013  Analysis of Concrete Creep in Compression, Tension and Bending: Numerical Modeling

2013  Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Structures in Sikkim, India, Based on Damage Observation during Two Recent Earthquakes

2013  Behavior of Various Anchorage Systems Used for Shear Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Externally Bonded FRP Sheets

2013  Breach Evaluation of Structures Using the Applied Element Method

2013  Common Mistakes and Omissions in the Design of Pressurized Concrete Water Holding Structures: Case Study

2013  Comparison of Modeling Strategies to Capture Component Level Damage in Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings

2013  Computer-Aided Assessment of Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures according to GSA Code

2013  Design for Disproportionate Collapse Prevention of Precast and Prestressed Structures

2013  Development of FEM Thermal Analysis for Concrete Structures with Pipe Cooling System

2013  Effect of Shear Wall Area to Floor Area Ratio on the Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

2013  Effects of Reinforcement Corrosion on the Performance of RC Frame Buildings Subjected to Seismic Actions

2013  Financial and Environmental Payback Periods of Seismic Retrofit Investments for Reinforced Concrete Buildings Estimated Using a Novel Method

2013  Floating Port - Design, Construction, and Test

2013  Golden Ratio in the Crack Pattern of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2013  Improved Estimation of Long-Term Relaxation Function of Aging Concrete from Its Compliance Function

2013  Inverse Analysis of Related Parameters in Calculation of Concrete Drying Shrinkage Based on ANSYS Design Optimization

2013  Long-term Durability Design of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Structures in US: Code Assessment and Evaluation

2013  Macrocrack Propagation in a Concrete Specimen Subjected to a Sustained Loading: Influence of Tensile Creep

2013  Manufacturing and Modeling of SMA Composite Reinforcement for Enhanced Performance of Concrete Structures under Sequential Ground Motion Records

2013  Multiple Points-In-Time Estimation of Peak Wind Effects on Structures

2013  A multi-Scale Material Model for Predicting the Multi-Decade Behavior of Concrete Structures

2013  Numerical Simulation of Blast Wave Mitigations on RC Buildings via Improved Structural Configuration and Column Cross-Section Properties

2013  Practical Implementation of Marine Concrete Specifications for Waterfront Structures

2013  Quantifying Sources of Uncertainty for Creep Models under Varying Stresses

2013  Seismic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Using the Force Analogy Method

2013  Seismic Testing of the Slotted Beam Detail for Reinforced Concrete Structures

2013  Serviceability and Damage Scenario in Irregular RC Structures: Post-Earthquake Observations and Modeling Predictions

2013  Severely Corroded RC with Cover Cracking

2013  Steel Post-and-Beam Barrier with GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Curb and Bridge Deck Connection

2013  Structural Performance Assessment and Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Under Seismic Loads

2013  Sustainable Concrete: The Role of Performance-based Specifications

2013  System Reliability of Concrete Dams with Respect to Foundation Stability: Application to a Spillway

2013  Vulnerability of Disproportionate Collapse in Older Flat Plate Buildings Subjected to Sudden Removal of a Bearing Column

2013  Water Content Monitoring for Nuclear Concrete Buildings: Needs, Feedback and Perspectives

2012  Application of Fuzzy Concepts to the Visual Assessment of Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  Automated Color Model–Based Concrete Detection in Construction-Site Images by Using Machine Learning Algorithms

2012  Automatic Parameter Identification of Discrete Mesoscale Models with Application to the Coarse-Grained Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Nuclear Containment Structures Subjected to Tri-Directional Shear Stresses

2012  Challenges Encountered Retrofitting an Existing Concrete Building Classified As an Essential Facility

2012  CO2-Optimization Design of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls Based on a VNS-Threshold Acceptance Strategy

2012  Collapse Investigation of a Concrete Garage with Precast Formwork

2012  Corrosion Related Bond Deterioration and Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  Damage Identification in RC Beams Using Internal Electrical Resistivity Measurements

2012  Damage of RC Building Structures Due to 2011 East Japan Earthquake

2012  Damping Capacity of Styrene-Butadiene Latex Admixed Concrete: A Micromechanical Study

2012  Development of a Reliability Framework for the Use of Advanced Nonlinear Finite Elements in the Design of Concrete Structures

2012  Distributed Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Monitoring Cracks in Concrete Structures

2012  Effectiveness of Benzotriazole as Corrosion Protection Material for Steel Reinforcement in Concrete