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2015  Analysis of the Residual Safety Level in RC Slabs with Severe Joist Corrosion

2015  Calculation of Time-Dependent Deflection of Composite Concrete Slabs: Simplified Design Approach

2015  Diagnosis and Intervention Criteria in Slabs Damaged by Severe Corrosion of Prestressed Joists

2015  Multiscale Coupled-Hygromechanistic Approach to the Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Structural Concrete

2015  Punching Shear Behavior of Two-Way Slabs Reinforced with FRP Shear Reinforcement

2015  Strengthening of Multibay Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs to Mitigate Progressive Collapse

2014  Acoustic Emission Intensity Analysis for In Situ Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Effects of Delamination on the Performance of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Experimental Study on the Progressive Collapse Resistance of RC Slabs

2014  Experimental Testing of CFRP-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Slab Elements Loaded by Close-In Blast

2014  Finite Element Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connection using ABAQUS

2014  Fire Resistance of Concrete Slabs in Punching Shear

2014  Flexural Behavior of Preloaded RC Slabs Strengthened with Prestressed CFRP Laminates

2014  In Situ Load Testing of a One-Way Reinforced Concrete Slab per the ACI 437 Standard

2014  Model to Simulate the Contribution of Fiber Reinforcement for the Punching Resistance of RC Slabs

2014  Novel Method for Improving Shear Capacity of Slabs with Intermediate Beams using FRP

2014  Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Waffle Slab Parking Floor

2014  Prediction of Intermediate Crack Debonding Strain of Externally Bonded FRP Laminates in RC Beams and One-Way Slabs

2014  Reliability Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connection without Shear Reinforcement

2014  Structural Capacities of Spherically Voided Biaxial Slab (SVBS)

2013  Analysis of Transverse Crack on Top Slab of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder

2013  Blast Loading Effects on an RC Slab-on-Girder Bridge Superstructure Using the Multi-Euler Domain Method

2013  Calculation of Shrinkage Stress in Early-Age Concrete Pavements. I: Calculation of Shrinkage Strain

2013  Crack Water Interaction and Fatigue Life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks

2013  Derivation of Normalized Pressure Impulse Curves for Flexural Ultra High Performance Concrete Slabs

2013  Effect of Concrete Slab on Shear Capacity of Composite Plate Girders under Positive Moment

2013  Effect of Prestressing on the Performance of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge Strips

2013  Evaluation of Mechanical Anchoring System to Improve Performance of CFRP Mitigated Concrete Slabs under Close-in Blasts

2013  Evaluation of Temperature-Induced Curling in Concrete Slabs Using Deflection Difference Analysis

2013  Integral Bridge Abutment to Approach Slab Connection

2013  Load Capacity of Concrete Slabs with Recycled Aggregates

2013  Long-Term Structural Deficiencies in a Mat Foundation on Clay Soil

2013  Modeling of Nonlinear Guided Waves and Applications to Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Punching of Concrete Slabs: Interpretation of Test Results

2013  Punching-Shear Strength of Normal and High-Strength Two-Way Concrete Slabs Reinforced with GFRP Bars

2013  Shear Design of RC Bridge Deck Slabs according to Eurocode 2

2012  Analysis and Design of Straight and Skewed Slab Bridges

2012  Causes and Penalties of Variation: Case Study of a Precast Concrete Slab Production Facility

2012  Databank of Concentric Punching Shear Tests of Two-Way Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement at Interior Supports

2012  Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of Pre-Stressed Ultra-High Performance Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slab for Bridge Deck

2012  Experimental Study on the Progressive Collapse Resistance of a Two-Story Steel Moment Frame

2012  Fire Behavior of Thin CFRP Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Slabs

2012  Investigation and Remedial Strengthening of a Concrete Podium Slab

2012  Punching Shear Capacity of Interior SFRC Slab-Column Connections

2012  Retrofit of Concrete Slabs with FRP to Resist Progressive Collapse

2012  Study on the Analysis of Mat Foundations Using a Different Approach

2011  Analysis and Simulation of Interlayer Damages in Asphalt Pavement Overlay Cement Concrete Slab

2011  Assessing the Strengthening Effect of Various Near-Surface-Mounted FRP Reinforcements on Concrete Bridge Slab Overhangs

2011  Behavior of FRP-RC Slabs under Multiple Independent Air Blasts

2011  Blast Testing of Aluminum Foam–Protected Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2011  Case Study on the Restoration of Flexural Capacity of Continuous One-Way RC Slabs with Cutouts

2011  Compound Shear-Flexural Capacity of Reinforced Concrete–Topped Precast Prestressed Bridge Decks

2011  Computational Method for Determining Voids under Concrete Slabs through FWD Deflections

2011  Damage Size Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Slabs under Blast Loads Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  Design Field Bending Moment Coefficients for Interior Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates

2011  Development of FRP Shear Bolts for Punching Shear Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2011  Estimation of Floor Slab Distortion from Elevation Differential Data on Groups of Residential Structures

2011  Evaluation of FRP Posttensioned Slab Bridge Strips Using AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

2011  Experimental Study of Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2011  Failure Assessment of Lightly Reinforced Floor Slabs. I: Experimental Investigation

2011  Investigation of AASHTO Live-Load Reduction in Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges

2011  Modeling the Behavior of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs. I: Development of Material Model

2011  Modified Yield Line Theory for Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Overhang Panels

2011  RC Slabs Strengthened with Prestressed and Gradually Anchored CFRP Strips under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2011  Restrained Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete Elements: Role of Substrate Bond on Crack Development

2011  Small-Scale Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements for Use in a Geotechnical Centrifuge

2011  Strengthening Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs Using Polypropylene Fiber Reinforcement

2011  Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slab Carrying Concentrated Load

2011  Using Steel Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite (SFRCC) in Shallow Embedded Column Base

2010  Concrete Slab Installed with Carbon Fiber Heating Wire for Bridge Deck Deicing

2010  Control Joints in Cast In Situ Concrete Slabs and Its Application

2010  Correlation of Beam Tests with Pushout Tests in Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

2010  Cost Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Simply Supported One-Way Slabs

2010  Deflection Considerations in Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slab Design

2010  Design of a Large Scale Restrained Shrinkage Testing System

2010  Experimental Study on Multicantilever Prestressed Composite Beams with Corrugated Steel Webs

2010  Higher Level Evaluation of a Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge

2010  Radial Cracking in Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Slabs

2010  Shear Strength and Drift Capacity of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections Subjected to Biaxial Displacements

2010  Stress-Prediction Model for Airport Pavements with Jointed Concrete Slabs

2010  Structural Performance of CFRP-Strengthened RC Slabs in a Corrosive Environment

2010  The Use of Loop Anchorages in Single-Span Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Bridges

2009  Analysis of the Floating Rail System for the Port Authority of Allegheny County

2009  The Application and Advantages of Surface Penetrating Radar in Subgrade Void Detection beneath Slabs-on-Grade

2009  Blast Resistance Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2009  Cracking in Concrete Fill on Metal Decks, Cracking in Flat Plate Concrete Slabs, and Cracking in Concrete Walls

2009  Deflection and Stress Analysis of Concrete Slab under Temperature and Axle Load Coupling

2009  Deformation Analysis of Prestressed Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

2009  Failure of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs with Planar Edge Restraints under Fire

2009  Influence of Longitudinal Reinforcement on One-Way Shear in Slabs and Wide Beams

2009  Lateral Drift Limits for Structural Concrete Slab-Column Connections Including Shear Reinforcement Effects

2009  Macroscopic Elastic Constitutive Relationship of Cast-in-Place Hollow-Core Slabs

2009  Mechanically Fastened FRP-Strengthened Two-Way Concrete Slabs with and without Cutouts

2009  Nonlinear Modeling of Flat-Plate Systems

2009  Stress Analysis of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Slab under Various Supporting Conditions

2009  Yield Penetration Hinge Rotation in Reinforced Concrete Beams

2008  Condition Assessment of Shear Connectors in Slab-Girder Bridges via Vibration Measurements

2008  Does the Use of FRP Reinforcement Change the One-Way Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slabs?

2008  Efficient Strengthening Technique to Increase the Flexural Resistance of Existing RC Slabs

2008  Failure Resistance of Historic Stone Bridge Structure of Charles Bridge. II: Susceptibility to Floods