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2015  Assessment of the Strengthening of an RC Railway Bridge with CFRP Utilizing a Full-Scale Failure Test and Finite-Element Analysis

2015  Bridge Load Rating Using Dynamic Response

2015  Determining Remaining Strength Capacity of Deteriorating RC Bridge Substructures

2015  Field Verification of Simplified Analysis Procedures for Segmental Concrete Bridges

2015  Flexural Behavior of High-Early-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete Pretensioned Bridge Girders: Experimental Evaluation

2015  Hybrid Uncertainty Quantification for Probabilistic Corrosion Damage Prediction for Aging RC Bridges

2015  Memetic Algorithm Approach to Designing Precast-Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

2015  Quantitative Design of Backup Prestressing Tendons for Long-Span Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2015  Repair of Concrete Bridge Deck Expansion Joints Using Elastomeric Concrete

2015  Shear Behavior of Dry Joints with Castellated Keys in Precast Concrete Segmental Bridges

2015  Spatial Embedded Slip Model for Analyzing Time-Relative Coupling Effects of Creep and Prestress on PC Bridges

2014  Analysis of Segmentally Constructed Prestressed Concrete Bridges Using Hexahedral Elements with Realistic Tendon Profiles

2014  Anchorage Capacity of Concrete Bridge Barriers Reinforced with GFRP Bars with Headed Ends

2014  Assessment and Management of Concrete Bridges Supported by Monitoring Data-Based Finite-Element Modeling

2014  Bridge Remaining Strength Prediction Integrated with Bayesian Network and In Situ Load Testing

2014  Capacity Assessment of V-Shaped RC Bridge Bents

2014  Comparative Study of the Proportions, Form, and Efficiency of Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Computational Modeling of Existing Damage in Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Condition Assessment of Existing RC Highway Bridges in China Based on SIE2011

2014  Construction and Testing of GFRP Steel Hybrid-Reinforced Concrete Bridge-Deck Slabs of Sainte-Catherine Overpass Bridges

2014  Deflection Control of Prestressed Box Girder Bridges

2014  Detection of Delamination in Concrete Bridge Decks by Joint Amplitude and Phase Analysis of Ultrasonic Array Measurements

2014  Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Distributed Strain Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge: Case Study

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Ratio on Transverse Early-Age Cracking of GFRP-RC Bridge Deck Slabs

2014  Equivalent Unbonded Length for Modeling of Multistrand Tendons in Precast Segmental Construction

2014  Evaluating the Variations in Use of Steel Intermediate Diaphragms for Precast Concrete Girder Bridges throughout the United States

2014  Experimental Performance of AFRP Concrete Bridge Deck Slab with Full-Depth Precast Prestressed Panels

2014  Experimental Study of Thermal Actions on a Solid Slab Concrete Deck Bridge and Comparison with Eurocode 1

2014  Fatigue Behavior of Concrete Bridge Decks Cast on GFRP Stay-in-Place Structural Forms

2014  Flexural Members with High-Strength Reinforcement: Behavior and Code Implications

2014  Flexural Strength of Corroded Lap Spliced RC Bridge Column Section

2014  Fragility Analysis of Skewed Single-Frame Concrete Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Ground Motion Duration Effects on Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Inspection and Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge with Environmental Deterioration

2014  Integrative Sensitivity Analysis Applied to Semi-Integral Concrete Bridges

2014  Life-Time Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges Under Deterioration Processes

2014  Modeling of Flexural Behavior and Punching Shear of Concrete Bridge Decks with FRP Stay-in-Place Forms Using the Theory of Plates

2014  Multiple Corrosion-Protection Systems for Reinforced-Concrete Bridge Components: Laboratory Tests

2014  Parametric Effects on Evaluation of an Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Repaired by Externally Bonded Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2014  Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns after Fire Exposure

2014  Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns through Experimental Blast Testing

2014  Potential Deicer Effects on Concrete Bridge Decks: Developing Exposure Maps

2014  Preserving a Landmark

2014  Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Repaired with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Jackets

2014  Repair of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Barriers

2014  Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Containing Buckled and Fractured Reinforcement by Plastic Hinge Relocation

2014  Seismic Behavior of SMA Retrofitted RC Bridges Subjected to Strong Main Shock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Shake Table Studies and Analysis of a Two-Span RC Bridge Model Subjected to a Fault Rupture

2014  Splices of FRP Stay-in-Place Structural Forms in Concrete Bridge Decks

2014  Statistical Models of a Concrete Bridge: Changes in Modal Parameters Due to Temperature

2014  Study of Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers Subjected to Vehicular Collisions

2014  Temperature Effects on a Box-Girder Integral-Abutment Bridge

2014  Time-Variant Flexural Reliability of Posttensioned, Segmental Concrete Bridges Exposed to Corrosive Environments

2013  Assessment of Extent of Capacity Loss in Deteriorated Highway Bridges

2013  Comparison of NDT Methods for Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Deck

2013  Comparison of Prestress Losses for Pedestrian Bridges Constructed with High-Strength Concrete and High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2013  Crack Survey in Unreinforced Concrete or Masonry Abutments in Short- and Medium-Span Bridges

2013  Crack Water Interaction and Fatigue Life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks

2013  C-STM Modeling of Bridge Piers without and with ASR/DEF Deterioration

2013  Cyclic Behavior of FRP Concrete Bridge Pier Frames

2013  Damaged Mechanism and Reinforcement Analysis of Concrete Bridge Deck in Blizzard Conditions

2013  Demonstration of Fiber Optic Instrumentation System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements

2013  Design Guidelines for Rapid Repair of Earthquake-Damaged Circular RC Bridge Columns Using CFRP

2013  Destructive Testing of a Decommissioned Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2013  Development Length Tests of Full-Scale Prestressed Self-Consolidating Concrete Box and I-Girders

2013  Effect of Prestressing on the Performance of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge Strips

2013  Experimental Evaluation of the Scale of Fluctuation for Spatial Variability Modeling of Chloride-Induced Reinforced Concrete Corrosion

2013  Experimental Study on Circular RC Bridge Columns under Combined Cyclic Flexural and Torsional Loadings

2013  Experimental Study on Shear Behavior in Negative Moment Regions of Segmental Externally Prestressed Concrete Continuous Beams

2013  Finite-Element Analysis and Load Rating of Flat Slab Concrete Bridges

2013  Impact Behavior of Concrete Bridge Deck on Girders Due to Moving Vehicles

2013  Mechanism and Parametric Analysis of Multi-Level Control Mode of Unseating Failure Prevention for Concrete Girder Bridge during Earthquakes

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Concrete Arch Bridge with Steel Webs

2013  Numerically and Experimentally Based Reliability Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Subjected to Chloride-Induced Deterioration

2013  Partial Elastic Scheme Method in Cantilever Construction of Concrete Arch Bridges

2013  Performance Life Cost-Based Maintenance Strategy Optimization for Reinforced Concrete Girder Bridges

2013  Performance of Posttensioned Curved-Strand Connections in Transverse Joints of Precast Deck Panels

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of Corrosion of Reinforcement in RC Bridges Considering Fuzziness and Randomness

2013  Reliability Assessment of FRP-Strengthened Concrete Bridge Girders in Shear

2013  Reliability-Based Calibration of Load and Resistance Factors for Design of RC Bridges under Multiple Extreme Events: Scour and Earthquake

2013  Response Modification Factors for Concrete Bridges in Europe

2013  Seismic Failure of Typical Curved RC Bridges in Wenchuan Earthquake

2013  Seismic Fragility of a Highway Bridge in Quebec

2013  Shake-Table Studies of a Four-Span Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2013  Shear Design of RC Bridge Deck Slabs according to Eurocode 2

2013  Simplified Procedure for Evaluating the Effects of Creep and Shrinkage on Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges and the Application of European and North American Prediction Models

2013  Special Inspections and Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridges in Finland

2013  Transverse Modeling of Concrete Box-Girder Bridges for Prediction of Deck Slab Ultimate Load Capacity

2012  Application of Bionic Crack Monitoring in Concrete Bridges

2012  Approach to Reduce the Limitations of Modal Identification in Damage Detection Using Limited Field Data for Nondestructive Structural Health Monitoring of a Cable-Stayed Concrete Bridge

2012  Automatic Delamination Detection of Concrete Bridge Decks Using Impact Signals

2012  Bottom Flange Confinement Reinforcement in Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

2012  Comprehensive Study on Using Externally Bonded FRP Composites for the Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Bridges

2012  Crack Width Calculation Methods of Reinforced Concrete Bridges and Application of Box Girder Bridge

2012  Cracking Risks, Durability, and Life-cycle Costs for RC Bridges Subject to Carbonation-induced Corrosion

2012  Damage Evaluation for Concrete Bridge Deck by Means of Stress Wave Techniques

2012  Evaluation of Application of Lean Principles to Precast Concrete Bridge Beam Production Process

2012  Failure of Reinforced Concrete Bridges in California

2012  High-Performance Concrete Designed to Enhance Durability of Bridge Decks: Oklahoma Experience