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2014  Beneficiation of Natural Zeolite through Flash Calcination for Its Use as a Mineral Admixture in Concrete

2014  Influence of Clinoptilolite Replacement on Durability of Cement Mortars

2014  Investigation of Material Improvements to Mitigate the Effects of the Abrasion Mechanism of Concrete Crosstie Rail Seat Deterioration

2014  Mechanical Property Characterization of Warm-Mix Asphalt Prepared with Chemical Additives

2014  Shear Strength of Chemically Based Self-Consolidating Concrete Beams: Fracture Mechanics Approach versus Modified Compression Field Theory

2014  Strength Prediction of High-Strength Concrete by Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks

2013  Additives for Soil-Cement Stabilization

2013  Effectiveness of Various Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) in Mitigating Autogenous Shrinkage of Cement-based Materials

2013  Effects of Types and Content of Warm-Mix Additives on CRMA

2013  Evaluation of Permeable Friction Course Mixes with Various Binders and Additives

2013  Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Fiber Reinforced Composites with Superhydrophobic Admixtures

2013  Improved Mechanical Properties and Early-Age Shrinkage Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Atomic Polymer Technology

2013  Optimization of Anti-creep Admixtures for Plasterboards

2013  Role of Fly Ash Pozzolanic Reactions in Controlling Fluoride Release from Phosphogypsum

2013  Study of Robustness of Self-Compacting Concretes Made with Low Fines Content

2013  Tube Suction Test for Evaluating Moisture Susceptibility Resulting from Calcium Chloride

2013  The use of Superabsorbent Polymers to Mitigate Shrinkage of Concrete

2013  Utilization of Steel Slag Powder as a Combined Admixture with Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag in Cement Based Materials

2012  Behavior of Superabsorbent Polymers in Calcium- and Sodium-Rich Solutions

2012  Comparison of Rapid Tests for Evaluation of Chloride Resistance of Concretes with Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2012  Effect of Admixed Recycled Aggregate Concrete on Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete

2012  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Curing Conditions on the Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2012  Electro-Strengthening of Highly Organic Soil Using Environmentally Friendly Admixtures

2012  Guidance for Optimizing Admixture Dosage Rates for Cold Weather Admixture Systems

2012  High-Performance Concrete Designed to Enhance Durability of Bridge Decks: Oklahoma Experience

2012  Influence of Warm Mix Additives on PMA Mixture Properties

2012  Price and Performance Comparison of Three Commercially Available Superplasticizers

2012  Simple Procedure for Determining Long-Term Chemical Shrinkage for Cementitious Systems Using Improved Standard Chemical Shrinkage Test

2012  Sustainable Building Design in Cold Regions: High Performance Envelope and Façade-Integrated Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Systems at High Latitudes

2011  Additives Effects on Easy-Compact Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete Performance Research

2011  Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Apparent Activation Energy of Cementitious Systems

2011  Effect of Resin on the Strength of Soil-Cement Mixture

2011  Effective Void Ratio for Assessing the Mechanical Properties of Cement-Clay Admixtures at High Water Content

2011  Effects of a Wax-Based Warm Mix Additive on Cohesive Strengths of Asphalt Binders

2011  Energy-Efficient Approach to Cold-Weather Concreting

2011  Research on the Mechanism of the Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Activated by the Additive

2011  Shrinkage and Fracture Properties of Semiflowable Self-Consolidating Concrete

2011  Swell Mitigation with Granulated Tire Rubber

2010  Effect of Mixing Constituent toward Engineering Properties of POFA Cement-Based Aerated Concrete

2010  Fresh and Hardened Properties of SCC Made with Different Aggregate and Mineral Admixtures

2010  Improvement on SIFCON Performance by Fiber Orientation and High-Volume Mineral Admixtures

2010  Influence of Antistripping Additives on Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures

2010  Influence of Fly Ash on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cement-Admixed Clay at High Water Content

2010  Influence of Mineral Admixture on Early-Age Concrete Cracking

2010  Influence of Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures on Moisture Absorption in Cementitious Materials at Early Ages

2010  Investigations on Pastes and Mortars of Ordinary Portland Cement Admixed with Wollastonite and Microsilica

2010  Optimization of Cement Grouts Containing Silica Fume and Viscosity Modifying Admixture

2010  Prediction on the Permanent Deformation of Wheel Tracking Test through Simple Performance Test

2010  Remediation and Air Void Stability of Hauled Self-Consolidating Concrete

2010  Using Fly Ash, Clay, and Fibers for Simultaneous Improvement of Concrete Green Strength and Consolidatability for Slip-Form Pavement

2009  Evaluation of Water-Repelling Additives for Use in Concrete-Based Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure

2009  Studies on Compatibility between Slipform Paving Cement Concrete and Complex Admixtures

2008  Bond Behavior of Self-Consolidating Concrete with Mineral and Chemical Admixtures

2008  Effect of Corncob, Wheat Straw, and Plane Leaf Ashes as Mineral Admixtures on Concrete Durability

2008  Hydration and Mechanical Properties of Magnesia, Pulverized Fuel Ash, and Portland Cement Blends

2007  Effects of Additives on the Properties of Asphalt Cement

2007  Using the Maturity Method in Concrete Produced with Setting Agents

2006  A Decade of Shotcrete Research at Laval University

2006  Effect of Mixture Consistency on Formwork Pressure Exerted by Highly Flowable Concrete

2006  Fundamental Characteristics of Cement-Admixed Clay in Deep Mixing

2005  Gravel Admixtures for Erosion Protection in Semi-Arid Climates

2005  A ”Toolbox” of Damping Treatments for Concrete Structures

2005  The Use of Chemical Admixtures in Concrete. Part I: Admixture-Cement Compatibility

2004  Fundamental Parameters of Cement-Admixed Clay-New Approach

2004  Migration of Heavy Metals in Saturated Sand and Bentonite/Soil Admixture

2004  Swell Potential of Pulverized Coal Combustion Bottom Ash Amended with Sodium Bentonite

2004  Undrained Shear Behavior of Cement Admixed Clay at High Water Content

2003  Additives and Admixtures in Cement-Based Grouts

2003  Carbonation of Concrete Containing Mineral Admixtures

2003  Complex Dielectric Permittivity of Soil–Organic Mixtures (20 MHz-1.3 GHz)

2003  Correlation of Rheological Properties to Durability and Strength of Hardened Concrete

2003  Effects of Mineral Admixture on Properties of Young Concrete

2003  Experimental Investigations of the Effect of Selected Admixtures on the Resistance of Concrete to Sulfuric Acid Attack

2003  Reuse of Incinerator Fly Ash in Soft Soil Stabilization

2003  Substitution of Fly Ash, Slag, and Chemical Admixtures in Concrete Mix Designs

2002  Carbonation of Concrete Exposed to Hot and Arid Climate

2001  Broader View of Shotcrete Control and Design for Specific Utilization

2001  Calcium Sulfo-Aluminate Based Accelerator for High-Strength Shotcrete in Japan

2001  Early Strength and Physical Properties in Accelerated Shotcrete

2001  Full Factorial Optimization of Concrete Mix Design for Hot Climates

2001  Great Future Seen For Concrete Mixture of Winning Canoe

2001  The New Austrian Guideline on Sprayed Concrete

2001  Physical Method to Increase Shotcrete Early-Age Strength

2001  Strength and Durability of Roller-Compacted HVFA Concrete Pavements

2000  Alkali-Silica Reaction of Concretes with Admixtures of Concrete

2000  Behavior of HP Concrete Bridge Decks in New York

2000  Corrosion Testing of Grout for Posttensioning Ducts and Stay Cables

2000  Stabilisation of Tropical Black Clay with Cement and Pulverised Coal Bottom Ash Admixture

2000  Use of Phosphate Waste as Fillers in Mixtures to Improve Their Resistance to Deformation

2000  Use of Pulverized Fuel Ash in Trench Backfill

1999  A Bone to Pick

1999  Bone-Shaped Wires Strengthen, Toughen Concrete

1999  Concrete Additive Designed to Strengthen Roads

1999  Concrete with Recycled Materials as Coarse Aggregates: Shrinkage and Creep Behaviour

1999  Effect of Astragalus on Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete

1999  Ethylene-Propylene Residual Rubber (EPDM) in Asphalt Concrete

1999  Fracture and Tensile Characteristics of Asphaltic-Rubber Concrete

1999  Implementation of a High Performance Concrete

1999  Performance of Class HP Concrete in Bridge Decks

1999  Rubberized Portland Cement Concrete