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2010  Modeling the Relationship between Capillary Suction Time and Specific Resistance to Filtration

2008  Effects of Sediment Concentration and Initial Phosphorus Loading on Phosphate Adsorption in the Chongqing Reach of the Yangtze River

2008  Sediment Kinematics in Abutment Scour

2008  Time of Concentration Estimated Using Watershed Parameters Determined by Automated and Manual Methods

2007  Analysis of the Vertical Profile of Concentration in Sediment-Laden FLows

2007  Control of Turbidity Currents in Reservoirs by Solid and Permeable Obstacles

2006  Distribution of Methylmercury in a Mercury-Contaminated Ecosystem

2006  Evaluation of Dispersion Coefficients in Meandering Channels from Transient Tracer Tests

2006  Global Behaviors of a Round Buoyant Jet in a Counterflow

2006  Lateral Variations in Suspended Sediment Concentration over Dunes

2006  Quantitative Estimation of Reservoir Sedimentation from Three Typhoon Events

2005  Probabilistic Behavior of Water-Quality Loads

2005  Variability in Suspended-Sediment Concentration over Mobile Sand Beds

2004  Effect of Covers for Soil and Water Conservation using Tilting Flume

2004  Flow Resistance and Suspended Load in Sand-Bed Rivers: Simplified Stratification Model

2004  Influence of Coherent Flow Structures on the Dynamics of Suspended Sediment Transport in Open-Channel Flow

2004  Numerical Model for Sediment Transport over Nonplanar, Nonhomogeneous Surfaces

2004  Sediment Concentration and Its Prediction by Perceptron Kalman Filtering Procedure

2003  Sediment Concentration Distribution of Debris Flow

2002  Fluctuations of Suspended Sediment Concentration and Turbulent Sediment Fluxes in an Open-Channel Flow

2002  Semianalytical Model for Solid Concentration in Turbulent Pipe Flows with Dispersed Particles

2001  2D Unit Sediment Graph Theory

2001  Development of Integrated Sediment Rating Curves Using ANNs

2001  Field Experiments on Temporal Change of Suspended Sediment Concentration and Grain Size Distribution in Surf Zone

2001  Highly-Resolved Large-Eddy Simulation of Sediment Concentration Patterns over a Wavy Bed in the Presence of a Current

2001  Impact of Turbidity Currents on Reservoir Sedimentation

2001  Impacts of Vegetative Practices on Suspended Sediment from Watersheds of Arizona

2001  Model-Data Comparisons of Velocity and Suspended Sediment in a Wave Dominated Environment

2001  Parametrization of Sediment Concentrations and Transport over Sharp Crested Ripples

2001  Sand Transport in Oscillatory Sheet Flow with Mean Current

2001  Sediment Diversion through Irrigation Outlets

2001  Sediment Suspension under Shoaling Waves over Nearly Flat Bed

2001  Sheet Flow and Suspension under Wave Groups in a Large Wave Flume (SISTEX99)

2001  A Study on Sediment Suspensions near a Wave-Fluidized Fine Sandy Seabed

2001  Suspended Sediment Concentration over Ripples

2001  Tidal Variations in Sand Concentrations in the Frisian Inlet

2001  Time Variations of Suspended Sediment Concentration under Irregular Waves

2001  Time-Averaged Distributions of Velocity and Sediment-Concentration under Irregular Waves and Currents

2001  Transport of Fine-Grained Sediments in the Dutch Coastal Zone

2001  Two-Phase Flow Analysis of Concentration Profiles

2001  Vertical Grading of Mixed-Size Grains in Sheetflow Regime under Oscillatory Flow

2001  Vertical Sorting of Graded Sediments by Waves and Currents

2000  Adaptive Control Formulation for Chlorine Residual Maintenance in Water Distribution Systems

2000  Adjustment of Total Suspended Solids Data for Use in Sediment Studies

2000  An Algorithm to Optimize Booster Chlorination in Water Distribution Network

2000  Bed Material Transport Equation for High Suspended Sediment Concentrations

2000  Dissolved Oxygen Measurements for Water Quality in a Harbour Area near Athens, Greece

2000  Empirical Relations for Longitudinal Dispersion in Streams

2000  Lateral and Vertical Total Dissolved Gas Concentrations in the Columbia River

2000  Mathematical Models of Distribution of Sediment Concentration

2000  On the Distribution of Sediments at Channel Bifurcation

2000  Rationalization of Water by Considering the Phenomenon of Diffusion

2000  Review of Models for Flat-bed Sediment-laden Flows

2000  Using Linear Programs to Optimize the Chlorine Concentrations in Water Distribution Networks

1999  Analytical Model for Wave-Related Transport

1999  Chlorine Levels in Water Distribution Networks: From a New Simulation Method to a Control Formulation

1999  Comparison of Concentration Measurements with Well-Sorted and Bimodal Sand

1999  Computations of Curved Free Surface Water Flow on Spiral Concentrators

1999  Directionality of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone under High-Energy Conditions

1999  The Effect of Grading on the Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment

1999  Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

1999  Equilibrium Near-Bed Concentration of Suspended Sediment

1999  Evaluation of Bed Shear, Vertical Mixing and Reference Concentration Formulations

1999  Laboratory Experiments on Suspended Sediment Concentration and Fluxes

1999  Measurement of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Laboratory through Photographic Techniques

1999  Sediment Fluxes above a Mobile Sandy Bed in the Nearshore

1999  Sediment Resuspension under Non-Breaking Waves. Predicting Sediment “Pulses” as a Function of Groupiness

1999  Sediment-Laden Flow in Open-Channels under Noncapacity and Capacity Conditions

1999  Spreading of Turbulent Round Jet in Coflow

1999  Suspended Sediment Concentration Profiles in Wave-Current Flows

1999  Velocity and Concentration Fields in Uniform Flow with Coarse Sands

1999  Vertical Length Scales of Nearshore Suspension Events

1998  Analysis of Infragravity Wave-Driven Sediment Transport on Macrotidal Beaches

1998  Convection and Diffusion of Sediment Under Large Waves

1998  Dynamic Model for Zone Settling and Compression in Gravity Thickeners

1998  Effect of Grain Size Gradation and Reference Concentration on Sediment Transport Beneath Large Waves

1998  Field Observations of Nearshore, Wave–Seabed Interactions

1998  Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport Mechanisms

1998  Initial Settling Rate/Concentration Relationship in Zone Settling

1998  Large-Eddy Computation of Horizontal Fluidized Bed by a New Multiphase LES

1998  Low-Impact Development Hydrologic Analysis and Design

1998  Low-Impact Development Hydrologic Computations Procedures

1998  Overview of Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management

1998  Particulate Matter Roadway Hotspots

1998  Problems in Calibrating Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Models

1998  Simultaneous Observations on Irregular Waves, Currents, Suspended Sediment Concentration and Beach Profile Changes in Large Wave Flume

1998  Small Physical Scale Models for the Study of Mixing in Water Distribution Reservoirs

1998  Surf Zone and Swash Zone Sediment Dynamics on High Energy Beaches: West Auckland, New Zealand

1998  Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

1998  Treatment by Freeze-Thaw of Membrane Concentrates

1997  Analysis of Daily Total Sediment Transport Measurement Data at the Old River Control Area of the Lower Mississippi River Over the Last Six Years (1991-1996)

1997  Aqueous Concentrations Resulting from Oil Spills on Rivers

1997  Assessment of the Optimal Sampling Arrangement Based on Cokriging Estimation Variance Reduction Approach

1997  Concentration Measurements of Buoyant Jets Using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence

1997  Constitutive Equations of Debris Flow and Their Applicability

1997  The Coupled Effects of Subsurface Heterogeneities and Nonequilibrium Sorption Processes on Solute Transport

1997  Dynamics of Debris Flows in the Inertial Regime

1997  Effect of Concentration on Settling Velocity of Sediment Particles

1997  Effect of Horizontal Anisotropy on Head, Flow and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Alluvial Regions

1997  The Effect of Open Dams on Debris Flows