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2015  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2015  New Aspects in Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis

2015  Surveying the Evolution of Computing in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Education

2014  Bilevel Programming Model for Locating Park-and-Ride Facilities

2014  Discrete Pump Scheduling and Leakage Control Using Linear Programming for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Improved Dynamic Programming for Hydropower Reservoir Operation

2014  Innovative Technologies for Storm-Water Management Programs in Small Urbanized Areas

2014  Simulation-Based Inexact Two-Stage Chance-Constraint Quadratic Programming for Sustainable Water Quality Management under Dual Uncertainties

2014  Sustainable Toll Pricing and Capacity Investment in a Congested Road Network: A Goal Programming Approach

2013  A Bi-level Programming Model for Multi-vehicle-type Freeway Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Problem

2013  Computer Program for Multimodel Reliability and Optimization Analysis

2013  Distribution of Materials in Road Earthmoving and Paving: Mathematical Programming Approach

2013  Estimating Maximal Annual Energy Given Heterogeneous Hydropower Generating Units with Application to the Three Gorges System

2013  Extraction of Optimal Operation Rules in an Aquifer-Dam System: Genetic Programming Approach

2013  Integrated 3D Web Application for Structural Analysis Software as a Service

2013  Integrated Land and Water Resources Management Framework for Hirakud Canal Subcommand (India) Using Gray Systems Analysis

2013  Linear Programming Method Considering Topographical Factors Used for Estimating Missing Precipitation

2013  Modeling of Water Quality Parameters Using Data-Driven Models

2013  Optimal Semiactive Control of Elevated Highway Bridges: An Upper Bound on Performance via a Dynamic Programming Approach

2013  Parambikulam-Aliyar Project Operations Optimization with Reliability Constraints

2013  Reservoir Evaporation Prediction Using Data-Driven Techniques

2013  Scheduling Model for Rehabilitation of Distribution Networks Using MINLP

2012  Aggregate Blending via Robust Linear Programming

2012  Application of a Multi-Person and Multi-Objective Decision-Making Model in Groundwater Resources Management

2012  Application of Soft Computing for Prediction of Pavement Condition Index

2012  Based on Multi-Objective Programming Container Multimodal Transportation Research

2012  Boolean Integer Nonlinear Programming for Water Multireservoir Operation

2012  Development of Multiobjective Stochastic Dynamic Programming (MOSDP) Reservoir Operation Model

2012  Eco-Efficiency of Construction Materials: Data Envelopment Analysis

2012  Hybrid Wavelet–Genetic Programming Approach to Optimize ANN Modeling of Rainfall–Runoff Process

2012  Improved Dynamic Programming for Reservoir Operation Optimization with a Concave Objective Function

2012  Incorporating Priority Preferences into Pavement Maintenance Programming

2012  Integer Programming to Optimize Tamping in Railway Tracks as Preventive Maintenance

2012  Limit Analysis of 3D Reinforced Concrete Beam Elements

2012  New Approximation Method for Structural Optimization

2012  Optimal Allocation of Resources for the Maximization of Net Agricultural Return

2012  Optimal Multiasset Maintenance Budget Allocation in Highway Asset Management

2012  Optimization of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System Operation

2012  Optimizing Irrigation Water Allocation and Multicrop Planning Using Discrete PSO Algorithm

2012  Organization-Centered Multi-Agent Systems for Dynamic Highway Maintenance Planning

2012  Sectoral Conjunctive Use Planning for Optimal Cropping under Hydrological Uncertainty

2012  Signal Optimization at Urban Highway Rail Grade Crossings Using an Online Adaptive Priority Strategy

2012  Storm-Water Investment Strategy Evaluation Model for Impaired Urban Watersheds

2012  A Successive Linear Programming Scheme for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Networks

2011  Application of Artificial Intelligence to Estimate Daily Pan Evaporation Using Available and Estimated Climatic Data in the Khozestan Province (South Western Iran)

2011  Bi-Level Programming Model for Congestion Pricing under the Interaction between Private Cars and Public Transport Vehicles

2011  Bi-Level Programming Model of Route Information Guidance Considering Carbon Emissions

2011  Bus Rapid Transit Optimization Network Based on Bi-Level Programming Model

2011  Business Strategy and Capital Allocation Optimization Model for Practitioners

2011  Comparative Analysis of Application of Linear Programming and Dynamic Programming in Supply Chain Policy Decision

2011  Development of Multiobjective Reservoir Operation Model for Flood Control Benefit

2011  Dynamic Programming Methodology for Prioritizing Sewerage Projects

2011  Effectiveness of Ontology-Based Online Exam Platform for Programming Language Education

2011  Fuzzy Parametric Programming Model for Integrated Solid Waste Management under Uncertainty

2011  Integrated Sensor and Media Modeling Environment Developed and Applied to Ground-Penetrating Radar Investigation of Bridge Decks

2011  A Novel Bi-Level Programming Model for Facility Location in Supply Chain Network Design

2011  Optimal Crop Planning and Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater Resources Using Fuzzy Dynamic Programming

2011  Optimization of Project Time-Cost Trade-Off Problem with Discounted Cash Flows

2011  Optimization Research of Maritime Empty Container Repositioning Based on Linear Programming

2011  Reasonable Sequence of Placing-In and Taking-Out of Freight Cars for Branch-Shaped Sidings by Adoption of Dynamic Programming Model

2011  Recursive Algorithm for L1 Norm Estimation in Linear Models

2011  Recursive Design of Pressurized Branched Irrigation Networks

2011  Risk Explicit Interval Linear Programming Model for Uncertainty-Based Nutrient-Reduction Optimization for the Lake Qionghai Watershed

2011  Shipyard Ship Shifting Scheduling Problem with Dynamic Programming Model and Its Five-Point Approach Method

2011  Stop Scheme of Passenger Dedicated Line

2011  A Study of the Programming Method for a Senior Citizen Shuttle Bus Based on the Optimization Theory

2010  A Bi-Level Programming Model for Origin-Destination Estimation Based on FCD

2010  Comparison of Using Mixed-Integer Programming and Genetic Algorithms for Construction Site Facility Layout Planning

2010  CWSNET: An Object-Oriented Toolkit for Water Distribution System Simulations

2010  Evapotranspiration Modeling Using Linear Genetic Programming Technique

2010  Genetic Programming to Predict Bridge Pier Scour

2010  Genetic Programming to Predict River Pipeline Scour

2010  Integrated Optimization of a Dual Quality Water and Wastewater System

2010  Irrigation Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms

2010  Life-Cycle Optimization of Pavement Overlay Systems

2010  Long-Range Facility Planning Based on Dynamic Programming for Optimum Combined Cost and Probability Paths

2010  Modeling Strength of High-Performance Concrete Using an Improved Grammatical Evolution Combined with Macrogenetic Algorithm

2010  Modeling the Time Variation of Reservoir Trap Efficiency

2010  Multiobjective Allocation of Transboundary Water Resources: Case of the Euphrates and Tigris

2010  Network-Level Infrastructure Management Using Approximate Dynamic Programming

2010  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis Software Architecture Using Object Composition

2010  The Open Sourcing of EPANET

2010  Optimizing Capacity-Expansion Planning of Groundwater Supply System between Cost and Subsidence

2010  Programming Styles for an Open Source EPANET Project

2010  REILP Approach for Uncertainty-Based Decision Making in Civil Engineering

2010  RTC of Valves for Leakage Reduction in Water Supply Networks

2010  Single-Stage Integer Programming Model for Long-Term Transit Fleet Resource Allocation

2010  Stackelberg Coordination of Supply Chain Optimization Based on Bilevel Programming

2009  A Bi-Level Programming Model for the Road Network Planning in Economic Circle

2009  Bi-Level Programming Model of Urban Traffic Network Considering Noise Pollution Control

2009  A Bi-Level Programming Model of Urban Transportation Energy Consumption Based on Road Network Capacity

2009  Bi-Level Programming of Regional Logistics System with Elastic Demand Based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

2009  Coupled Genetic Algorithm — Linear Programming Scheme for Least-Cost Pipe Sizing of Water-Distribution Systems

2009  Data Driven Methods to Analyze Wave BUOY Observations

2009  Dynamic Site Layout Planning Using Approximate Dynamic Programming

2009  Evaluation of Urban Passenger Transportation Transfer Hub Based On Combinational Evaluation Model

2009  Graphical 3D Visualization of Highway Bridge Ratings

2009  Intertemporal Planning of Transmission Expansions in Restructured Electricity Markets

2009  Layout Planning Model and Algorithm of Railway Marshalling Station

2009  Mass Rapid Transit Scheme Planning Based on Bi-Level Programming Model