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2015  Scheduling Short-Term Recovery Activities to Maximize Transportation Network Resilience

2013  Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Computer Network Simulation and Analysis of Flow Capacity

2010  Mobile Ad Hoc Network-Enabled Collaboration Framework Supporting Civil Engineering Emergency Response Operations

2008  An Integrated Framework for Enhancing Campus Security

2007  Adoption Patterns of Advanced Information Technologies in the Construction Industries of the United State and Korea

2006  Internet-Enabled Remote Observation and Control of a Shake Table Experiment

2005  NewsBriefs: NSF Grants $1.9 Million For Cybersecurity Research (Syracuse University)

2004  Application of Computer Network Technology (NT) in Transportation Infrastructure Management System (TIMS)

2004  Network Electricity Use Associated with Wireless Personal Digital Assistants

2002  Technology: Finnish Group Forms Linux-Based Open Standard for ‘Smart’ Building Systems

2001  Technology: Computer Network Provides Real-Time Earthquake Data

2001  Viewpoint

2001  Vitri: A Framework for Environmental Decision Support on Heterogeneous Computer Networks

2000  An Actual State and a Prospect of Computer and Network Application for Transferring and Sharing Information Among Participants of Building Construction Viewing from the Job Site in Japan

2000  Assignment Submission Patterns of Students in an Asynchronous Distance Education Course

2000  Building, Maintaining and Repairing Trust in Global AEC Teams

2000  A CAD-System Design for Multiuser Requirements in Civil Engineering Applications

2000  Cerentis Wants Your Downtime

2000  Communication Oriented WebGIS for Collaborative Urban Planning

2000  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering

2000  CONNET Software Center: A Section of the Construction Technology Park

2000  The Construction Industry’s Adoption of the Internet

2000  A Cooperative Architecture Design System via Communication Network

2000  Cooperative Structural Engineering in Distributed Systems

2000  Cybermarketing of the Railway Transportation Enterprise

2000  Design of an Online GIS Viewer by Wavelet Technology

2000  Designing a Web Site

2000  Development of an Internet Failure Information Disseminator for Professors

2000  Development of Road Lifecycle Management System Based on New Information Technology

2000  Development of the PDRI Virtual Users Group on the World Wide Web

2000  Distributed Genetic Algorithm Model on Network of Personal Computers

2000  Educating Engineers: Information Vulnerabilities and Security

2000  Educating Future Constructors Utilizing a Project Specific Web Site

2000  An Effective Method of Utilizing the Internet to Enhance Watershed Management

2000  The Effectiveness of Digital Desk Crits in Design Education

2000  Emerging Technologies for Developing Distributed Database Systems

2000  Empirical Cost Savings Using an Internet-Based Construction Management System

2000  Faster Switches Shave Hours off Design/Build Projects

2000  Framework for Collaborative Structural Analysis Software Development

2000  Group Communication Using Network Technology

2000  How Can Internet Urge on Experts, Stakeholders and Decision Makers to Gain a Common Urban Culture

2000  Implementation Issues in Project Web-Sites: A Practitioner’s Viewpoint

2000  Information Interoperation for Product Models with Engineering Analysis Applications: Two Case Studies

2000  Integration of Internet-GIS with Real-Time Rainfall-Runoff Prediction

2000  Internet Based Interactive Construction Management Learning System

2000  Internet Enabled Structural Opimization: New Dimensions to CAE

2000  Java-Based Regulation Broker

2000  Media Usage: Observations from an Experimental Study of Computer-Mediated Collaborative Design

2000  On Tap: An Interactive Web Site to Facilitate Water Transfer Applications, Approvals, and Education

2000  On the Web

2000  Project Specific Websites to Improve Communication on Jobsites

2000  Project Web Sites

2000  Providing Engineering Software Services with Internet Applications

2000  The Red River Basin Disaster Information Network

2000  Semantic Documentation in Engineering: Content Retrieval by Arbitrary Information

2000  Serving 3D-GIS on the Web for Facilitating Public Involvement in Urban Landscape Evaluation

2000  Sharing Watershed Information through the World Wide Web

2000  A Study on Communication Tool for Urban Disaster Prevention Using Multimedia

2000  Technology-Enhanced Project Management

2000  Urban Community Information System: To Pervade Information Faucets in Metropolitan Areas

2000  Use of Project Specific Web Sites (PSWS) in Construction Education

1999  A/E/C Teamwork: A Collaborative Design and Learning Space

1999  ASCE Buyers Alert: Upgraded Publications Web Site Offers ‘Sweet’ Rewards for Canny Shoppers

1999  ASCE Web Site Can Aid in Responding to Disasters

1999  ASHRAE Protocol Allows Building Control Via Internet

1999  Benchmarking the World Wide Web in Student Collaboration

1999  Building Design Services in a Distributed Architecture

1999  California Cities Bring Permitting On-Line

1999  Casting Their ’Net

1999  Changing the Learning Paradigm Through the STC-Link Electronic Archive

1999  Computer-Aided Facilities Inspection

1999  Digital Imaging in Teaching Structures: A Rigorous Visual Approach

1999  Establishing a World Wide Web Presence

1999  Frameworks for Interaction Support in Distributed Learning Environments

1999  Historical Engineering Collection Gets Boost from Shell Oil

1999  How to Succeed in a World Dominated by Cyberspace

1999  The Internet: Water Resources Project Management for the Next Millennium—Today

1999  Introducing Groupware to Distributed Geomatics Production Environments

1999  Management Digest

1999  On the Web

1999  On the Web

1999  On the Web

1999  On the Web

1999  On the Web

1999  On-Line Chatters Sued

1999  Predicting with Precision

1999  Seasonal Forecasts and Water Management in Arizona: A Case Study of the 1997–98 El Niño Event

1999  Site Seeing

1999  Small Business Bookmarks

1999  While History’s Being Made, Let’s Record It

1998  Accessing Engineering Data with ASP & JavaScript

1998  Apply Internet in Railway Passenger Ticket System

1998  A Benchmark Study of World Wide Web Communications

1998  The Civil Engineering Resource Library

1998  Client/Server Framework for On-Line Building Code Checking

1998  Coastal Wave Data Dissemination Via the Internet

1998  Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Teaching and Engineering

1998  Consensus Building at Superfund Sites Using GIS

1998  Data Mining for Thesaurus Generation in Informal Design Information Retrieval

1998  A Design Application Using JavaScript for the Web Environment