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2015  Computer Simulations Using Pattern Specific Loss Coefficients for Cross Junctions

2015  OpenSees Software Architecture for the Analysis of Structures in Fire

2015  Overview of Innovative Life-Risk Analysis Method for the 2012 California Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

2014  Evaluating Wind Uplift for Exposed Geomembranes Using Computer Modeling

2014  Modeling Concentrations of Air Toxics near Intersections and Freeways in Florida

2014  Predicting Stress and Strain of FRP-Confined Square/Rectangular Columns Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Work Zone Planning in Pavement Rehabilitation: Integrating Cost, Duration, and User Effects

2013  Bioscience and Medical Technology: From the Earth to Space and Back

2013  Error and Uncertainty Analysis of Inexact and Imprecise Computer Models

2013  A Geospatial Relational Data Model for Ingesting GSSHA Computational Models: A Step Toward Two-Dimensional Hydrologic Modeling in the Cloud

2013  Using Water Quality Data From a Water Distribution Lab Model in Calibrating Computer Models

2012  Application of Classification Models and Spatial Clustering Analysis to a Sewage Collection System of a Mid-Sized City

2012  Automated Benchmarking and Monitoring of an Earthmoving Operation’s Carbon Footprint Using Video Cameras and a Greenhouse Gas Estimation Model

2012  Bare Earth LiDAR to Gridded Topography for the Pascagoula River, MS: An Accuracy Assessment

2012  Constructing and Validating Geographically Refined HAZUS-MH4 Hurricane Wind Risk Models: A Machine Learning Approach

2012  Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools

2012  Improving Model Performance Using Season-Based Evaluation

2012  Litigation Outcome Prediction of Differing Site Condition Disputes through Machine Learning Models

2012  Procedure for Predicting Blast Loads Acting on Bridge Columns

2012  Short-Term Reservoir Storage Frequency Relationships

2011  Combinatorial Algorithm for Optimizing Wood Waste in Framing Designs

2011  A Comparison of 2D and 3D Settlement Analyses of the Tower of Pisa

2011  Improving Model Performance Using Dynamic Evaluation and Proper Objective Function

2011  Response of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Subjected to Blast Loads

2011  River Flows for Alternative Conditions of Water Resources Development

2011  Transient Modeling of a Full-Scale Distribution System: Comparison with Field Data

2010  Effect of Input Data on Predicting Plume Location Using MAROS Model

2010  Finite-Element Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Blast-Resistant Window System

2010  Hydraulic Transient Computer Model for San Diego Water Authority

2010  Image-Based Machine Learning for Reduction of User Fatigue in an Interactive Model Calibration System

2010  An Overview of EPANET Version 3.0

2010  Vibration Serviceability of a Building Floor Structure. I: Dynamic Testing and Computer Modeling

2009  Assessment of ASCE-7 Ground Motion Scaling Method Using Computer Model of Instrumented High-Rise Building

2009  Case Study on the Computing Model of the Driving-Into Rate of Service Area

2009  Computer Modeling for the Complex Response Analysis of Nonstandard Structural Dynamics Problems

2009  Data Driven Methods to Analyze Wave BUOY Observations

2009  Enabling More Human-Oriented Exploration of Complex Building Information Models

2009  Integrating Construction Operation and Context in Large-Scale Construction Using Hybrid Computer Simulation

2009  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams. III: Model Application

2009  One-Dimensional Computer Models to Estimate Frost Depth

2009  Optimizing Resource Leveling in Construction Projects

2009  Predictive Uncertainty in Water-Quality Modeling

2009  Research on Attitude Control during Box Culvert Being Pushed within Pipe Roof

2009  Strut-and-Tie Nonlinear Cyclic Analysis of Concrete Frames

2009  Toward a Comprehensive Areal Model of Earthquake-Induced Landslides

2009  Virtual Reconstruction of Medieval Monastery Using Computer-Aided Design Model

2008  American Sedimentation Law and Physical Processes

2008  BIM Not Always Best

2008  Bridge Scour Evaluation

2008  Bridge-Scour Prevention and Countermeasures

2008  Computational Modeling of Moving Boundaries in a 3D Surface Water Model

2008  Computational Modeling of Sedimentation Processes

2008  Computer and Experimental Models of Transient Flow in a Pipe Involving Backflow Preventers

2008  Containment Processes in Sediments

2008  Conversion of Units

2008  Development and Application of Numerical Models of Sediment Transport Associated with Dam Removal

2008  Economic Analysis

2008  Effect of Curing Conditions on the Service Life Design of RC Structures in the Persian Gulf Region

2008  Engineering Geomorphology

2008  Estimating Sediment Discharge

2008  Fine Grained Sediment Transport

2008  Front Matter

2008  Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology

2008  Ice Effects on Sediment Transport in Rivers

2008  Index

2008  Limited Glossary of Selected Terms

2008  Modeling the Evolution of Incised Streams: I. Model Formulation and Validation of Flow and Streambed Evolution Components

2008  Optimum Rainfall Interval and Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for Runoff Simulation

2008  Overview of Sedimentation Engineering

2008  Question of Tension Softening versus Tension Stiffening in Plain and Reinforced Concrete

2008  Reservoir Sedimentation

2008  Riprap Design

2008  River Meandering and Channel Stability

2008  Rock Scour

2008  Sediment Oxygen Demand (SOD) in Rivers, Lakes, and Estuaries

2008  Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics

2008  Sediment Transport Measurements

2008  Sediment Transport Scaling for Physical Models

2008  Sedimentation Engineering, Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice

2008  Sedimentation Hazards

2008  Slow Transient Pressure Driven Modeling in Water Distribution Networks

2008  Special Report: Are Your Ready for BIM?

2008  Special-Purpose Simulation Model for Balanced Cantilever Bridges

2008  Stadium Timing Questioned

2008  Stream Restoration

2008  Streambank Erosion and River Width Adjustment

2008  Transport of Gravel and Sediment Mixtures

2008  Turbulence Models for Sediment Transport Engineering

2008  Two- and Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Mobile-Bed Hydrodynamics and Sedimentation

2008  Version and Configuration Model for Structural Design Objects: Design and Implementation

2008  Vito A. Vanoni (1904-1999): Leader in Sedimentation Engineering

2008  Watershed Sediment Yield

2007  Analysis of Techniques to Limit Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2007  ANSWAPPS: Model for the Analysis of Grass Swale-Perforated Pipe Systems

2007  Chaotic Advection and Enhanced Groundwater Remediation

2007  Computer Modeling for a Generalized Approach to Measure Impact Damage

2007  Constructing a Complex Precast Tilt-Up-Panel Structure Utilizing an Optimization Model, 3D CAD, and Animation

2007  Construction Informatics in European Research: Topics and Agendas

2007  Generic Process Mapping and Simulation Methodology for Integrating Site Layout and Operations Planning in Construction

2007  Hydrology and Nitrogen Components of a Simple Rye Growth Model