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2015  Collaborative Mobile-Cloud Computing for Civil Infrastructure Condition Inspection

2015  Semantic NLP-Based Information Extraction from Construction Regulatory Documents for Automated Compliance Checking

2015  Semiautomated Scaffolding Planning: Development of the Feature Lexicon for Computer Application

2014  INVOLVE: Developing Interactive Workspaces That Impact Communication and Task Performance When Using Virtual Prototypes

2014  Robust Automated Concrete Damage Detection Algorithms for Field Applications

2014  Semantic Text Classification for Supporting Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2014  Stakeholder-Sensitive Social Welfare-Oriented Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Infrastructure Project Development

2013  Automated Real-Time Monitoring System to Measure Shift Production of Tunnel Construction Projects

2013  Computer-Aided Assessment of Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures according to GSA Code

2013  Electronic Commerce Applied in Real Estate

2013  Enhancing Construction As-Built Documentation Using Interactive Voice Response

2013  Interaction Effects of Information Technologies and Best Practices on Construction Project Performance

2013  Large-Scale Asset Renewal Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms plus Segmentation

2013  On The Web (

2013  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Site Elements by Analytically Processing Image Data Contained in Site Photos

2012  An Augmented 3D iPad Mobile Application for Communication, Collaboration, and Learning (CCL) of Building MEP Systems

2012  Building an Emergent Learning Environment for Construction Health and Safety by Merging Serious Games and 4D Planning

2012  The Challenge of Computerizing Building Codes in a BIM Environment

2012  Computer Monitoring in the Grouting Industry

2012  Computing in Civil Engineering

2012  Front Matter

2012  Heuristic Method for Satisfying Both Deadlines and Resource Constraints

2012  i-Con: Geometric Topologies for Semantic Interpretation of Building Components Based on a Semiotic Framework

2012  Incorporation of Computer Simulations into Teaching Linear Scheduling Techniques

2012  Index

2012  Machine Learning Approaches for Error Correction of Hydraulic Simulation Models for Canal Flow Schemes

2012  NewsBriefs: App Allows Waterway Health Check (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

2012  NewsBriefs: Novel Passenger Assistance Is Now At U.S. Airports (Global Post and The Blaze)

2012  NewsBriefs: Researchers Plan to Use Babbage Blueprints to Build Computer (The New York Times)

2012  A Novel Method for Non Intrusive Load Monitoring of Lighting Systems in Commercial Buildings

2012  Resource-Constrained Critical Path Scheduling by a GRASP-Based Hyperheuristic

2012  SASSI Analytical Methods Compared with SHAKE Results

2012  Seismic Spectra and Response Analysis for Raised Access Floor and Computer Equipment Systems Considering Vertical Ground Motions

2012  A Serious Game for Learning Sustainable Design and LEED Concepts

2012  Ten Years of Computer Monitoring and Beyond

2012  Testing of Depth-Encoded Hough Voting for Infrastructure Object Detection

2012  Use of BIM for Effective Visualization Teaching Approach in Construction Education

2011  Analytical Approach to Augmenting Site Photos with 3D Graphics of Underground Infrastructure in Construction Engineering Applications

2011  An Approach for Occlusion Detection in Construction Site Point Cloud Data

2011  Back Matter

2011  Computing in Civil Engineering

2011  Development of a Computer Program for Airport Runway Location, Orientation, and Length Design in Iraq

2011  Drawing and Modeling: Analog Tools in the Age of BIM

2011  Effects of Color, Distance, and Incident Angle on Quality of 3D Point Clouds

2011  Efficient Approach to Compute Generalized Interdependent Effects between Infrastructure Systems

2011  Front Matter

2011  High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures: Database-Assisted Design for Wind

2011  Incorporating Social Behaviors in Egress Simulation

2011  Localizing and Designing Computer-Based Safety Training Solutions for Hispanic Construction Workers

2011  NewsBriefs: Simulator to Mimic Everything on Earth, Help Solve Problems (DailyTech)

2011  Optical Fish Trajectory Measurement in Fishways through Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks

2011  VDC and the Engineering Continuum

2010  Automated Code Compliance Checking for Building Envelope Design

2010  Automatic Extraction of Apparent Semantic Structure from Text Contents of a Structural Calculation Document

2010  Computer Vision-Based Video Interpretation Model for Automated Productivity Analysis of Construction Operations

2010  Concept Relation Extraction from Construction Documents Using Natural Language Processing

2010  A Decision Support System for Integrating Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Condition-Based Maintenance

2010  From the Editorial Board

2010  NewsBriefs: Computer Program May Lead to Driverless Cars

2010  NewsBriefs: Computer Time Donations Lead To Discovery of Orphan Pulsar (Wired)

2010  A Radical Rethink in Educating Engineering Students

2010  Research on the Optimum Burden Mathematical Model and Computer Application for Regenerated Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber

2010  Structures Congress 2010, 19th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference

2010  Using Inversion to Improve Prediction in Geoenvironmental Engineering

2009  An Analysis of Usability Tests on Contractors’ Data Interaction Patterns with Project Histories

2009  Automated Generation of Operations Level Construction Animations in Outdoor Augmented Reality

2009  BIM’s Impact on the Success Measures of Construction Projects

2009  Computer-Aided Error Detection of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment in Highway Construction

2009  Computer-Aided System for Managing, Controlling, and Analyzing Data from Hydroelectric Plants

2009  Computing in Civil Engineering

2009  Developing Best Practices for Computer Aided Dispute Resolution

2009  Does Collaborative Modeling Lead to Better Management of Our Water Resources?

2009  First Person: The Promise of Virtual Design

2009  NewsBriefs: New Video Game Lets Players Explore Engineering Fundamentals

2009  Stream Sockets versus Web Services for High-Performance and Secure Structural Analysis in Internet Environments

2009  Use of Soft Computing Applications to Model Pervious Concrete Pavement Condition in Cold Climates

2009  Virtual Design Is No Magic Bullet

2008  Agent-Based Construction Supply Chain Simulator (CS²) for Measuring the Value of Real-Time Information Sharing in Construction

2008  Areas of Application for 3D and 4D Models on Construction Projects

2008  BIM Not Always Best

2008  Comparative Studies of IMRF and SMRF

2008  Computer Applications in Intelligent Compaction

2008  Computer-Aided Model Generation for Nonlinear STructural Analysis Using a Structural Component Model Database

2008  Construction Process Reengineering by Integrating Lean Principles and Computer Simulation Techniques

2008  Delay Analysis under Multiple Baseline Updates

2008  The Design of Automatic Sorting System of Tobacco Based On Fieldbus

2008  Development of IFC Modeling Extension for Supporting Drawing Information Exchange in the Model-Based Construction Environment

2008  Efficient Repetitive Scheduling for High-Rise Construction

2008  Impact of Information Technologies on Performance: Cross Study Comparison

2008  The New Editors and Their Plans for the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering

2008  Numerical Simulation of Contraction Scour in an Open Laboratory Channel

2008  Special Report: Are Your Ready for BIM?

2008  Stadium Timing Questioned

2008  System of Multiple ANNs for Online Planning of Numerous Building Improvements

2008  Version and Configuration Model for Structural Design Objects: Design and Implementation

2008  Virtual Reality Learning System for Digital Terrain Model Surveying Practice

2007  Adoption Patterns of Advanced Information Technologies in the Construction Industries of the United State and Korea

2007  Application of Peer-to-Peer Network for Real-Time Online Collaborative Computer-Aided Design

2007  Computer Applications In Geotechnical Engineering

2007  Computer-Aided Healthcare Facility Management