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2015  Hybrid Discrete Event Simulation and Virtual Reality Experimental Setup for Construction Management Research

2013  Computational Framework Incorporating Human Behaviors for Egress Simulations

2013  Dynamic Feasibility Analysis of the Housing Supply Strategies in a Recession: Korean Housing Market

2013  Error and Uncertainty Analysis of Inexact and Imprecise Computer Models

2013  Heuristic Solution Strategy for the Sequential Ballast Water Exchange Problem

2013  Multiagent System to Simulate Risk-Allocation and Cost-Sharing Processes in Construction Projects

2013  Special Section on 2011 International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering

2013  Stabilizing Production Flow of Interior and Finishing Works with Reentrant Flow in Building Construction

2010  Integrating Vegetation Role in Computer Simulation for Slope Stability: The Case Study of a Railway Embankment

2010  Modeling Microtunneling Projects using Computer Simulation

2009  Bioinspired Computational Framework for Enhancing Creativity, Optimality, and Robustness in Design

2009  Case Study: Planar Kinematics of Dragline for Efficient Machine Control

2009  Cross-Well Radar. I: Experimental Simulation of Cross-Well Tomography and Validation

2009  Cross-Well Radar. II: Comparison and Experimental Validation of Modeling Channel Transfer Function

2009  Graphical 3D Visualization of Highway Bridge Ratings

2009  Influence Model of Transportation between Central Cities and Satellite Cities to Urban Spatial Expansion

2009  Negotiation Support for Cooperative Allication of a Shared Water Resource: Application

2009  Negotiation Support for Cooperative Allocation of a Shared Water Resource: Methodology

2009  Online Hydraulic State Prediction for Water Distribution Systems

2009  Role of Computer Simulation in Mitigating Natural Catastrophic Risks

2009  Simulation Approach to Evaluating Cost Efficiency of Selective Demolition Practices: Case of Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport Demolition

2009  Simulation-Based Investigation on High-Occupancy Toll Lane Operations for Washington State Route 167

2009  Visualization of Construction Progress Monitoring with 4D Simulation Model Overlaid on Time-Lapsed Photographs

2009  Wireless Communication Based Computer Simulator to Assess the Operational Scenarios for the PRT Systems

2008  Automated Generation of Construction Plans from Primitive Geometries

2008  Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models: Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999) Hindcast

2008  Development of Bridge Rating Applications Using OpenSees and Tcl

2008  Engineering Perspective of the Collapse of WTC-I

2008  Evaluating the Sensitivity of Attic Radiant Barrier Performance to Climate Parameters

2008  Materials Handling System Simulation in Precast Viaduct Construction: Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation

2008  Nodal Failure Index Approach to Groundwater Remediation Design

2008  Numerical Study on the Existence of the Venturi Effect in Passages between Perpendicular Buildings

2008  Optimization of Production Scheduling in Container Terminals Using Computer Simulation

2008  Relative Impact on GAC Usage Rates of Operating Strategies for Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

2008  Special-Purpose Simulation Model for Balanced Cantilever Bridges

2007  Control of Turbidity Currents in Reservoirs by Solid and Permeable Obstacles

2007  Costs and Benefits of Home-Based Telecommuting: A Monte Carlo Simulation Model Incorporating Telecommuter, Employer, and Public Sector Perspectives

2007  Generic Process Mapping and Simulation Methodology for Integrating Site Layout and Operations Planning in Construction

2007  Karhunen — Loéve Expansion of Stochastic Processes with a Modified Exponential Covariance Kernel

2007  LEAPCON: Simulation of Lean Construction of High-Rise Apartment Buildings

2007  Percolation of ITZs in Concrete and Effects of Attributing Factors

2007  Storm Surge Simulations for Hurricane Hugo (1989): On the Significance of Inundation Areas

2006  Application Framework for Mapping and Simulation of Waste Handling Processes in Construction

2006  Criteria for a Steady-State Initialization in a Large-Scale Railroad Network Simulation

2006  Educational Architecture-Oriented Software Linking Conceptual Design and Solar Intensity

2006  Effects of Traffic Characteristics and Mounting Location on the Visibility of On-Premise Commercial Signs

2006  Implementing a B2B e-Work System to the Approval Process of Rebar Design and Estimation

2006  Issues and Solutions to Macroscopic Traffic Dispersion Modeling

2006  Procedures for Calibrating TRANSYT Platoon Dispersion Model

2006  Residential Construction Lot Grading Approval Process Optimization: Case Study of City of Edmonton

2006  Study of the Effect of Heterogenety of Traffic on Intercity Roadways Using Computer Simulation

2005  Computer Simulation Model: Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies

2005  Evolutionary Design of Steel Structures in Tall Buildings

2005  Forward Modeling of Steady-State Surface Wave Test

2005  Framework for Building Intelligent Simulation Models of Construction Operations

2005  Synthetic Tropical Cyclone Database

2004  Capturing Safety Knowledge using Design-for-Safety-Process Tool

2004  Computer Simulation of Recycled Content Guardrail Post Impacts

2004  Finite Element Analysis Simulation of Airport Approach Lighting Towers

2004  Simulation of Earthquake Liquefaction Response on Parallel Computers

2003  Discharge Formulas of Crump-De Gruyter Gate-Weir for Computer Simulation

2002  An Algorithm for Improving 2-D and 3-D Spherical Element Behavior during Formation of Muck Piles Resulting from Rock Blasting

2002  Box-Beam Bursting Energy Absorbing Terminal

2002  Discrete Element Modeling for the Development of a Real-Time Soil Model in a Virtual Reality Environment

2002  Optimization of a Class of Transportation Problems Using Genetic Algorithms

2002  Technology: Research Will Enhance Urban Simulation Software

2002  Unified Modeling Methodology for Construction Simulation

2001  Earthquake Engineering: Research Center to Bolster Capabilities

2001  VIRCON: Interactive System for Teaching Construction Management

2001  Volumetric Study of Reflected Glare from Glass Curtain Walls of Buildings

2000  Activity Based Construction (ABC) Simulation Modeling vs. Critical Path Method (CPM)

2000  Augmented Reality: An Application for Architecture

2000  Bilevel Fuzzy Control for Traffic Intersections in the Arterial Road

2000  Computer Simulation for Reinforced Concrete Structures Demolished by Controlled Explosion

2000  Computer Simulation of Earthquake Effects

2000  A Computer Simulation of the Construction of the Alamillo Bridge in Seville, Spain

2000  A Computer-Aided Study of Cartesian and Photogrammetry Modeling of Paper Architecture

2000  Evaluation of Dynamic Site Response and Deformation of Instrumented Site: Kobe

2000  Headway and Carrying Capacity of Railway Moving Block System

2000  Investigating Erosion of Cohesive Riverbeds Using Coupled Finite Element Hydrologic and Stress-Deformation Modelling

2000  Microtunneling: Productivity Analysis Using Simulation

2000  New Construction Management Practice Based on the Virtual Reality Technology

2000  Numerical Simulation of Liquefaction-Induced Deformations

2000  Parallel Computing in Water Network Analysis and Leakage Minimization

2000  Reality in Virtual Construction Using Virtual-CAD (VCAD)

2000  Resource-Interacted Simulation Modeling in Construction

2000  Simplifying Simulation Modeling through Integration with 3D CAD

2000  Simulation of Temperature and Stress Fields during RCC Dam Construction

2000  Simulation System of Technological Process at Marshalling Station

2000  Simulation System of Train and Shunting Operation

2000  Study on the Urban Traffic of Level Crossing by Computer Simulation

2000  Train Working Diagram System of High- and Middle-Speed Train on JingHu High-Speed Railway Line

2000  VR for Precast Concrete Constructability Analysis

1999  Airport Modeling and Simulation: An Overview

1999  Aspects of a Computer-Simulation Approach to the Design of HSC

1999  Computer Simulation of River Channel Changes at a Bridge Crossing on a Point Bar

1999  Conducting a Virtual Flood for Devils Lake, North Dakota

1999  Modeling Indoor and Outdoor Residential Water Use as the Superposition of Two Poisson Rectangular Pulse Processes

1999  Near-Source Effects and the Isolation Provisions of the 1997 United Building Code

1999  NileSim: A Windows-Based Hydrologic Simulator of the Nile River Basin