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2014  Automated Generation of User Activity-Space Pairs in Space-Use Analysis

2014  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2014  CAD-Centric Attribution Methodology for Multidisciplinary Optimization Environments: Enabling Parametric Attribution for Efficient Design Space Formulation and Evaluation

2014  Computer-Aided Design of Railroad Horizontal Arc Areas in Adapting to Satellite Measurements

2014  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (2014)

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Electrical Construction Industry

2013  Development of Improved 4D CAD System for Horizontal Works in Civil Engineering Projects

2013  Performance-Driven Measurement System Design for Structural Identification

2012  BIM Approach for Automated Drafting and Design for Modular Construction Manufacturing

2012  CAD/CAE in a Complex Structural Reinforced Concrete Design: Case Study of a Cathedral

2012  Flying Voxel Method with Delaunay Triangulation Criterion for Façade/Feature Detection for Computation

2012  Model-Based Groupware Solution for Distributed Real-Time Collaborative 4D Planning through Teamwork

2012  Modeling of User Design Preferences in Multiobjective Optimization of Roof Trusses

2012  Use of BIM for Effective Visualization Teaching Approach in Construction Education

2011  3D/4D CAD Applicability for Life-Cycle Facility Management

2011  Applicability of 4D CAD in Civil Engineering Construction: Case Study of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Project

2011  Computational Simulation of Mechanized Tunneling as Part of an Integrated Decision Support Platform

2011  Computer-Aided Design System of Operation Organization: Urban Rail Transit

2011  Evaluation of the Development of Student Skills in Visual and Computer-Aided Structural Modeling in Architecture

2011  Integrated Sequential As-Built and As-Planned Representation with D4 AR Tools in Support of Decision-Making Tasks in the AEC/FM Industry

2011  Teaching Design Optioneering: A Method for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

2010  Automated Finite-Element-Based Validation of Structures Designed by the Strut-and-Tie Method

2010  Design of Tall Formworks by a Finite-Element Model

2010  Innovation Diffusion Modeling in the Construction Industry

2010  Interaction of Lean and Building Information Modeling in Construction

2010  Object Recognition in Construction-Site Images Using 3D CAD-Based Filtering

2009  Automated Recognition of 3D CAD Objects in Site Laser Scans for Project 3D Status Visualization and Performance Control

2009  Computer Aided Railway Yard Design

2009  Computer-Aided Subdivision on Chart Sheet

2009  First Person: The Promise of Virtual Design

2009  Modified Harmony Search Algorithm and Neural Networks for Concrete Mix Proportion Design

2009  Paradigm Trajectories of Building Information Modeling Practice in Project Networks

2009  Stream Sockets versus Web Services for High-Performance and Secure Structural Analysis in Internet Environments

2009  Virtual Design Is No Magic Bullet

2009  Virtual Reconstruction of Medieval Monastery Using Computer-Aided Design Model

2009  Visualization of Work Flow to Support Lean Construction

2008  Areas of Application for 3D and 4D Models on Construction Projects

2008  Developing a Computer Assisted Multi-Disciplinary Decision Making Platform

2008  RFID + 4D CAD for Progress Management of Structural Steel Works in High-Rise Buildings

2008  Timber Engineered for C21 Architecture

2008  Version and Configuration Model for Structural Design Objects: Design and Implementation

2007  Application of Peer-to-Peer Network for Real-Time Online Collaborative Computer-Aided Design

2007  Concept for Type-Local Instance — Global Instance Object Modeling and Application to Structural Design of Buildings

2007  Construction Informatics in European Research: Topics and Agendas

2007  Sketching Finite-Element Models within a Unified Two-Dimensional Framework

2007  Supporting Collaboration, in Colocated 3D Visualization, through the Use of Remote Personal Interfaces

2006  Computer Representation to Support Conceptual Structural Design within a Building Architectural Context

2006  Computer-Aided Site Layout Planning

2006  Membrane-Based Forms for Innovative FRP Bridge Systems through Structural Optimization

2006  Potential of Augmented Reality as an Assistant Viewer for Computer-Aided Drawing

2005  Automation: From Bridge Design to Contract Drawings

2005  Computer-Assisted Design of Diversion Weirs

2005  Diffusion of Computer Aided Design Technology in Architectural Design Practice

2005  Electronically Enhanced Traditional Structural Steel Beam Design using Electronic Design Charts

2005  Mixed Reality-Based Visualization Interfaces for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry

2005  Modeling Objects and Interfaces in Building Information Modeling

2005  Visual Knowledge Specification for Conceptual Design

2004  Evaluation of Economic Impact of Three-Dimensional Modeling in Precast Concrete Engineering

2004  Global Optimization of Combined Region Aggregation and Leveling Model

2004  Improved CAD Application for Low Speed Vehicle Turn Simulations

2004  Integrated Civil Engineering Curriculum: Five-Year Review

2004  Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design

2004  Rules Of Thumb For Steel Design

2004  A Software System for Integrated Design and Construction Planning of Steel Frame Structures

2004  Waters Toolbox

2003  Computational Intelligence and Civil Engineering—Perceived Problems and Possible Solutions

2003  Design of Highway Bridges: Natural Place for CBR

2003  FIAPP-Based System for Architectural Project Planning

2003  Framework for a Point-N-Click Interface System for 3D CAD Construction Visualization and Documentation

2003  Incremental Virtual Prototyping as an IT Tool for CE Projects

2003  Integrated Computer-Based Approach for Conceptual Structural Design

2003  IT for Design - A European Perspective

2003  Semantic Tool Support for Conceptual Design

2002  Computer Aided Optimum Design of Structures VII by S. Hernández and C. A. Brebbia

2002  Evolutionary Computation in Design

2002  Integrating Conceptual Structural Design with Early Architecture

2002  Method for Conceptual Design Applied to Office Buildings

2001  CAST (Computer Aided Strut-and-Tie) Design Tool

2001  Computer-Generated Building Data: Topological Information

2001  Group Releases New CAD Standard

2001  Standards Usage Language (SUL)

2001  Technology: In-House Software Manipulated for Innovative Design Needs

2000  4D CAD — Construction Industry Perspective

2000  Application of 4-D CAD in the Construction Workplace

2000  Architectural Design and Structure of Computer-Generated Arch with Fractal Geometric Form

2000  Autodesk Unveils PalmPC Program

2000  An Automated Building Design System with Topological Information

2000  Beyond Sphereland: 4D-CAD in Construction Communications

2000  A CAD Program for Tall Buildings: SATWE

2000  A CAD-System Design for Multiuser Requirements in Civil Engineering Applications

2000  Comparison of Measured and Computed Stresses in Steel Curved Girder Bridge

2000  A Computer-Aided Study of Cartesian and Photogrammetry Modeling of Paper Architecture

2000  The Computer-Aided Visualization of Curtain Wall Reflection Glare

2000  Construction Management Pull for 4D CAD

2000  Construction Project Claims Presentation Through Multimedia 3-D Graphics

2000  Design Automation in Civil Engineering

2000  Design for Construction Utilizing a Virtual Environment

2000  The Design of Hollowcore Slabs

2000  Designing the Virtual Building

2000  The Development of Modes in Textual Design Data