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2014  Application of Multimodal Optimization for Uncertainty Estimation of Computationally Expensive Hydrologic Models

2014  Automated Generation of User Activity-Space Pairs in Space-Use Analysis

2014  Building Information Modeling Steered by Evolutionary Computing

2014  Computation of Suspended Sediment Discharge in Open Channels by Combining Tsallis Entropy-Based Methods and Empirical Formulas

2014  Computational Modeling of Steel Stud Wall Systems for Applications to Blast-Resistant Design

2014  Computed Tomography Scanning for Quantifying Chipseal Material Volumetrics

2014  Context-Aware Framework for Highway Bridge Inspections

2014  Development and Implementation of a Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Using Acoustic Emission Data

2014  Efficient Method for Moore-Penrose Inverse Problems Involving Symmetric Structures Based on Group Theory

2014  Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Structures with Local Modifications. I: Time Domain Responses

2014  Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Structures with Local Modifications. II: Transfer Functions and Spectral Densities

2014  Ensemble Methods for Binary Classifications of Airborne LIDAR Data

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2014  Fully Nonlinear versus Equivalent Linear Computation Method for Seismic Analysis of Midrise Buildings on Soft Soils

2014  Hand-Calculated Procedure for Rigidity Computation of Shear Walls with Openings

2014  Impacts of Elevation Data Spatial Resolution on Two-Dimensional Dam Break Flood Simulation and Consequence Assessment

2014  Maximizing the Computational Efficiency of Temporary Housing Decision Support Following Disasters

2014  N-1 Reliable Unit Commitment via Progressive Hedging

2014  Optimal Operation of Large-Scale Cascaded Hydropower Systems in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

2014  Query Performance of the IFC Model Server Using an Object-Relational Database Approach and a Traditional Relational Database Approach

2014  Simplified Method for Calculating Active Earth Pressure on Rigid Retaining Walls Considering the Arching Effect under Translational Mode

2013  Advancing Optimization of Hybrid Housing Development Plans Following Disasters: Achieving Computational Robustness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

2013  Analysis of the Factors Affecting Freight Transportation Energy Consumption Based on LMDI

2013  Area Computation of the Operation Section in Logistics Park

2013  Calculating the Capacity of Automated Transit Network Systems

2013  Carbon Footprint Estimation Tool for Transportation Construction Projects

2013  Cloud Computing in Urban Flood Disaster Management

2013  Comparison of Three Methods for Computing Response Spectra of Torsional Ground Motions

2013  Computation of Ships’ Holding Power of Anchoring and Safety Analysis

2013  Computational Framework Incorporating Human Behaviors for Egress Simulations

2013  Computational GIS and Agent-Based Model Development for Routing Optimization to Facilitate Pavement Condition Data Collection

2013  Computational Methods for Laminated Glass

2013  Computational Modeling and Experimental Microwave Processing of JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Computational Modeling of Glass Panels for Mitigating the Injuries Due to Air Blast

2013  Computational-Based Approach to Estimating Travel Demand in Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models

2013  Computationally Efficient Control Design for a Smart Structure with Uncertainty

2013  Computing a Displacement Distance Equivalent to Optimize Plans for Postdisaster Temporary Housing Projects

2013  Computing Geometric and Mass Properties of Culturally Important Statues for Rigid Body Rocking

2013  Computing in Civil Engineering (2013)

2013  Correction of the EPANET Inaccuracy in Computing the Efficiency of Variable Speed Pumps

2013  Cost Constitution and Parameter Analysis of Bridge Engineering Computation Period by Considering Concerns of Decision Makers

2013  Current Status of BIM Benefits, Challenges, and the Future Potential for the Structural Discipline

2013  Efficient Analysis and Optimization of Reconstruction Plans for Damaged Transportation Networks Following Disasters

2013  Evaluation of Aeration Efficiency over Broad-Crested Stepped Spillways Using an Intelligent Computational Approach

2013  Evaluation of Computational Tools for Performing Nonlinear Seismic Analyses of Structural Collapse

2013  Evaluation of the Position and Orientation of (Semi-) Passive RFID Tags for the Potential Application in Ground Worker Proximity Detection and Alert Devices in Safer Construction Equipment Operation

2013  Fast Numerical Computation of Effective Elastic Moduli of Porous Materials

2013  Finding All-Pairs Shortest Path for a Large-Scale Transportation Network Using Parallel Floyd-Warshall and Parallel Dijkstra Algorithms

2013  A Framework of the Civil Engineering CAD Experimental Platform Based on Cloud Computing

2013  Front Matter

2013  Fully Automated As-Built 3D Pipeline Segmentation Based on Curvature Computation from Laser-Scanned Data

2013  Fully Coupled Computational Simulations of Pile Foundations in Improved and Unimproved Soft Clays

2013  A Geospatial Relational Data Model for Ingesting GSSHA Computational Models: A Step Toward Two-Dimensional Hydrologic Modeling in the Cloud

2013  Granular Element Method for Computational Particle Mechanics

2013  High-Speed, Efficient, and Reliable Air-Breathing Hypersonic Propulsion: Experiment, Computation, and Analysis

2013  Hybrid Finite Analytic Solution for Computation of Spacing between Drains in Sloping Lands

2013  Methods in Computational Inverse Mechanics for the Advancement of Smart Structure Technologies

2013  Noniterative Datum Transformation Revisited with Two-Dimensional Affine Model as a Case Study

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Response and Parametric Examination of Horizontally Curved Steel Bridges Using 3D Computational Models

2013  Pile-Group Response to Large Soil Displacements and Liquefaction: Centrifuge Experiments versus a Physically Simplified Analysis

2013  Rapid Reservoir Storage-Based Benefit Calculations

2013  Simplified Procedure to Calculate by Hand the Natural Periods of Semirigid Steel Frames

2013  SketchIT: A Sketch-Based Modeling Environment for Structural Analysis

2013  Strengthening of Parallel Computation Performance of Integrated Earthquake Simulation

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Time-Domain Computation of the Seismoelectric Field Generated by a Slipping Fault

2013  Time-Dependent Response of Spatially Curved Steel-Concrete Composite Members. I: Computational Modeling

2012  20th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference

2012  Advanced Computational Modeling in Multidisciplinary Design

2012  Application of Soft Computing for Prediction of Pavement Condition Index

2012  Cloud Computing for High Performance Optimization of Water Distribution Systems

2012  Comparison of Traffic Information’s Effectiveness Based on Cell Transmission Model

2012  Comparisons of the Computed and Measured Behavior of Curved Steel I-Girders during Lifting

2012  Computation Method for Fatigue Strain in a Long-span Steel Bridge Asphalt Pavement by Using the Three-hierarchy Structure

2012  Computation of Probability Distribution of Strength of Quasibrittle Structures Failing at Macrocrack Initiation

2012  Computational Methods Applied to Some Diverse Topics in Marine Engineering

2012  Computational Modeling of Baffled Disinfection Tanks

2012  Computational Plasticity for Geotechnical Applications

2012  Computational Procedures Used for Radial Gate Calibration in WinGate

2012  Computationally Implicit Hydraulics for Real-Time Combined Sewer Overflow Modeling and Decision Support

2012  Contributions of RUSLE2 to TMDL Development

2012  Daily Evapotranspiration Modeling from Limited Weather Data by Using Neuro-Fuzzy Computing Technique

2012  Damping Capacity of Styrene-Butadiene Latex Admixed Concrete: A Micromechanical Study

2012  Development of Computational Tools for Large Scale Wind Simulations

2012  Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations Using Random Field Theory in Comparison to Classic Methods

2012  Evapotranspiration Network Design: Implementation Plan Development

2012  Evolutionary Computation for Simulating Reservoir Release Rates of Lake Shelbyville and Carlyle Lake

2012  False Negative/Positive Issues in Contaminant Source Identification for Water-Distribution Systems

2012  A Fast-Running Tool to Characterize Shock Damage on Enclosed Structures

2012  Finite Element Computations of Yield Vertex Non-Coaxial Models

2012  Flying Voxel Method with Delaunay Triangulation Criterion for Façade/Feature Detection for Computation

2012  Front Matter

2012  Improved Subset Simulation for the SLS Analysis of Two Neighboring Strip Footings Resting on a Spatially Random Soil

2012  Improving Parallel Substructuring Efficiency by Using a Multilevel Approach

2012  Integrating the Science of Computing into Undergraduate Engineering Curricula

2012  Multiobjective Evolutionary Computation Approach for Redesigning Water Distribution Systems to Provide Fire Flows

2012  NIST Advances in Computer-Aided and Computational Methods in Wind Engineering

2012  Optimization-Based Strong Coupling Procedure for Partitioned Analysis

2012  Parallel Computing Platform for Multiobjective Simulation Optimization of Bridge Maintenance Planning

2012  A Practical Approach to Optimum Biaxial Column Design and Detailing Using Evolutionary Computing

2012  Reduced-Order Modeling of Three-Dimensional External Aerodynamic Flows