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2015  Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Traditional Adobe Wall Panels of the Aveiro District

2014  Bounding Surface Model for Rockfill Materials Dependent on Density and Pressure under Triaxial Stress Conditions

2014  Strength and Deformation of Rockfill Material Based on Large-Scale Triaxial Compression Tests. I: Influences of Density and Pressure

2014  Viscoelastic Behavior of Silica Particle Compacts under Dynamic Compression

2013  Buckling Behavior of Sinusoidal Web for Composite Wood I-Joist with Elastically Restrained Loaded Edges under Compression

2013  Compression Behavior and Material Parameters of Radiata Pine at Different Orientations to the Grain

2013  Effects of Principal Stress Directions and Mean Normal Stress on Failure Criterion for Cross-Anisotropic Sand

2013  Stiffness Nonlinearities of SCP-inserted Clay Specimens with Various Replacement Ratios in Triaxial Compression Tests

2013  Uniaxial Compression Tests on Diesel-Contaminated Frozen Silty-Soil Specimens

2012  Determination of c and φ from IDT and Unconfined Compression Testing and Numerical Analysis

2012  Triaxial Compression Testing of Microfine Cement Grouted Sands

2011  Assessment of Permanent Deformation Behavior of Asphalt Concrete by Improved Triaxial Cyclic Compression Testing

2011  Diagonal Compression Testing of FRP-Retrofitted Unreinforced Clay Brick Masonry Wallettes

2011  Discrete Element Modeling of Constant Strain Rate Compression Tests on Idealized Asphalt Mixture

2011  Large Scale Constrained Modulus Test: Constrained Modulus of Crushed Rock Test Results

2011  Opposing Theories and the Buckling Strength of Unequal-Leg Angle Columns

2011  Study on the Heterogeneity of Concrete and Its Failure Behavior Using the Equivalent Probabilistic Model

2011  Variables Governing Strength of Compacted Soil–Fly Ash–Lime Mixtures

2010  Characterization of Cementitiously Stabilized Granular Materials for Pavement Design Using Unconfined Compression and IDT Testings with Internal Displacement Measurements

2010  Constitutive Models for Tuff Masonry under Uniaxial Compression

2010  Discrete Element Modeling of Strength Properties of Johnson Space Center (JSC-1A) Lunar Regolith Simulant

2010  Experimental Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of Stabilized Dredged Soil

2010  Experimental Study and Theoretical Models on Compressive Properties of Ultrahigh Toughness Cementitious Composites

2010  Local Deformation of Compacted Soil in Triaxial Compression Tests Using PIV Analysis

2010  Strain Softening and Instability of Loose Sand in Plane-Strain Compression Tests

2009  Assessment of Rock Strength by Texas Cone Penetrometer and Uniaxial Compression Tests

2009  Fundamental Parameters for the Stiffness and Strength Control of Artificially Cemented Sand

2009  Key Parameters for the Strength Control of Lime Stabilized Soils

2009  Membrane Effects in Biaxial Compression Tests

2009  Time-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of a Granular Medium Used in Laboratory Investigations

2008  Electrical Resistivity, Pulse Velocity, and Compressive Properties of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Cement Mortar

2008  Stress-Strain Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Compression

2007  Compression Tests on a Sandy Silt at Different Suction and Temperature Levels

2007  Key Parameters for Strength Control of Artificially Cemented Soils

2007  Modeling Cross Anisotropy in Granular Materials

2006  Computerized Tomography Examination of Damage Tests on Rocks under Triaxial Compression

2006  Experimental Evaluation of Compressive Behavior of Orthotropic Steel Plates for the New San Francisco — Oakland Bay Bridge

2006  Image Analysis of Red Sandstone Damage and Deformation

2006  Non-Monotonic Compression Test Study on Xiaoshan Saturated Soft Soils

2006  Shear Banding in Sandstone: Physical and Numerical Studies

2005  Analytical Model of Concrete-Filled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes based on Multiaxial Constitutive Laws

2005  Effects of Viscous Properties and Ageing on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of Geomaterials

2005  Macro and Micro Mechanical Behaviour of Crushable Soil Under Compression

2005  Plane Strain Compression Tests on Cement-Treated Sands

2005  Prediction of Liquefaction-Induced Ground Deformation

2004  Compression Tests of Cold-Reduced High Strength Steel Sections. I: Stub Columns

2004  Compression Tests of Cold-Reduced High Strength Steel Sections. II: Long Columns

2004  Compression Tests of High Strength Steel Channel Columns with Interaction between Local and Distortional Buckling

2004  Examination of the Response of Regularly Packed Specimens of Spherical Particles using Physical Tests and Discrete Element Simulations

2004  Influence of Environmental Aging on Properties of Polymeric Mortars

2003  Compression Tests of Channels with Inclined Simple Edge Stiffeners

2003  Effects of Consolidation History on Critical State of Sand

2003  Modeling the Stress-Strain Relations of Sand in Cyclic Plane Strain Loading

2002  Compression Tests of Stainless Steel Tubular Members

2002  Experimental Study of Scale Effects on the Compressive Behavior of Short Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns

2002  Rough-Surface and Its Application to DEM Simulation of Compression Test of Particles

2001  Airfields and Roads Construction Using Fiber Stabilization of Sands

2001  Behavior of Soft Singapore Marine Clay Treated with Cement

2001  Compression Tests on Cold-Formed Angles Loaded Parallel with a Leg

2001  Compressive Fracture Energy and Fracture Zone Length of Concrete

2001  Diametral Compression Tests for the Determination of Shotcrete Anisotropic Elastic Constants

2001  Engineering Properties of Sand-Fiber Mixtures for Road Construction

2001  Slenderness Limit for Hybrid FRP-Concrete Columns

2000  Compression Tests on Cylinders with Circumferential Weld Depressions

2000  Compressive Behavior of Concrete Confined by Carbon Fiber Composite Jackets

2000  Cyclic and Damping Properties of Silicate-Grouted Sand

2000  Local Buckling of Aluminum Members: Testing and Classification

2000  Modeling Drained Triaxial Compression Behavior of Sand Using ANN

2000  Shear Strength Properties of Decomposed Granite Soil in Korea

2000  Uniaxial Experiments on Idealized Asphalt Mixes

1999  Behavior of Internally Ring-Stiffened Joints of Offshore Platforms

1999  Flexural Behavior of SFRC: Testing and Modeling

1999  Fundamental Aspects of Mechanical Behaviour of HS/HPC: The European Approach

1999  Mechanical Grading of Oak Timbers

1999  Numerical Study of Compressive Behavior of Concrete at High Strain Rates

1998  Confined Concrete Subjected to Uniaxial Monotonic Loading

1998  Measurement of Displacement Field by ”Matching Method” and Observation of Strain Localization in Soft Rock

1998  Small-Column Compression Tests on Concrete Confined by WWF

1998  Steady-State Concepts and Static Liquefaction of Silty Sands

1997  An Argument for the Specification of Multiple Strain Rate Strength Tests

1997  Compression Tests of Double Angles with Variable Stitch Bolt Spacing

1997  On Solid Ground (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)

1997  Young’s Modulus Interpreted from Compression Tests with End Friction

1996  Behavior of a Sand in Frozen and Unfrozen States

1996  Compression Failure in Reinforced Concrete Columns and Size Effect

1996  Development of Column Curve for Steel Angles

1996  Drained Sand Behavior in Axisymmetric Tests at High Pressures

1996  Effects of Stress Ratio on Behavior of Quasi-Preconsolidated Compacted Clay under Plane Strain Compression

1996  Mechanical Response of Woven Graphite/Copper Composites

1996  Undrained Sand Behavior in Axisymmetric Tests at High Pressures

1996  Uniaxial Compression Behavior of Small Blocks of Welded Tuff

1995  Undrained Shearing Behavior of Very Loose Gravelly Soils

1994  Compression Strength of Pultruded Flat Sheet Material

1994  One-Dimensional Shock and Quasi-Static Liquefaction of Silt and Sand

1994  Testing and Predicting the Movement of a Drilled Shaft in New Mexico

1993  Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Tubular Members. I: Columns

1993  Elasto-Plastic Volume Change of Unsaturated Compacted Clay

1993  Enzyme Enhanced Stabilization of Soil and Fly Ash

1993  One-Dimensional High-Pressure Compression of Granular Media

1992  Local and Interaction Buckling of Polygonal Section Steel Columns