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2015  Dynamic Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge in Alicante, Spain

2015  Influence of Atypical Vehicle Types on Girder Distribution Factors of Secondary Road Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

2015  Steel Bridge Girder Strengthening Using Postinstalled Shear Connectors and UHM CFRP Laminates

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Effect of Deck Deterioration on Overall System Behavior, Resilience and Remaining Life of Composite Steel Girder Bridges

2014  GFRP-Balsa Sandwich Bridge Deck: Concept, Design, and Experimental Validation

2014  Three-Dimensional Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Cable-Stayed Bridges Using a Refined Double-Beam Model

2013  Basic Performance of the Composite Deck System Composed of Orthotropic Steel Deck and Ultrathin RPC Layer

2013  Design and Testing of a Concrete Safety Barrier for Use on a Temporary FRP Composite Bridge Deck

2013  Dynamic Properties of Long-Span Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges with External Tendons

2013  Effect of Pier Section Reinforcement on Inelastic Behavior of Steel I-Girder Bridges

2013  Efficient Prestressed Concrete-Steel Composite Girder for Medium-Span Bridges. II: Finite-Element Analysis and Experimental Investigation

2013  FRP-Balsa Composite Sandwich Bridge Deck with Complex Core Assembly

2013  Slab Cracking Control in Continuous Steel-Concrete Bridge Decks

2013  Structural Behavior of HFRP-UHPFRC Composite Girders

2013  Structural Optimization of FRP Web Core Decks

2012  Effect of Temperature on Daily Modal Variability of a Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge

2012  Influence of Model Parameter Uncertainty on Seismic Transverse Response and Vulnerability of Steel–Concrete Composite Bridges with Dual Load Path

2012  Influence of Skew Angle on Continuous Composite Girder Bridge

2011  Back Matter

2011  Composite Bridges in Germany Designed According to Eurocode 4-2

2011  Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI

2011  Effects of Group Arrangement on the Ultimate Strength of Stud Shear Connection

2011  Experimental Dynamic Response of a Short-Span Composite Bridge to Military Vehicles

2011  Experimental Investigations of the Shear Connection Behaviour in Joints of Composite Bridges

2011  Experimental Validation of a 10-m-Span Composite UHPFRC–Carbon Fibers–Timber Bridge Concept

2011  Front Matter

2011  Inelastic Strength Behavior of Horizontally Curved Composite I-Girder Bridge Structural Systems: Fixed-End Bridge FEA Study

2011  New Steel-Concrete Shear Connection for Composite Bridges

2010  Analysis of Blast Pressures in Composite Steel Girder Bridge System

2010  Seismic Response and Vulnerability of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges Accounting for Model Parameter Uncertainties

2010  The Successful Use of Thin Polysulfide Epoxy Polymer Concrete Overlays on Concrete and Steel Orthotropic Bridge Decks

2008  Analysis of External Prestressing Effect on Flexural Performance of Composite Steel Box-concrete Continuous Girder Bridge

2008  Solver and Shell Element Performances for Curved Bridge Analysis

2007  Assessment of Load Transfer and Load Distribution in Bridges Utilizing FRP Panels

2007  Design Optimization of Composite Steel Box Girder in Flexure

2007  Effect on Superstructure Stress of Replacing a Composite RC Bridge Deck with a GFRP Deck

2007  Effective Slab Width Definition for Negative Moment Regions of Composite Bridges

2007  Impact Factors for Curved Continuous Composite Multiple-Box Girder Bridges

2007  Proposed Effective Width Criteria for Composite Bridge Girder

2006  Approximate Series Solution for Analysis of FRP Composite Highway Bridges

2006  Composite Design for Small and Medium Spans

2006  Development and Implementation of a Continuous Strain Monitoring System on a Multi-Girder Composite Steel Bridge

2006  Development of FRP Short-Span Deployable Bridge — Experimental Results

2006  Experimental and Theoretical Research on a New Partial Adherence Shear Connection

2006  Inelastic Behavior of a Continuous Composite Box-Girder Bridge with Prefabricated Slabs

2006  Influence of Concrete Cracking on Composite Bridge Behaviour

2006  Load Rating of Curved Composite Steel I-Girder Bridges through Load Testing with Heavy Trucks

2006  Measurements during Construction and Launching of a 130 m Span Length Composite Bridge

2006  The New German Design Code for Composite Bridges

2006  Numerical Investigation of Moment Redistribution in Continuous Beams of Composite Bridges

2006  Partial-Interaction Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Deck

2006  Partial-Interaction Fatigue Assessment of Continuous Composite Steel-Concrete Bridge Beams

2006  Performance Evaluation of FRP Bridge Deck Component under Torsion

2006  Preflex Beams: A Method of Calculation of Creep and Shrinkage Effects

2006  Residual Static Resistance of Welded Stud Shear Connectors

2006  Short Span Modular Composite Bridges

2006  Thermal Compatibility and Durability of Wearing Surfaces on GFRP Bridge Decks

2006  Use of External Prestressing to Improve Load Capacity of Continuous Composite Steel Girders

2005  Distribution Factors for Curved Continuous Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2005  Dynamic Response of Three Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridges

2005  Evaluation of Top Flange Bracing Systems for Curved Box Girders

2005  Improved Moment Strength Prediction of Composite Steel Plate Girders in Positive Bending

2005  Long-Term Performance Monitoring of the Tech 21 All-Composite Bridge

2005  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Composite Steel Girder Bridges

2005  Time-Dependent Behavior of Continuous Composite Integral Abutment Bridges

2004  Behavior of Field Splice Details in Precast Concrete-Filled Steel Grid Bridge Deck

2004  Bending Behavior of Steel Pipe Girders Filled with Ultralight Mortar

2004  The Development of Revised Effective Slab Width Criteria for Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

2004  Effective Flange Width Definition for Steel –Concrete Composite Bridge Girder

2004  Impact Factors for Horizontally Curved Composite Box Girder Bridges

2004  Life-Cycle Performance Impact Assessment of Steel-Girder Composite Bridges

2003  Connections for Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Bridges—Issues Related to Design

2003  Deflection Requirements for Bridges Constructed with Advanced Composite Materials

2003  Design for Shear in Curved Composite Multiple Steel Box Girder Bridges

2003  Development and Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Girder for Bridge

2003  Financial Viability of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bridges

2002  Behavior of Extradosed Bridge with Composite Girder

2002  Condition Assessment of FRP Composite Bridge Components Using Infrared Thermography

2002  Early Concrete Cracking of Composite Bridges during Construction

2002  Flexible Shear Connectors for Railway Composite Girder Bridges

2002  The Influence of the Stress Range History on the Fatigue Behavior of Headed Studs

2002  Life-Cycle Cost of All-Composite Suspension Bridge

2002  Longitudinal Prestressing of Composite Bridges

2001  Behavior of Composite Bridge Decks with Alternative Shear Connectors

2001  Continuous In-Service Monitoring of an FRP Bridge for Long-Term Performance Evaluation

2000  Continuous, Long-Term Monitoring of Two Advanced Polymer Composite Bridges

2000  Delaware’s First All-Composite Bridge

2000  Design and Installation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridge

2000  Durability of Wood-FRP Composite Bridges

2000  Effect of Friction on Shear Connection in Composite Bridge Beams

2000  FRP-Wood Hybrids for Bridges: A Comparison of E-Glass and Carbon Reinforcements

2000  In-Service Monitoring of FRP Bridge in New York

1999  Bridge Applications of Composite Construction in the United States

1999  Composite Bridge Technique in Europe Today

1999  Field Measurements on a Composite Bridge

1999  A Good Start for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Material Bridges

1999  Proof Load Tests of Highway Composite Bridges

1999  University Chooses Composites for Showcase Bridge

1998  Steel Versus Steel-Reinforced Concrete Bridges: Environmental Assessment