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2015  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2015  Quick Abnormal-Bid-Detection Method for Construction Contract Auctions

2014  Hong Kong’s First Competition Law: Impact on Construction Contracting

2014  Modelando los Factores e Índices de Competitividad para Constructoras: Hallazgos en Chile

2014  Modeling Competitiveness Factors and Indexes for Construction Companies: Findings of Chile

2013  Effects of Competitive and Growth Strategy Type on Financial Strategies in Construction Companies

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Factors Formulating the Competitiveness of the Chinese Construction Industry: Empirical Investigation

2013  Key Factors Considered in Compiling Tender Prices for China’s Public Works Projects

2013  Motivational Factors Impacting the Productivity of Construction Master Craftsmen in Kuwait

2013  Pricing Strategy for Best Value Tender

2013  Sharpening Competitive Edge through Procurement Innovation: Perspectives from Chinese International Construction Companies

2013  Study on Applying PROMOTHEE in Selecting Suppliers in the Supply Chain

2013  Using Sun Tzu’s Military Strategies to Achieve Competitiveness in China

2012  Building Student Teamwork with the Student Geo-Challenge

2012  Competition Environment, Strategy, and Performance in the Hong Kong Construction Industry

2012  Organizational Structure and Management Systems

2012  Recession Effects in United States Public Sector Construction Contracting: Focus on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

2012  Urban Public Transport Competitiveness Evaluation Based on AHP and Extension Theory

2011  Association of Risk Attitude with Market Diversification in the Construction Business

2011  Effects of Contractors’ Risk Attitude on Competition in Construction

2011  Fare Competition in Intercity Passenger Transport Market: Challenges in China

2011  Modality of Competition-Cooperation among Freight Transportation Modes

2011  Situation and Competitiveness of Foreign Project Management Consultancy Enterprises in China

2011  Strategies for Developing Countries to Expand Their Shares in the Global Construction Market: Phase-Based SWOT and AAA Analyses of Korea

2010  Contractors’ Competition Strategies in Bidding: Hong Kong Study

2010  Lessons Learned from a Design Competition for Structural Engineering Students: The Case of a Pedestrian Walkway at the Université de Sherbrooke

2010  Model Construction and Application of National Logistics Competitive Strength Based on Neural Network

2010  Performance Evaluation of Core Competitiveness of Express Company Based on Customer Satisfaction Index

2010  Research on Revenue Allocation Mechanism in Port Logistics System Collaborative Competition

2010  Research on the Competition between Two Completely Separated SCs and Coordination within One SC with Price Dependent Stochastic Demand

2010  Short Takes: NDSU Team Triumphs in Steel Bridge Competition

2010  Short Takes: Photo and Caption: The Team from California Polytechnical State University in Concrete Canoe Competition

2010  Tailoring Competitive Advantages Derived from Innovation to the Needs of Construction Firms

2009  The Cluster Analysis and Evaluation of the Regional Logistics Industry Competitiveness

2009  Intercity Transport System and Matthew Effect

2009  The Research for Regional Logistics Competitiveness Based on Dissipative Structure Theory and the Evolution Model

2009  Research on the Competitiveness of China’s Ports

2009  Short Takes: Ohio Northern University Wins Inaugural Student Structural Design Award

2009  Short Takes: University of California at Berkeley Wins Concrete Canoe Competition

2009  Strategic Group Analysis in the Construction Industry

2009  Study on Logistics Center Location Bi-Level Programming Model and Algorithm Based on Competition

2009  United Kingdom Anticorruption Forum

2008  Competitive Positioning and Continuity of Construction Firms in International Markets

2008  Critical Success Factors for Competitiveness of Contractors: China Study

2008  Decision of the Competitive and Cooperative Relationships between Supplier and Purchaser Based on Maximal Profits

2008  A Design of Quantity Discount Pricing To Maximize Profit Based On the Vendor-Buyer System

2008  Procurement Effects on Coopetition in Client-Contractor Relationships

2008  Research on Management Model in Supply Chain Based on the Lotka-Volterra Competition

2008  Short Takes: Reno Engineering Students Paddle Concrete Canoe to Victory

2008  Short Takes: UC Berkeley Students Triumph in National Steel Bridge Competition

2008  A Study on the Differential Equation Model for the Competition & Development between Ports in Korea and in Shanghai

2007  Coordinating Retailers with Price and Service Competition

2007  Four OCEA Finalists and Two Pankow Finalists Chosen

2007  Short Takes: Badgers Win International Concrete Canoe Competition

2006  Contractor Key Competitiveness Indicators: A China Study

2006  EDTA-Enhanced Washing for Remediation of Pb- and/or Zn-Contaminated Soils

2005  Investigation of Bid Price Competition Measured through Prebid Project Estimates, Actual Bid Prices, and Number of Bidders

2004  Awarding Construction Contracts on Multicriteria Basis in China

2004  Lessons Learned from Commercial Activities Competitions

2004  Predicting Organizational Success within a Project-Based Joint Venture Alliance

2003  Competitiveness of Inexperienced and Experienced Contractors in Bidding

2002  Bridge Design Contest Draws Big Interest

2002  Competitive Positioning in United States Construction Industry

2002  Encouraging Research and Development in Construction Companies

2002  West Point Announces Engineering Design Contest Finalists

2001  Case-Based Reasoning Approach in Bid Decision Making

2001  Employers Use Competitions to Recruit

2001  From Competitors to Partners

2001  Great Future Seen For Concrete Mixture of Winning Canoe

2001  Junior Engineering Group Seeks Support

2001  Maintaining Quality while Stimulating Competition and Achieving the Best Value

2001  University of Alabama at Huntsville Builds and Races to Fifth Win in National Concrete Canoe Competition

2001  West Point Bicentennial Engineering Design Contest to Kick Off in November

2000  The Active Role of Railway in Modern Logistics

2000  ASCE President’s Column

2000  Cal State—Chico Takes First in Steel Bridge Contest

2000  Clemson Repeats as Winner of National Concrete Canoe Competition—Oklahoma State Finishes in Second Place

2000  Competition Model Improves Reactive Barrier Wall Design

2000  Concrete Canoe Contest Set for Colorado

2000  Construction Business Competitiveness and Global Benchmarking

2000  Decision Support Systems for Transport Planning and the Management of Tenders: The Case Study of Lombardy

2000  Development and Relaxation of Compaction Induced Earth Pressure of a Clay Backfill at Tongue River Dam, Montana

2000  Editor’s Letter

2000  Engineering Your Strategy: Focusing Your Marketing Effort on High Payoff Actions

2000  Ethics: Do What I Say, But Don’t Do What I Do

2000  Lake Placid Bobsled and Luge Track Built in One Season

2000  A Measured Response to Metric

2000  Modeling Bus Service under Competition and Regulation

2000  Public Policies Keep Small Firms from Competing

2000  The Science in Human Intuition: Optimum Bid Markup Calculation in Competitive Bidding Environments Using Probabilistic Neural Networks

2000  Student Competition Offers Hope of Engineering Diversification

2000  Viewpoint

1999  Call for Engineers to Serve as Mentors in Next Year’s Future Cities Competition

1999  Clemson Upsets Huntsville to Claim Concrete Canoe Crown for 1999

1999  The Concrete CANEW: A Competitively Aggressive Novelly Engineered Watercraft

1999  Contest Shapes Up for ASCE’s President-Elect as Two Members Vie for Society’s Highest Office

1999  For Two C.E.’s, Biking and Running Become Charitable Pursuits

1999  Let’s Hear It for MassPEP (ltr)

1999  Look Over the Horizon: A Call for Tomorrow’s Champions