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2013  Workers’ Compensation in Construction: Workers’ Benefits under Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

2009  Comparative Study on the Perception of Construction Safety Risks in China and Australia

2007  Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Isolated Bridges with Time Delay

2006  At a Crossroads — Is Value-based Compensation the Answer?

2006  Procurement Routes in Public Building and Construction Projects

2005  Design Fees, the State of the Profession, and a Time for Corrective Action

2002  Court Decisions: Additional Compensation for Changed Conditions Denied

2002  Court Decisions: Bid May Be Altered when Mistakes Found

2002  Does Compensation Affect Quality?

2002  Focusing on Compensation

2002  Forum

2002  Forum

2002  How to Measure Total Job Compensation

2002  New Compensation Survey Unveiled

2002  Public-Sector Track

2002  U.S. National Compensation Survey: Civil Engineers

2001  Small Business Report: Designing an Effective Compensation Plan

2000  After Years of Increases, Principals’ Salaries Level Off

2000  Hard Decisions Require the Right Choices

2000  Owner Involvement in Construction Site Safety

2000  Using an Incentive Compensation Plan to Achieve Your Firm’s Goals

1999  Chemical Company to Pay Largest RCRA Settlement

1999  Compensation of Consulting Engineers: Legalities and Realities

1999  How Much Should Civil Engineering Be Paid?

1999  How Much Should Engineers Be Paid?

1999  NSF Study Explains Gender-Based Salary Gap

1999  Property Can’t Be Taken without Compensation

1999  Window Analyses of Compensable Delays

1998  Analysis of Safety Indicators in Construction

1997  Clause Does Not Bar Recovery of Damages

1997  Economic Principles of Contractor Compensation

1997  Environmental Exec Pay Analyzed

1997  Happy With Your Incentive Pay?

1997  Improving Workers’ Compensation Management in Construction

1997  Is There A Doctor On The Site?

1997  Strategies for Construction Contractors to Reduce Workers’ Comp. Costs

1997  Successfully Challenging a Liquidated Damages Claim

1997  Variable Pay Programs Provide Flexibility, Incentives

1997  Workers’ Comp. Premiums: Disparities in Penalties for Identical Losses

1996  Bonuses Up Sharply

1996  Claim Review Process

1996  Clause in Contract Does Not Preclude Other Damages

1996  Occupational Hazards Scheme of Social Insurance in Saudi Arabia: Overview

1996  Overtime Overhaul Overdue

1996  Subcontractor Indemnifies Contractor

1996  Survey of Change Order Markups

1995  Critiquing Compensation Policy

1995  Eichleay: Formula for Unjust Compensation

1995  Eichleay Formula Still the Best

1995  Engineers At Risk

1995  Experience Modification Rating As Measure of Safety Performance

1995  Experience Modification Rating for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

1995  Principals’ Pay Grows, Study Finds

1995  Workers’ Compensation Management in Construction

1994  Engineers Should Learn to Use System to Gain Respect and Money

1994  Guide to Employment Conditions for Civil Engineers

1994  Report Analyzes Pay and Perks

1993  Cost of Killing the SSC Put at $1.2 Billion

1993  What’s The Matter with Being a Trade?

1992  General Liability Doesn’t Cover Poor Workmanship

1991  Wheel of Misfortune: Lottery/Auction Mechanism for Siting of Noxious Facilities

1991  Workers’ Compensation Issues in Construction

1990  ASCE Salary Survey 1989

1990  The Broad Powers of Indemnification

1990  The Eichleay Formula—Time to Retire?

1990  Innovative Compensation Arrangements for Resolving Water Transfer Conflicts

1990  Issue Missed Some Issues

1989  Fee Vs. Quality

1989  The Role of Compensation in Resolving Water Transfer Conflicts

1988  Compensation Required for Temporary Takecover

1987  Arctic Wetland Losses: When Should Compensation be Required?

1984  Consulting Engineering, How Can Manual 45 be Improved?

1984  Manual 45 — A Consulting Engineer’s Viewpoint

1984  Oklahoma Enacts Bill to Protect Engineers on Job Site

1983  Management Compensation in the Construction Industry

1983  Personnel, Recruiting, Motivating, Rewarding

1982  Trend in Increased Workers’ Benefits Appears to be Slowing

1980  Guidelines for Successful Construction Management

1979  Minimizing Risks and Mitigating Losses (Panel discussion)

1979  A Quantitative Method for Analyzing the Allocation of Risks in Underground Construction

1978  An Old Trick Recalled

1978  Trench Cave-In: Contractor’s Responsibility

1977  What Is the Construction Foreman Really Like—

1973  Full Compensation and Transportation Corridor Analysis

1972  Civil Engineers’ Compensation—ASCE’s Future

1971  Computer Charges and Engineering Organizations

1917  Final Report of the Special Committee to Investigate the Conditions of Employment of, and Compensation of Civil Engineers