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2015  Comparative Study of the Dynamic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Subjected to Underwater and Air Explosions

2015  Comparative Study on the Use of Output Specifications for Australian and U.K. PPP/PFI Projects

2015  Comparison of Combustion, Performance, and Emissions of HSDI Diesel Engine Operating on Blends of Diesel Fuel with Ethanol, n-Butanol, or Butanol Isomer Ether DEE

2015  Comparison of Local Visual Feature Detectors and Descriptors for the Registration of 3D Building Scenes

2015  Comparison of Measured and AASHTO LRFD-Predicted Residual Prestress Forces, Shear and Flexural Capacities of High-Strength Prestressed-Concrete Bridge Girders

2015  Comparison of Runoff Quality and Quantity from a Commercial Low-Impact and Conventional Development in Raleigh, North Carolina

2015  Comparison of Sequential and Variational Streamflow Assimilation Techniques for Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2015  Empirical Comparison of Methods for Estimating Location Cost Adjustments Factors

2014  BIM Education and Recruiting: Survey-Based Comparative Analysis of Issues, Perceptions, and Collaboration Opportunities

2014  Causes of Time Buffer and Duration Variation in Construction Project Tasks: Comparison of Perception to Reality

2014  Comparative Analysis of Road Financing Approaches in Europe and the United States

2014  Comparative Assessment of Traffic Control Parameters within an UTC-Distributed System

2014  Comparative Evaluation of Extinction through Strain among Three Alcoholic Butanol Isomers in Non-Premixed Counterflow Flames

2014  Comparative Evaluation of Two Straight Vegetable Oils and Their Methyl Ester Biodiesels as Fuel Extenders in HDDI Diesel Engines: Performance and Emissions

2014  Comparative Study between Two Performance-Based Liquefaction Triggering Models for the Standard Penetration Test

2014  Comparative Study of Cationic Surfactant CTAC Tailoring

2014  Comparative Study of Different Cement-Based Inorganic Pastes towards the Development of FRIP Strengthening Technology

2014  Comparative Study of Motion Features for Similarity-Based Modeling and Classification of Unsafe Actions in Construction

2014  Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Irradiation on Natural Organic Matter of Different Sources

2014  Comparative Study of the Proportions, Form, and Efficiency of Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Comparative Study of Thermal Integrity Profiling with Other Nondestructive Integrity Test Methods for Drilled Shafts

2014  Comparison between Alternative Methods for Estimating Vehicle Class Distribution Input to Pavement Design

2014  Comparison between Analytical and ANSYS Calculations for a Receding Contact Problem

2014  Comparison between CFD and Surface Overflow Rate Models to Predict Particulate Matter Separation in Unit Operations for Combined Sewer Overflows

2014  Comparison between GA and PSO in Analyzing Pavement Management Activities

2014  Comparison between Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches for the Calculation of Two Drought Indices: SPI and SSI

2014  Comparison of Newton-Raphson Global and Loop Algorithms for Water Distribution Network Resolution

2014  Comparison of Personality Traits among Estimators, Project Managers, and the Population

2014  Comparison of Retrofits for Three Strut-Arm Tainter Gates Using a Longevity Corrosion Maintenance Factor

2014  Conducting Retrospective Analyses of Building Energy Models with Various Levels of Available Data

2014  Cost Comparative Analysis of a New Green Building Code for Residential Project Development

2014  Eurocodes and Their Implications for Bridge Design: Background, Implementation, and Comparison to North American Practice

2014  Highway Alignment Construction Comparison Using Object-Oriented 3D Visualization Modeling

2014  Methodology for Comparing Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization of Water Distribution Systems

2014  MHD Three-Dimensional Flow by an Exponentially Stretching Surface with Convective Boundary Condition

2014  Prototype and Laboratory Low-Level Outlet Air Demand Comparison for Small-to-Medium-Sized Embankment Dams

2014  Reducing Barriers to Remote Project Planning: Comparison of Low-Tech Site Capture Approaches and Image-Based 3D Reconstruction

2014  Reliability Indicators for Water Distribution System Design: Comparison

2014  Revisiting Convolution Scheme in Bridge Aerodynamics: Comparison of Step and Impulse Response Functions

2013  Analysis of Conflicts between Right-Turn Vehicles and Pedestrians under Different Right-Turn Control Schemes: A Comparative Study

2013  Behavior of Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions: Comparison of Hybrid and Emulative Specimens

2013  Classifying Risky Ships in Maritime Shipping: A Comparative Analysis of WSM and TOPSIS

2013  Comparative Analysis of Space Utilization under the Viaduct of Domestic and Foreign Urban Rail Transit

2013  Comparative Analysis of Two Simulations on Mixed Traffic Flow of Conventional Passenger Cars and Micro-Cars

2013  Comparative Analysis on Dynamic Response of Wind Turbine Tower in Different Sites

2013  Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Comparative Performance of Stiffened Sandwich Foam Panels under Impulsive Loading

2013  Comparative Studies of Semiactive Control Strategies for MR Dampers: Pure Simulation and Real-Time Hybrid Tests

2013  Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency of Glazing Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  Comparative Study of Traditional and Group Decision Support-Supported Value Management Workshops

2013  Comparative Study on Buffeting Performance of Sutong Bridge Based on Design and Measured Spectrum

2013  Comparative Study on Hydraulic Simulation of Earthquake-Damaged Water Distribution System

2013  Comparative Study on Performance of Wax-Modified and Typical SMA Mixtures

2013  Comparative Study on Steel Plate Shear Walls Used in a High-Rise Building

2013  A Comparative Study on Van der Meer (1988) and Van Gent et al. (2004) Stability Formulae

2013  Comparative Study Using Chemical Wet Oxidation for Removal of Reactive Black 5 in the Presence of Activated Carbon

2013  Comparison between Eurocodes and North American and Main International Codes for Design of Bolted Connections in Steel Bridges

2013  Comparison of Bridge Earthquake Resisting System Design in a Moderate Seismic Zone

2013  Comparison of Calculation Methods of Cumulative Damage to Breakwater Armor Layer

2013  Comparison of Cost and Time Performance of Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Delivery Systems in Florida

2013  Comparison of Image-Based and Time-of-Flight-Based Technologies for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Infrastructure

2013  Comparison of Liquefaction Triggering Methods for Sloping Ground Using Two Flow Failures from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

2013  Comparison of NDT Methods for Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Deck

2013  Comparison of Performance of Two Run-of-River Plants during Transient Conditions

2013  Comparison of Reaction Rates and Relative Efficiencies for Various Dechlorination Chemicals

2013  Comparison of Seismic Experiments on Traditional Chinese Wood Structures and Light Wood-Framed Structures

2013  Comparison of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation with Dissolved Oxygen Dissipation and Reaeration

2013  Comparison of Three Methods for Computing Response Spectra of Torsional Ground Motions

2013  Comparison of Variational, Differential Quadrature, and Approximate Closed-Form Solution Methods for Buckling of Highly Flexurally Anisotropic Laminates

2013  Criticality Comparison between the Repetitive Scheduling Method and the Network Model

2013  Design Results of RC Members Subjected to Bending, Shear, and Torsion Using ACI 318:08 and BS 8110:97 Building Codes

2013  Incorporating Weather Information into Real-Time Speed Estimates: Comparison of Alternative Models

2013  Live-Load Test Comparison and Load Ratings of a Posttensioned Box Girder Bridge

2013  Project Impacts of Specialty Mechanical Contractor Design Involvement in the Health Care Industry: Comparative Case Study

2013  Static and Dynamic Analysis of Functionally Graded Skew Plates

2013  Time Domain Identification of Structures: Comparative Analysis of Output-Only Methods

2013  When Do Mid-Project Reviews (MPRs) Deliver the Greatest Project Benefits? Comparative Analysis of Australian Review Outcomes

2012  Comparative Analysis between Properties of Steel Slag, Fly Ash, and Clay Bricks

2012  Comparative Analysis of Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build from the Standpoint of Claims

2012  Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumption of Green and Non-Green School Buildings

2012  Comparative Analysis of Lean Construction with Design-Build Using a Framework of Contractual Forms of Agreement

2012  Comparative Analysis of LEED-NCv3.0 with LEED-NCv2.2

2012  Comparative Analysis of Safety Culture Perceptions among HomeSafe Managers and Workers in Residential Construction

2012  A Comparative Analysis of Sustainable Approaches to Building End-of-Lifecycle: Underlying Deconstruction Principles in Theory and Practice

2012  Comparative Case Study of Rainfall-Runoff Modeling between SWMM and Fuzzy Logic Approach

2012  A Comparative Study of Air and Railway (Time and Cost) Analysis: China and Europe

2012  Comparative Study of Multi-Hazard Performance of Different Wall Systems Used in Single-Family Dwelling Construction

2012  A Comparative Study of Seismic Retrofitting of a Steel Benchmark Structure Using Various Types of Passive Controllers

2012  A Comparative Study on Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of Curtain Walls

2012  Comparative Study on the Carbon Footprints of Hotels

2012  Comparison Analysis between Expander Cycle and Recooling Cycle for a Scramjet

2012  A Comparison of Coherent Flow Produced by VISSIM and TransModeler

2012  Comparison of Highway Traffic Breakdown Features between U.S. and China Using Discrete Wavelet Transform: An Empirical Study

2012  Comparison of Multilevel Calibration and Volume Balance Method for Estimating Furrow Infiltration

2012  Comparison of Non-Destructive Testing Findings to Laboratory Testing Findings from a Concrete Wall with Strength Deficiencies

2012  Influence of Total-Variation-Diminishing Slope Limiting on Local Discontinuous Galerkin Solutions of the Shallow Water Equations

2012  Particle Shape Estimates of Uniform Sands: Visual and Automated Methods Comparison

2012  Price and Performance Comparison of Three Commercially Available Superplasticizers

2011  An Analysis of the Resilience of Enforcement Officers through Comparative Studies