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2014  Compaction Characters of Asphalt Mixture of Variable Thickness

2014  Densification of Land Reclamation Sands by Deep Vibratory Compaction Techniques

2014  Dynamical Response of Vibratory Rollers during the Compaction of Asphalt Pavements

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Field- and Laboratory-Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt

2014  Geotechnical IT Revolution: Intelligent Compaction and Beyond

2014  Interpretation of Dual Roller-Integrated Compaction Measurements on Layered Granular Fill

2014  Using Compaction Equipment Instrumented with Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology to Monitor Field Lift Thickness

2013  Effect of Compaction Temperature on Rutting and Moisture Resistance of Foamed Warm-Mix-Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Evaluating Compaction Quality Using Elastic Seismic P Wave

2013  Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilization of Recycled Asphalt Shingles for Use in Structural Fills

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of the Workability and Compactability of Asphaltic Materials prior to Road Construction

2013  Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Contact during Dynamic Compaction with Large Deformation

2013  Robust SCC Mixes through Mix Design

2013  Roller-Integrated Compaction Monitoring for Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlay Construction

2013  Study of Robustness of Self-Compacting Concretes Made with Low Fines Content

2013  Viscoelastic-Plastic Model of Asphalt-Roller Interaction

2012  Effect of Type of Compaction on Mechanical Properties in Warm-Mix Asphalts

2012  Quality Assurance of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements Using the Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Analyzer

2012  Soil Stabilization by Calcium Carbide Residue and Fly Ash

2011  Field Evaluation of Dynamic Compaction on Granular Deposits

2011  Influence of Laboratory Compaction Methods on Shear Performance of Graded Crushed Stone

2011  Neural Network–Based Intelligent Compaction Analyzer for Estimating Compaction Quality of Hot Asphalt Mixes

2011  UNRAP: Are We Ready for It?

2010  3D Micromechanical Simulation of Compaction of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Real Aggregate Shapes Obtained from X-Ray CT

2010  Compaction Characteristics and Bearing Ratio of Pond Ash Stabilized with Lime and Phosphogypsum

2010  Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

2010  Impacts of Construction Activity on Bioretention Performance

2010  Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour and Anisotropy of Bituminous Mixture Compacted with a French Wheel Compactor

2010  Properties of SCC Produced with Limestone Filler or Viscosity Modifying Admixture

2010  Stiffness and Strength Based In-Place Evaluation of Compacted Unbound Materials

2010  Using Fly Ash, Clay, and Fibers for Simultaneous Improvement of Concrete Green Strength and Consolidatability for Slip-Form Pavement

2009  Effect of Compaction Mode on the Mechanical Performance and Variability of Asphalt Mixtures

2009  Evaluation of Pervious Concrete Workability Using Gyratory Compaction

2009  In Situ Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete in T-Beams

2009  Large-Scale Laboratory Study on the Innovative Use of Compaction Grout for Drilled Shaft Tip Post Grouting

2008  Application of Measuring Concrete Compactness Using Supersonic in Bridge Bearing Capacity Appraisal

2008  Computer Applications in Intelligent Compaction

2008  A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting

2008  Determination of SMA Slab Properties Using a Newly Developed Roller Compactor (Turamesin)

2008  Effects of Mix Design Variables on Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt

2008  Evaluation of Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement Construction Using X-Ray Computed Tomography and Ground Penetrating Radar

2008  Influence of Compaction in Low Temperature on Asphalt Mixture Performance

2008  Populating a ”Dredged Material” Family of Compaction Curves

2008  Steel Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete: Experimental Research and Numerical Simulation

2007  Aggregate Effects on Pervious Portland Cement Concrete Static Modulus of Elasticity

2007  Compaction Grouting of Loose Soil Beneath the West Coast’s Largest Dry Dock

2007  Evaluation of Compaction Effects on Granular Backfill Using CPT

2007  Evaluation of In Situ Modulus of Compacted Subgrades Using Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer and Plate-Bearing Load Test

2007  Fundamental Mechanics of Asphalt Compaction through FEM and DEM Modeling

2007  Laboratory Study of the Effects of Compaction on the Volumetric and Rutting Properties of CRM Asphalt Mixtures

2007  Lightweight Panels of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete

2007  A Proposed ”Dredged Material Family of Compaction Curves” for Field Compaction Control Purposes

2007  Time-History Compaction Grouting Data Obtained through Instrumentation

2006  Cracking Tendency of Self-Compacting Concrete Subjected to Restrained Shrinkage: Experimental Study and Modeling

2006  Evaluation of Viscosity Values for Mixing and Compaction Temperatures

2006  High-Strength Self-Compacting Concrete Exposed to Fire Test

2006  Influence of Compactive Efforts on Lime-Slag Treated Tropical Black Clay

2006  Investigations on the Static Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Under-Reamed Piles

2006  Performance of Blended Cement in High Strength Self Compacting Concrete

2005  Computer Methods in Intelligent Compaction

2005  Corrosion of Reinforcement in Relation to Presence of Defects at the Interface between Steel and Concrete

2005  Diffuse Vs. Localized Instability in Compacting Geomaterials Under Undrained Conditions

2005  Dilatational and Compacting Behavior around a Cylindrical Cavern Leached Out in a Solid–Fluid Elastic Rock Salt

2005  Effect of Dynamic Compaction on Placement of High-Road Embankment

2005  An Elasto-Viscoplastic Model for Clay Considering Destructuralization and Prediction of Compaction Bands

2005  Foundation Soil Improvement Using Vibro Compaction Combined with Geo Grids

2005  High-Order Compact Difference Scheme for Convection–Diffusion Problems on Nonuniform Grids

2005  Instrumenting an Asphalt Vibratory Compactor for Automation of Roadway Compaction

2005  Technologies to Speed Earthwork Compaction Control

2004  Compaction Characteristics and Bearing Capacity of Recycled Materials for Road Construction

2004  Compaction Control of Crushed Concrete and Recycled Asphalt Pavement using Nuclear Gauge

2004  Comparing Superpave Gyratory Compactor Data to Field Cores

2004  Conditions for Compaction Band Formation in Porous Rock Using a Two-Yield Surface Model

2004  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Quality Control of Compaction, State-of-the-Art Report

2004  Evaluating the Stiffness Modulus of Highway Materials from the Geogauge Device

2004  Investigation of the Gyration Angle of Superpave Gyratory Compactors

2004  Low Energy Compacted Concrete Grout Micropiles

2004  Method for Estimating Dynamic Compaction Effect on Sand

2004  Modeling of Subsidence and Reservoir Compaction under Waterflood Operations

2004  Permeability and Consolidation Characteristics of Compacted Fly Ash

2004  Prediction of Hot Mix Asphalt Stability using the Superpave Gyratory Compactor

2003  100-mm-Diameter Mold Used with Superpave Gyratory Compactor

2003  Compactness and Bracing Requirements for High Performance Steel Girders

2003  Cross-Sectional Compactness and Bracing Requirements for HPS483W Girders

2003  Grouting and Ground Treatment

2003  A New Device for the Control Compaction of Trench Backfills for Buried Flexible Pipes

2003  Optimum Compaction Temperature for Modified Binders

2003  A Porous Elasto-Plastic Compaction Model for Asphalt Mixtures with Parameter Estimation Algorithm

2003  Structural Ductility in Hybrid High Performance Steel Beams

2003  Validation of Vibration-Based Onboard Asphalt Density Measuring System

2002  3D DEM Simulations of Powder Compaction

2002  Clegg Hammer—California–Bearing Ratio Correlations

2002  Discrete-Finite Element Modelling of Pharmaceutical Powder Compaction: A Two-Stage Contact Detection Algorithm for Non-Spherical Particles

2002  Ohmic Conductivity of a Compacted Silty Clay

2001  Behavior of Compacted Soil-Fly Ash-Carbide Lime Mixtures

2001  Compaction Effect on Beach Stabilization

2001  Compaction Effects Induced in Cohesionless Soils by Installation of Pressure-Injected Footings

2001  Compaction Grout Columns for Track Support

2001  Correlation Analysis of Laboratory Compaction of Fly Ashes

2001  Effect of Mixture Compaction on Indirect Tensile Stiffness and Fatigue