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2015  Messy Talk in Virtual Teams: Achieving Knowledge Synthesis through Shared Visualizations

2015  Role of Communication and Coordination in Project Success: Case Study

2014  Communicating Risk in Geotechnical Engineering Practice

2014  Design Process Communication Methodology: Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Collaboration, Sharing, and Understanding

2014  English: It Ain’t What It Used To Be

2014  Evaluation of IEEE 802. 11p in Vehicular Communication via Simulation

2014  Form-Finding Analysis and Active Shape Adjustment of Cable Net Reflectors with PZT Actuators

2014  INVOLVE: Developing Interactive Workspaces That Impact Communication and Task Performance When Using Virtual Prototypes

2014  Microscopic Estimation of Arterial Vehicle Positions in a Low-Penetration-Rate Connected Vehicle Environment

2013  Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel: Clear Communications for a Better Project

2013  Communication Makes a Corporate Code of Ethics Effective: Lessons from Hong Kong

2013  Communications Research and Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Communication’s Role and Technology Preferences during Hurricane Evacuations

2013  Communications-Based Train Control Interoperability Developments at New York City Transit

2013  Establishing and Building Leadership Skills

2013  Exploratory Case Study of Pictorial Aids for Communicating Health and Safety for Migrant Construction Workers

2013  Identifying, Communicating, and Responding to Project Value Interests

2013  Integration in the Classroom: Structural Planning and Design

2013  Interweaving Trust and Communication with Project Performance

2013  Introduction to the Communications, Instrumentation, and Controls Division

2013  Modeling Knowledge for Architectural Programming

2013  Performance Analysis of Non-Cooperative Joint Channel and Bandwidth Allocations in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

2013  Projectwide Access: Key to Effective Implementation of Construction Project Management Software Systems

2013  Quantifying the Impact of Facilitation on Transactive Memory System Formation in Global Virtual Project Networks

2013  Relationships among Language Proficiency, Communication Patterns, and Safety Performance in Small Work Crews in the United States

2013  Relationships between Project Complexity and Communication

2013  Research on Internet in Vehicles System Based on the OBD Technology and Android Platform

2013  Road-Side Units Based Data Forwarding Framework in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

2013  The Study on Language Variation of Mobile Phone Short Messages (SMS) of University Students in Wuhan District

2013  Visual Representations for Monitoring Project Performance: Developing Novel Prototypes for Improved Communication

2012  BIM-Enabled Virtual and Collaborative Construction Engineering and Management

2012  Building Information Modeling-Based Analysis to Minimize Waste Rate of Structural Reinforcement

2012  Construction of Inter-Vehicle Communication Platform Based on WAVE Protocol

2012  Design of an Infrastructure Project Using a Point-Based Methodology

2012  Development of 4D Public Participation GIS to Improve Communication of City Transformation Processes

2012  Failure to Communicate: Risks of Independently Retained Design Professionals

2012  Formal Modeling and Verification of Operational Flight Program in a Small-Scale Unmanned Helicopter

2012  Fulfilling Engineering Program Objectives through Service Learning Campaigns in Developing Countries

2012  Impact of Team Characteristics in Learning Sustainable Built Environment Practices

2012  Investigating Benefits of IntelliDrive in Freeway Operations: Lane Changing Advisory Case Study

2012  Managing the Victim Dimension of Large-Scale Disasters

2012  Modeling the Cooperation Network Formation Process for Evacuation Systems Design in Disaster Areas with a Focus on Japanese Megadisasters

2012  A New Mobile Relay Selection Scheme in Vehicle Cooperative Communication Network

2012  An On-Board Information Transmission Unit Based on the CALM

2012  Online Traffic Surveillance: Impact of Wireless Communication on Video Quality

2012  Opportunities and Considerations for Smartphone Applications and Mobile Social Media in Post Extreme Event Reconnaissance Data Collection

2012  Optimization Study of Berth Allocation Based on Genetic Algorithm

2012  Promoting Kaohsiung Air-Sea Port Integration with Identity-Oriented Pervasive Networks

2012  Research on the Design of ELF Electromagnetic Communication for Subsea Pipelines

2012  Research on the Equilibrium of the Closed-Loop Supply Chain Super-Network in the Mobile Phone Industry

2012  Reverse 911 as a Complementary Evacuation Warning System

2012  Review of Geohazard Warning Systems toward Development of a Popular Usage Geohazard Warning Communication System

2012  The Single Chip Optical Fiber Positioning Technology Used in Long Distance Pipelines

2012  Social Semantic Approach to Support Communication in AEC

2011  Analysis of Civil Aviation Communications Error Events Based on SHEL Model

2011  Development of DSRC Standards for Global Vehicular Communication and Their Application

2011  Efficacy of Partnering on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project: Empirical Evidence of Collaborative Problem-Solving Benefits

2011  Information Communication Problem in Aircraft Maintenance

2011  IntelliDrive Deployment Opportunities in Maryland

2011  Motivating Technical Writing through Study of the Environment

2011  Partner the Project—6 C’s for Excellence in Project Delivery

2010  Activity Awareness as an Enabler for Communication and Network Building in Construction Design Teams

2010  Assessing the Relevance of Media Synchronicity Theory to the Use of Communication Media in the AECO Industry

2010  Benchmarking Framework to Measure Extent of ICT Adoption for Building Project Management

2010  Characterization of Wireless Smart Sensor Performance

2010  Design and Its Structure of Public Service Platform for Automotive Industry Based on Radio Frequency Identification

2010  Effective Monitoring of the Concrete Pouring Operation in an RFID-Based Environment

2010  e-Society: A Community Engagement Framework for Construction Projects

2010  Exploring the Potential of SME Alliances in the Construction Sector

2010  Impact of Communication on Supplier Integration and Organizational Performance

2010  An Improved Anti-collision Algorithm for Fast Identification of RFID Tag

2010  Life-Cycle Management of Construction Projects Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology

2010  Methodology for Written and Oral Presentation of Research Results

2010  Organizational Divisions in BIM-Enabled Commercial Construction

2010  Pavement Interactive: Pavement Knowledge Transfer with Web 2.0

2010  Tsunami Preparedness on the Oregon and Washington Coast: Recommendations for Research

2010  Twitter / Facebookpg 57

2010  Use Of Community-Based Participatory Communication to Identify Community Values at a Superfund Site

2010  Using Key Date Matrix (KDM) to Minimize Risk in Semiconductor Facility Projects

2009  Consulting Engineers: Myers-Briggs Type and Temperament Preferences

2009  Designing a Road Network for Hazardous Materials Transportation with Fuzzy Parameters Based on Optimum Communication Steiner Tree

2009  Expediting Assessment of Damaged Buildings during Disaster Response Using Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

2009  Exploring the Effectiveness of Chinese-to-English Machine Translation for CLIR Applications in Earthquake Engineering

2009  Exploring Training Needs and Development of Construction Language Courses for American Supervisors and Hispanic Craft Workers

2009  First Person: The Promise of Virtual Design

2009  Identifying and Communicating Project Stakeholder Risks

2009  Logistics Distribution Information System Based on 3rd Generation Mobile Communication Technology

2009  The Realities of Building Information Modeling for Collaboration in the AEC Industry

2009  Recommendations for Improving Graduate Adviser-Advisee Communication

2009  Stream Sockets versus Web Services for High-Performance and Secure Structural Analysis in Internet Environments

2009  Understanding Collaborative Working Processes of Temporary Project Teams in Large-Scale Construction Projects

2009  Virtual Design Is No Magic Bullet

2009  Virtual Supervision in Construction Projects

2008  Characteristics of Road Travel Speed Data Collection Based on Mobile Phone Handover Location Technology

2008  Communicating Design Quality Requirements for Public Sector Design/Build Projects

2008  Communicating in Dynamic Conditions: How Do On-Site Construction Project Managers Do It?

2008  Fire Performance and Environmental Impact Evaluations of Communication Cable Installations with Unexpected Infrastructure Fire-Safety Implications

2008  Further Research and Application of Train Interconnecting Network System

2008  Implementing Web-Based Project Management Systems in the United States and Japan

2008  Management Mode of Supply Chain CSR Based on the Communication and Cooperation