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2015  Estimation of Potential Transportation and Building Energy Performance of Commercial Office Site Alternatives

2015  IFC-Based Graph Data Model for Topological Queries on Building Elements

2015  Maintenance Performance: Examination of the Computer-Aided Maintenance Data of a Large Commercial Building

2015  Modeling the Effect of Building Stakeholder Interactions on Value Perception of Sustainable Retrofits

2015  Participative Mechanisms to Improve Office Maintenance Performance and Customer Satisfaction

2015  Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  Target-Setting Practice for Loans for Commercial Energy-Retrofit Projects

2014  Barriers of Implementing Modern Methods of Construction

2014  Conceptual Framework to Optimize Building Energy Consumption by Coupling Distributed Energy Simulation and Occupancy Models

2014  Electrical Distribution Systems for Commercial Reference Building Models

2014  The Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters

2014  Framework to Evaluate Energy-Saving Potential from Occupancy Interventions in Typical Commercial Buildings in the United States

2014  Human-Building Interaction Framework for Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Systems in Office Buildings

2014  Integrated Design and Construction at the 250 West 55th Street Tower

2014  New York Times Building: Role of Selected Features

2014  On the Web (

2014  On the Web (

2014  Pearl River Tower: Design Integration towards Sustainability

2014  Significant Characteristics of Scheduled and Condition-Based Maintenance in Office Buildings

2014  Vapor Intrusion Investigation at a Site in New Jersey: A Field Study

2013  As-Is 3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Building Envelopes Using a Hybrid LIDAR System

2013  Carbon-Neutral Commercial Building Development

2013  The Comparative Analysis of the Commercial Housing Prices in Beijing and Harbin Based on the Stepwise Regression Model

2013  Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency of Glazing Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2013  Comparison of Shading Control Modes On Offices Space Energy Performance

2013  Creating "As-Operated" Whole-Building Energy Models for Existing Commercial Medium Sized Office Buildings-A Case Study

2013  From Old to New: Vibration Issues with Old Buildings and Their New Office Spaces

2013  High Performance Facades: The Effect of Sun Breakers on Daylighting Performance and Energy Consumption in South Oriented Office Spaces

2013  Hourly Plug Load Measurements and Profiles for a Medium Office Building - a Case Study

2013  Improving In-Building Asset Localization by Offset Vector and Convergence Calibration Methods

2013  Inclined to Succeed

2013  Influence of Social Sub-Networks on Energy Conservation from Occupancy Interventions in a Typical U.S. Commercial Building

2013  Information Exchange Requirements for Energy Audits in the Commercial Building Retrofit Sector

2013  King Abdullah Financial District Conference Center

2013  A Library of Standardized Model Components for Retail Plug Loads

2013  Management Practice to Achieve Energy Efficiency Performance: Green versus Conventional Office Building in Malaysia

2013  News2Note

2013  Peak Performance

2013  Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Control in HVAC-Operated Office Buildings

2013  Proposed Design Process for Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Building Retrofit Projects

2013  Provision of Environmentally Responsible Interior Design Solutions: Case Study of an Office Building

2013  Quantification of Particulate Matter from Commercial Building Excavation Activities Using Life-Cycle Approach

2013  A Semiotic Framework for Information Representation of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

2013  ’Top-Down’ Approach Resolves D.C. Hotel Project’s Deep Site Challenges

2012  Achieving the Green Building Council of Australia’s World Leadership Rating in an Office Building in Perth

2012  Agent-Based Modeling of Occupants and Their Impact on Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

2012  Assessment of a Building Settlement and the Litigation Process—A Case Study

2012  Comparative Study on the Carbon Footprints of Hotels

2012  Comparison of Design Risk Factors of Multistory Commercial Office Buildings

2012  Evaluation of On-Site Fuel Use and Emissions over the Duration of a Commercial Building Project

2012  Fire Damage Evaluation for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2012  High Performance Modular Building: Cost Effective Solutions for Design and Construction of a Sustainable Commercial Building

2012  Human-Building Interaction for Energy Conservation in Office Buildings

2012  Identifying Energy Auditing Process and Information Exchange Requirements for the Commercial Building Retrofit Sector

2012  Methodology for Estimating Emissions Inventories for Commercial Building Projects

2012  Methods of Improving the Traditional Commercial Building to Ecologically Sustainable Development Building (Green Building)

2012  A Novel Method for Non Intrusive Load Monitoring of Lighting Systems in Commercial Buildings

2012  Optimal Planning and Operation of Smart Grids with Electric Vehicle Interconnection

2012  Protecting Critical Facilities

2012  Sensitivity of Energy Simulation Models to Occupancy Related Parameters in Commercial Buildings

2012  Sustainable Luxury: Case Study of Two LEED Platinum Hotels

2012  Total Building Performance Approach in Building Evaluation: Case Study of an Office Building in Singapore

2012  Understanding the Influence of Occupant Behavior on Energy Consumption Patterns in Commercial Buildings

2012  Vibrations due to Walking in a Long-Cantilevered Office Building Structure

2012  Wind Turbulence and Load Sharing Effects on Ballasted Roof-Top Solar Arrays

2011  Accidental Eccentricity of Story Shear for Low-Rise Office Buildings

2011  An Agent-Based Approach to Model the Effect of Occupants’ Energy Use Characteristics in Commercial Buildings

2011  CityCenter’s Long Span Porte Cochères

2011  Costs and Benefits of IEQ Improvements in LEED Office Buildings

2011  The curved, tapering form of a hotel and residential tower planned for Wuhan, China, is designed to help the structure resist strong wind forces even as it rises to become one of the tallest buildings in the country and the world...

2011  Development of Concrete/Cold Formed Steel Composite Flexural Members

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. I: Experiments

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. II: Identification

2011  Earthquake Simulator Testing of Metal Building Systems

2011  The Feature Stair at Louis Vuitton in Crystals at CityCenter

2011  Generic Method of Grading Building Defects Using FMECA to Improve Maintainability Decisions

2011  Innovation in Vegas

2011  Measuring and Improving Rationale Clarity in a University Office Building Design Process

2011  Mushrooming Timber Structure Stands Out amid Spanish City’s Traditional Architecture

2011  A New Approach to Office Construction: Deacero Headquarters, Monterrey, Mexico

2011  New Rooftop Spa Crowns London Hotel Renovation

2011  NewsBriefs: Palace of Versailles Mansion to Be Converted into Luxury Hotel (NPR)

2011  San Antonio Convention Center: Anchored Diaphragm Wall for Temporary Shoring and Permanent Below Grade Structural Wall

2011  Savoy Hotel Refurbishment Raises Hanging Facade

2011  Seismic Design of Diagonal Strap Bracing Using AISI S213

2011  Speed and Grace

2011  Staircase Vibrations Due to Human Activity

2011  Towering Imagination

2011  Using the Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse Case Study in Engineering Education

2011  Variations on a Theme in Glass

2011  Wind Vulnerability Curves for Low-Rise Commercial-Residential Buildings in the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model

2010  A Building Losing Its Marble: Cladding Failures Due to Ongoing Corrosion

2010  Life-Cycle Assessment Modeling of Construction Processes for Buildings

2010  Performance-Based Evaluation for the 450m Nanjing Greenland Financial Center Main Tower

2009  Headquarters Building for the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), in Masdar City...

2009  NewsBriefs: Chicago’s Sears Tower To Be Renamed

2009  Rising from the Ashes: The West Baden Springs Hotel

2009  Under One Green Roof

2008  Crystal Clear

2008  Development of a Business Park in Karst Terrain