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2014  Active and Passive Specific Loads with Respect to the Stability and Free Vibrations of Columns

2014  Axial Compressive Behavior of Circular High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

2014  Axial Compressive Behavior of FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns Made of Normal- and High-Strength Concrete

2014  Behavior of Composite Beam-Column Joints in a Middle-Column-Removal Scenario: Experimental Tests

2014  Buckling and Postbuckling Finite-Element Analysis of Pultruded FRP Profiles under Pure Compression

2014  Column Group Analyses for Stone Column Reinforced Foundation

2014  Confinement of Columns and Wall Boundary Elements Using Headed Bars

2014  Determination of Impact Force History during Multicolumn Barge Flotilla Collisions against Bridge Piers

2014  Experimental, Numerical, and Analytical Studies of Stress and Displacement in Full-Scale Beds of Activated Alumina Granular Material for Space Life-Support Systems

2014  General Confinement Model Based on Nonlocal Information

2014  Ground Motion Duration Effects on Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  High-Carbon Fly Ash as a Reactive Medium in Permeable Sorptive Barriers: Batch and Column Experiments

2014  Impact of Cast-in-Place Concrete Column Construction Vibrations on Sensitive Occupancies

2014  Linear and Nonlinear Vibrations of a Column with an Internal Crack

2014  New Analysis Methodology for Dynamic Soil Characterization Using Free-Decay Response in Resonant-Column Testing

2014  Numerical Study of Shear Stress Distribution for Discrete Columns in Liquefiable Soils

2014  Optimum Design of Intermediate Support for Raising Fundamental Frequency of a Beam or Column under Compressive Axial Load

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Revision of Engesser’s Approach to the Problem of Euler Stability for Built-Up Columns with Batten Plates

2014  Seismic Response of Bridges with Rocking Foundations Compared to Fixed-Base Bridges at a Near-Fault Site

2014  Seismic Risk Assessment of Four-Span Bridges in Montreal Designed Using the Canadian Bridge Design Code

2014  Shake Table Studies of Energy-Dissipating Segmental Bridge Columns

2014  Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Numerical Modeling of Structures Impacted by Tsunami Bores

2013  Analysis on Dynamic Response of Pier Column Structure Surrounded by Sea Ice in Different Types of Earthquake

2013  Analytical Solution for the Consolidation of a Composite Foundation Reinforced by an Impervious Column with an Arbitrary Stress Increment

2013  Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns with a Square Outer Tube and a Circular Inner Tube Subjected to Axial Compression

2013  Behavior of RC Slab-Column Connections Strengthened with External CFRP Sheets and Subjected to Eccentric Loading

2013  Buckling Behavior and Failure of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Pultruded Short Columns

2013  Buckling of Built-Up Columns of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer C-Sections

2013  Buckling of Generic Higher-Order Shear Beam/Columns with Elastic Connections: Local and Nonlocal Formulation

2013  Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns Influenced by Local-Distortional Interaction: Strength and DSM Design

2013  Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes: Manufacture and Testing of New Forms Designed for Improved Performance

2013  Cyclic Behavior of FRP Concrete Bridge Pier Frames

2013  Cyclic Seismic Testing of Composite Concrete-Filled U-Shaped Steel Beam to H-Shaped Column Connections

2013  Design Guidelines for Rapid Repair of Earthquake-Damaged Circular RC Bridge Columns Using CFRP

2013  Development and Utilization of Structural Component Databases for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

2013  Developments on the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Angles

2013  Earthquake-Resisting System Optimization and Pushover Analysis in Seismic Design of Approach Spans of New South Park Bridge

2013  Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Circular Bridge Columns

2013  Effect of Stress Level and Binder Composition on Secondary Compression of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2013  Evaluation of Effective Soil Density in Resonant Column Tests

2013  Experimental Study of Cold-Formed Ferritic Stainless Steel Hollow Sections

2013  Experimental Study on Circular RC Bridge Columns under Combined Cyclic Flexural and Torsional Loadings

2013  Fragility Analysis of Retrofitted Multicolumn Bridge Bent Subjected to Near-Fault and Far-Field Ground Motion

2013  Free Vibrations and Stability of a New Slender System Subjected to a Conservative or Nonconservative Load

2013  Generalized Approach for Prediction of Jet Grout Column Diameter

2013  Integrity of Steel Single Plate Shear Connections Subjected to Simulated Column Removal

2013  Load Distribution on Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Column-Supported Embankments

2013  Local Buckling Restraining Behavior of Thin-Walled Circular CFT Columns under Seismic Loads

2013  Masonry Confinement Using Steel Cords

2013  Mode of Failure of a Group of Stone Columns in Soft Soil

2013  Numerical Simulation of Blast Wave Mitigations on RC Buildings via Improved Structural Configuration and Column Cross-Section Properties

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. II: Analysis

2013  Punching Shear Resistance of Interior GFRP Reinforced Slab-Column Connections

2013  Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Containing Buckled and Fractured Reinforcement by Plastic Hinge Relocation

2013  Response of Infinite Beams on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Bed over Soft Soil with Stone Columns under Moving Loads

2013  Rigid Spread Footings Resting on Soil Subjected to Axial Load and Biaxial Bending. II: Design Aids

2013  Robustness of Prototype Steel Frame Buildings against Column Loss: Assessment and Comparisons

2013  Seismic Behavior of High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Columns

2013  Seismic Design Parameters for the Link Column Frame System

2013  Seismic Resistance of Socket Connection between Footing and Precast Column

2013  Seismic Stability Response of Columns in Multi-Tiered Braced Steel Frames for Industrial Applications

2013  Shallow Flat Soffit Precast Concrete Floor System

2013  Stability Failure Modes of Rigid Column-Supported Embankments

2013  Test on Torsion Behavior of CFST Columns Subjected to Complex Load

2013  Versatile Method for the Design of Steel Compression Members

2013  Vibration of a Two-Section Standing Column

2013  Vulnerability of Disproportionate Collapse in Older Flat Plate Buildings Subjected to Sudden Removal of a Bearing Column

2013  Weak-Axis Behavior of Wide Flange Columns Subjected to Blast

2012  Analysis of Foundations Reinforced with Jet Grouting

2012  Assessment of Ground Improvement with Improved Columns by Surface Wave Testing

2012  Closed-Form Solution of Critical Force of a Cantilever Column with Tip Mass Subjected to a Subtangential Follower Force

2012  Collapse Behavior and Ultimate Earthquake Resistance of Weak Column Type Multi-Story Steel Frame with RHS Columns

2012  Collapse Performance Evaluation of Steel Buildings after Loss of Columns

2012  Compressive Behavior of Longitudinally Cracked Timber Columns Retrofitted Using FRP Sheets

2012  Cutter Soil Mixed Columns for an LNG Export Tank Foundation

2012  Cyclic Behavior of Hybrid Columns Made of Ultra High Performance Concrete and Fiber Reinforced Polymers

2012  Design Strength of Locally Buckling Stub-Lipped Channel Columns

2012  Design-Oriented Strength Model for FRP-Confined Concrete Members

2012  Dynamic Analysis of Multihazard-Resistant Bridge Piers Having Concrete-Filled Steel Tube under Blast Loading

2012  Dynamic Response Reduction of Cantilevered Columns by Anchored Constrained Viscoelastic Layer Treatments

2012  Effect of Discrete Columns on Shear Stress Distribution in Liquefiable Soil

2012  Elastoplastic Finite-Element Analysis of FRP-Confined Masonry Columns

2012  Finite Element Analysis on Seismic Behavior of Steel Beam to T-Shaped CFT Column Connections

2012  The Finite Element Analysis on Torsional Behavior of CFRP Reinforced RC Columns Subjected to Combined Action of Force

2012  Global Interventions for Seismic Upgrading of Substandard RC Buildings

2012  A Hollow Sphere Model to Dimension Soilcrete Columns

2012  Impact Behaviors of CFT and CFRP Confined CFT Stub Columns

2012  Influence of Buildability Factors on Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of Columns

2012  Influence of Slenderness on High-Strength Rectangular Concrete-Filled Tubular Columns with Axial Load and Nonconstant Bending Moment

2012  Lattice Shear Reinforcement for Enhancement of Slab-Column Connections

2012  Linked Column Framing System Analyses toward Experimental Validation

2012  Longitudinal Stiffeners in Concrete-Filled Tubes

2012  Modeling and Validation of RC Columns Seismically Retrofitted Using Shape Memory Spiral

2012  Modeling Structural Degradation of RC Bridge Columns Subjected to Earthquakes and Their Fragility Estimates

2012  Murrah Building Collapse: Reassessment of the Transfer Girder

2012  Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for Cyclic Behavior of Thin-Walled Stiffened Rectangular Steel Columns with In-Filled Concrete

2012  Normalized Confinement Stiffness Approach for Modeling FRP-Confined Concrete

2012  Numerical Simulation of Column Supported Embankments with Geosynthetic Encased Columns: Influence of Soft Soil Constitutive Model

2012  A Possibility to Use 2.0 m Column Spacing is Investigated by Using the FEM-analyses and the Measurement of the Vertical and Horizontal Movements and the Pore Pressure