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2015  Fatigue Life of Wind Turbine Tower Bases throughout Colorado

2015  Updated Inventory and Assessment of Curbs and Gutters in Denver, Colorado

2013  Benchmarking DARF, Design Storms, and Temporal Distribution Procedures for Hydrologic Design

2013  Developing Corn Regional Crop Coefficients Using a Satellite-Based Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) in the South Platte River Basin of Colorado

2013  Finite-Element Analyses of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls Subjected to Midlevel Seismic Loads

2013  Gunnison Tunnel: Engineering History of an Early American Reclamation Project

2013  An Insight into Molecular Scale Interactions and In-situ Nanomechanical Properties of Kerogen in Green River Oil Shale

2013  Monitoring and Mitigation of Movements Affecting Foundations on Expansive Soils in Colorado

2013  Real-Time Water Network Modeling in the Control Room: City of Boulder Case Study

2013  Slope Stability and Rock-Fall Monitoring with a Remote Interferometric Radar System

2013  Stability Analyses for a 200-foot-high Dam Requiring Staged Construction

2013  Stabilizing Colorado’s Rock Slopes by Gluing, Scanning, and Bolting

2013  Translating Wind-Speed Measurements over Alfalfa Having Varying Height for Use in the ASCE Standardized Reference ET Equation

2013  Tunneling Through the K-T Boundary for the Southern Delivery System South 1 Pipeline - Pueblo, Colorado

2013  Weld After Backfill for Single Lap Welding and Weld After Backfill Demonstration for the Southern Delivery System Project

2012  Airfield Safety and Capacity Improvements, Case Studies on Successful Projects

2012  Assessing the Impact of Irrigation Return Flow on River Salinity for Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley

2012  Behavior of Full-Scale Energy Foundations in Denver, Colorado

2012  Challenges for Debris-Flow Mitigation in Colorado: Helpful Ideas from Recent Research

2012  City of Westminster’s Sewer Collection System Assessment Program: A Case Study

2012  Collaborative Bidding Approach for the Tollgate Creek Interceptor

2012  Colorado City Plans Enhancements to South Platte River

2012  Colorado Dam Modified to Include Innovative Fishways and Boat Passage

2012  Colorado’s Northern High Plains and Camp Creek Designated Ground Water Basin Boundaries: Hydrology Really Does Matter

2012  Crossing the Canyon: The Navajo Bridge

2012  Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment and Model Validation, Medano Fire, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

2012  Effective Use of an Underdrain System in Construction on Expansive Subsoils

2012  Energy Consumption of Housing: A Case Study of RE and SB Construction in Northern Colorado

2012  Environmental Implications of Residential Greywater Use: A Case Study of Glade Reservoir in Northern Colorado

2012  Estimating the Probability of Storm Runoff Impacts in a Burned Watershed

2012  Evaluation of a Sinkhole at Beaver Park Dam, Colorado, Guided by Risk Analysis

2012  Front matter

2012  GeoChallenges, Rising to the Geotechnical Challenges of Colorado

2012  Inspection and Rating of the Platte River Bridge in Denver

2012  Lessons Learned from the Multi-Year Assessment of the Homestake Transmission Pipeline

2012  The Misbehavior of the Laramie Formation Claystones

2012  Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Using Different Neural Network Techniques in Foundation Creek, El Paso County, Colorado

2012  NewsBriefs: Colorado DOT Puts Bridge Up for Adoption (Colorado Department of Transportation)

2012  Perennial Infiltration-Induced Instability of Interstate 70 Embankment West of the Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnels

2012  Regional Assessment of Soil Water Salinity across an Intensively Irrigated River Valley

2012  Seismic and Electrical 3D Imaging to Aid in Landslide Remediation Design, East Fork Landslide, Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

2012  Semiquantitative Analysis of Water Appropriations and Allocations in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, Colorado

2012  South Platte River Segment 15 Phase II Habitat Improvements

2012  Survey of Colorado Housing Authorities’ Utilization of Green Building Technology

2012  Templeton Gap Floodway Levees, Investigation, and Mitigation of Mine Subsidence

2012  Validation and Guidance for Submerged Lateral Flow Weir Design

2011  The Benefits of Using a Geospatial Airport Pavement Management System at Denver and Tampa International Airports

2011  A Channel for Life: Gunnison Tunnel

2011  Commercial Vehicle Travel Patterns in Urban Areas: Findings and Implications from the Denver Metropolitan Area

2011  Covering It All

2011  Denver Water’s Assessment of Interior Polyurethane Coating of 108 Inch Water Pipeline

2011  Groundwater Model Shortens Remediation Project by 20 Years

2011  Impact of Shallow Groundwater on Evapotranspiration Losses from Uncultivated Land in an Irrigated River Valley

2011  Innovative Pipeline Cost Estimating for Colorado Water Supply Planning

2011  Long-Range Forecasting of Colorado Streamflows Based on Hydrologic, Atmospheric, and Oceanic Data

2011  NewsBriefs: Newly Discovered Seismic Fault Could Produce Powerful Earthquake in Rockies (Reuters)

2011  Prioritizing Water Main Renewals: Case Study of the Denver Water System

2011  Prototype Decision Support System for Operations on the Gunnison Basin with Improved Forecasts

2011  Providing for Aurora

2011  Rehabilitation of Brazos River and Colorado River Pipeline Bridges

2011  Restoration of Data Collection System at Denver International Airport

2011  Risk-Based Linear Asset Management at Fort Collins Utilities

2011  A Tourist Destination: The Royal Gorge Bridge

2011  Using a Surface Energy Balance Model to Calculate Spatially Distributed Actual Evapotranspiration

2011  Using Geotextiles to Repair Cracked Earth Dams

2010  A 2050 Vision for Colorado’s Water Supply Future

2010  Applying Principles of Denver Strategic Transportation Plan: East Side Corridor

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. I: Current Methodology

2010  Bridge Health Index for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. II: Denver Bridge Health Index

2010  Case Study: Heave Potential Associated with Ettringite Formation in Lime Treated Materials for an Aurora, Colorado, Roadway

2010  Collaborative Modeling for Water Supply Controversies in Colorado: Technical Challenges and Lessons Learned

2010  Colorado Earthquakes and Seismic Hazard

2010  Colorado Utility Taps Dam for Drinking Water

2010  Denver RTD Awards Multibillion-Dollar Commuter Rail Contract

2010  Design of the Colorado Ocean Relief Sewer Project

2010  Environmental and Recreational Water Needs: A Colorado Case Study

2010  Evaluation, Inspection, and Rehabilitation of a Major Storm Sewer in the City of Aurora, Colorado

2010  Evolutionary Algorithm Memory Enhancement for Real-Time CSO Control

2010  Excavation Support and Micropile Underpinning in Vail, Colorado

2010  GeoTrends, The Progress of Geological and Geotechnical Engineering in Colorado at the Cusp of a New Decade

2010  Head to Head Comparison of Large Diameter Leak Detection Methods in Denver, CO

2010  High Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Highway Pavements

2010  Implementation of a Risk Based Asset Management Program: Aurora Water’s Story

2010  Interactions among Flood Predictions, Decisions, and Outcomes: Synthesis of Three Cases

2010  Interceptor Construction in an Urban Area — How the City of Aurora Managed Competing Interests by Considering Constructability and Routing

2010  Lunar and Planetary Excavation Prototype Development and Testing at the Colorado School of Mines

2010  Managing Challenges Building the Aurora Prairie Waters Project

2010  Project Management Information Systems for Pipeline Design and Construction — PrairieNet

2010  Rating City and County of Denver Urban Pavement Constructability Using a Profiler

2010  Realizing the Benefits of the Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) Process: Federal Boulevard (5th Avenue to Howard Place), Denver, Colorado

2010  River GeoDSS for Agroenvironmental Enhancement of Colorado’s Lower Arkansas River Basin. I: Model Development and Calibration

2010  Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) in the City of Aurora: A Municipal Owner’s Perspective

2010  Shared Vision Planning for Clean Water Act Permits: An Experiment in Colorado

2010  Site Characterization and Modeling for an Underground Water Storage Tank, Black Hawk, Colorado

2010  Stabilization Project Will Preserve Dinosaur Quarry Site

2010  A Successful Strategy for Environmental Permitting of an Aggressively Scheduled Major Water Supply Project

2010  Thirty Years of Excavation Shoring Design and Construction Progress in Denver, Colorado

2010  Trenchless Crossing of the South Platte River: A Case Study in Risk Management

2010  The Use of Geophysical Methods to Detect Abandoned Mine Workings

2010  Watershed-Scale Impacts of Nitrogen from On-Site Wastewater Systems: Parameter Sensitivity and Model Calibration