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Found 32 Records with the keyword term of "Colloids"

2011  Transport and Deposition of Suspended Soil Colloids in Saturated Sand Columns

2009  Colloid Transport through Natural Filter Media

2009  Colloidal Silica Transport through Liquefiable Porous Media

2009  Transport of Colloids and Associated Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals through a Natural Media Filter

2007  Full-Scale Field Testing of Colloidal Silica Grouting for Mitigation of Liquefaction Risk

2007  Stabilization of Liquefiable Soils Using Colloidal Silica Grout

2006  Electrocoagulation of Silica Nanoparticles in Wafer Polishing Wastewater by a Multichannel Flow Reactor: A Kinetic Study

2006  Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Treatment of Hardened Cement Paste for Reduction of Permeability

2006  Transport of Edible Oil Emulsions in Clayey Sands: One-Dimensional Column Results and Model Development

2002  Effects of Background Water Composition on Stream–Subsurface Exchange of Submicron Colloids

2000  Effect of Calcium on Lead in Soft-Water Distribution Systems

2000  Experimental Study of Horizontal Barrier Formation by Colloidal Silica

1999  Dissolved Component Recovery Following Resin Exchange Based DOM Fractionation

1997  Grouting Materials for Ground Treatment: A Practitioner’s Guide

1997  Injection of Colloidal Fe0 Particles in Sand with Shear-Thinning Fluids

1997  Zero-Valent Iron Colloid Emplacement in Sand Columns

1996  Diffusive Transport of Organic Colloids from Sediment Beds

1996  Dimensional Analysis of Colloid-Facilitated Ground-Water Contaminant Transport

1995  Detachment of Humics-Coated Colloids from Fluidized Beds

1995  Fouling of Reverse Osmosis Membranes by Aluminum Oxide Colloids

1995  Implications of Colloids on the Performance of a HLW Repository

1995  Sorption of Radionuclides at Tracer Level on Mineral Colloids

1994  How Should the Migration and Retardation of Colloids be Characterized?

1994  Movement of Colloids Under Hydraulic Gradients

1993  Are Colloids Important for Transport Rate Assessment of Radionuclides? A Microscopic Modeling Approach

1993  Incorporation of Submicron Colloids into Larger Floc in Water Treatment

1993  Open Channels in Fractures Maintained by Deposition and Erosion of Colloids

1991  Characteristics of Colloids in Landfill Leachate

1974  Protection of E. Coli in Montmorillonite in Seawater

1971  Hydrolysis of Lipids in Wastewater

1966  Foam Separation for Water Clarification

1965  Water Purification by Forced-Flow Electrophoresis