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Found 87 Records with the keyword term of "Collapsible soils"

2014  Novel Approach to Consolidation Theory of Structured and Collapsible Soils

2013  Liquefaction, Lateral Stress, Consolidation State, and Aging

2013  Numerical Modeling of Piles in Collapsible Soil Subjected to Inundation

2012  The State of the Practice in Foundation Engineering on Expansive and Collapsible Soils

2011  One Dimensional Consolidation of Collapsible Soils: Elastic vs. Elasto-Plastic Analyses

2010  Dynamic Compaction of Collapsible Soils Based on U.S. Case Histories

2010  Performance of Reinforced Collapsible Soil

2009  Oedometer Behavior of an Artificial Cemented Highly Collapsible Soil

2009  Optimization of Compaction Grouting in Collapsible Soils

2008  Dynamic Response of Unsaturated Non-Collapsible and Collapsible Deposits

2008  Egyptian Collapsible Soils and Their Improvement

2008  Leak Induced Settlement of Buried Pipelines in Collapsible Soil

2008  Response of Collapsible Soils to Various Landscape and Drainage Conditions

2008  The Treatment of Collapsible Loess Soils Using Cement Materials

2007  Collapse Behavior of Compacted Silty Clay in Suction-Monitored Oedometer Apparatus

2006  Coupled hydro-Mechanical Analysis of the Construction of Earth Fills Compacted with Collapsible Soils

2006  An Empirical Relationship for Predicting Soil Collapsibility due to Soaking under Compression and Shear

2006  Mandel-Cryer Effect in Unsaturated Soils

2006  Pavement Engineering Parameters for Thai Collapsible Soil

2006  Preliminary Observation on Volumetric Behavior of Unsaturated Collapsible Loess

2006  Relationship between Collapse and Soil-Water Retention Curve of a Sandy Soil

2006  Study of the Infiltration of Water Through Collapsible Soil

2005  Advanced Direct Shear Testing for Collapsible Soils with Water Content and Matric Suction Measurement

2005  Three-Dimensional Constitutive Model for Partially and Fully Saturated Soils

2004  Unsaturated Constitutive Surfaces from Pressuremeter Tests

2002  Collapsible Soil Engineering in Highway Infrastructure Development

2001  Microstructure of a Chinese Loess from Shanxi Province

2000  Volume Change Behavior of Collapsible Compacted Gneiss Soil

1998  Optimum Moisture Content for Dynamic Compaction of Collapsible Soils

1997  Collapsible Soils Engineering

1997  Engineering Experience With In-Situ Modification of Collapsible and Expansive Soils

1995  Archimedes, Buoyancy, and Quicksand

1995  Bedrock, Caverns, and Sinks

1995  Collapsible Soils and Sand Dunes

1995  The Day the House Fell

1995  The Day the House Fell, Homeowner Soil Problems—from Landslides to Expansive Clays and Wet Basements

1995  Down-Hole Collapse Test System

1995  The Final Shakedown: Earthquakes

1995  Front Matter

1995  Frost Action

1995  Getting Control of Expansive Clay

1995  Glacial Action

1995  How to Stop a Landslide

1995  Index

1995  It’s a Gas

1995  Jack and Jill Do Their House on the Hill

1995  Mines and Landfills

1995  The No. 1 Foundation Problem, Expansive Clay

1995  River Tales

1995  Slopes Alive

1995  There’s Many a Slip: An Overview of Landslides

1995  Uncharitable Foundations

1995  Walls Calling

1995  The Well in the Basement

1995  Where the Action Is Compaction

1994  Case History of a Collapsible Soil Fill

1994  Cyclic Behavior of Partially Saturated Collapsible Soils Subjected to Water Permeation

1994  Identification and Characterization of Collapsible Gravels

1994  In-Situ Deep Soil Improvement

1994  Mitigation Measures for Small Structures on Collapsible Alluvial Soils

1994  U.S. Experience with Dynamic Compaction of Collapsible Soils

1993  Evaluation of In-Place Wetting Using Soil Suction Measurements

1993  A Laboratory Procedure for Partial-Wetting Collapse Determination

1993  Plate-Load Tests of Collapsible Soils

1992  Evaluation and Control of Collapsible Soils

1991  Sample Disturbance of Cemented Collapsible Soils

1991  Stabilization of Collapsible Alluvial Soil Using Dynamic Compaction

1991  Stress Ratio Effects on Collapse of Compacted Clayey Sand

1990  Sample Disturbance of Collapsible Soil

1990  Settlement and Moisture Movement in Collapsible Soils

1989  Characterization of a Site Underlain by Deep Collapsing Soils

1989  Collapsible Soils in the Antelope Valley—California

1989  Foundation Engineering, Current Principles and Practices

1989  Identification and Characterization of the Collapsing Alluvial Soils of the Western United States

1989  State-of-the-Practice Mitigation Measures for Collapsible Soil Sites

1989  A Use of Geostatistics to Predict the Occurrence of Collapsing Soils

1988  Pavement Problems Caused by Collapsible Subgrades

1988  Prediction of Field Collapse of Soils Due to Wetting

1987  Laboratory Experiment of Intermittent Immersion on Collapsible Loess

1987  Soil Improvement Committee—Admixtures Report

1983  Alluvial Fan Hazards at Glenwood Springs

1981  Construction of Large Canal on Collapsing Soils

1981  Design Considerations for Collapsible Soils

1967  Stability Problems of Collapsing Soil

1966  Closure of "Stability Problems of Collapsing Soil"

1966  Discussion of "Stability Problems of Collapsing Soil"

1966  Stability Problems of Collapsing Soil