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2015  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete Mixes in Hawaii: Determination and Implications for Concrete Pavement Design

2015  Effect of Internal Water Pressure on the Measured Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete

2015  Numerical Simulation of Chloride-Induced Corrosion Initiation in Reinforced Concrete Structures with Cracks

2015  Potential Energy Savings by Reducing Rolling Resistance of Dutch Road Pavements

2015  Simulation of Wind Pressures on a Target Low-Rise Building in Large Group by RANS Turbulence Model

2015  Soil Resilient Modulus Regressed from Physical Properties and Influence of Seasonal Variation on Asphalt Pavement Performance

2014  Combining the Crop Coefficient of Winter Wheat and Summer Maize with a Remotely Sensed Vegetation Index for Estimating Evapotranspiration in the North China Plain

2014  Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Experimental Jet Erosion Tests Results

2014  Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Triangular Sharp-Crested Weirs Using Low-Speed Photographic Technique

2014  Discharge Coefficient of a Trapezoidal Broad-Crested Side Weir for Low Approach Froude Numbers

2014  Discharge Coefficient of Circular-Crested Weirs Based on a Combination of Flow around a Cylinder and Circulation

2014  Effect of External Loads on Chloride Diffusion Coefficient of Concrete with Fly Ash and Blast Furnace Slag

2014  Effect of Short-Term and Long-Term Persistence on Identification of Temporal Trends

2014  Equivalent Roughness of Submerged Obstacles in Open-Channel Flows

2014  Establishing Sensitivity of Distribution Coefficient on Various Attributes of a Soil-Contaminant System

2014  Evaluation of Parameter Characteristics of a Storage Function Model

2014  Full-Range Solution for the Theis Well Function

2014  Hyperbolic Fit Method for Interpretation of Piezocone Dissipation Tests

2014  Investigation of Evaporative Mass Transfer with Turbulent-Forced Convection Air Flow over Roughness Elements

2014  Lateral Earth Pressures Acting on Circular Retaining Walls

2014  Measurements of Fluctuation in Drag Acting on Rigid Cylinder Array in Open Channel Flow

2014  Method for Estimating Concentration Time and Storage Coefficient of the Clark Model Using Rainfall-Runoff Measurements

2014  Performance Diagnosis for Turbojet Engines Based on Flight Data

2014  Practical Formulas for the Refraction Coefficient

2014  Restrained Torsion of Thin-Walled Beams

2014  Stage-Discharge Prediction in Compound Channels

2014  Stiffness and Damping of Clean Quartz Sand with Various Grain-Size Distribution Curves

2014  Straightforward Transient-Based Approach for the Creep Function Determination in Viscoelastic Pipes

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2014  Volume Change Behavior of Fly Ash-Montmorillonite Clay Mixtures

2014  Volume-Based Runoff Coefficients for Urban Catchments

2013  Actual Crop Evapotranspiration and Alfalfa- and Grass-Reference Crop Coefficients of Maize under Full and Limited Irrigation and Rainfed Conditions

2013  Alfalfa Water Use and Crop Coefficients across the Watershed: From Theory to Practice

2013  Analysis of Retroreflection Coefficient Influenced by Vehicle Headlamps

2013  Analytic Solution to the Modified Mild-Slope Equation for Reflection by a Rectangular Breakwater with Scour Trenches

2013  Analytical Solution for Long-Wave Reflection by a General Breakwater or Trench with Curvilinear Slopes

2013  Burial Diagenesis of Deep Sea Chalk as Reflected in Biot’s Coefficient

2013  Change in Biot’s Effective Stress Coefficient of Chalk During Pore Collapse

2013  Comparison of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation with Dissolved Oxygen Dissipation and Reaeration

2013  Computing Geometric and Mass Properties of Culturally Important Statues for Rigid Body Rocking

2013  Crowdedness Classification Method for Island Platform in Metro Station

2013  Deformation of Reef Breakwaters and Wave Transmission

2013  Determination of Evapotranspiration and Annual Biomass Productivity of a Cactus Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica L. (Mill.)] Orchard in a Semiarid Environment

2013  Developing Corn Regional Crop Coefficients Using a Satellite-Based Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) in the South Platte River Basin of Colorado

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Baffle-Sluice Gates

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Orifices Cut into Round Pipes

2013  Effect of Uniformity Coefficient on G/Gmax and Damping Ratio of Uniform to Well-Graded Quartz Sands

2013  Effects of Particle Size Distribution on Shear Strength of Accumulation Soil

2013  Efficient Numerical Evaluation of Semianalytical Models for Squeeze Film Damping for Torsion Mirrors

2013  Energy Absorption Performance of Staggered Triangular Honeycombs under In-Plane Crushing Loadings

2013  Evaluating the In Situ Lateral Stress Coefficient (K0) of Soils via Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2013  Evaluation of Collapse Potential and the Response Modification Coefficient of SCBFs

2013  Evaluation of Geotechnical Property Variability

2013  Experimental Evaluation of Soil-Pipe Friction Coefficients for Coated Steel Pipes

2013  Experimental Evidence of Erosion of Critical Load in Interactive Buckling

2013  Extended Blockage Detection in Pipes Using the System Frequency Response: Analytical Analysis and Experimental Verification

2013  Flood Routing Simulation and System Customization for a High-Leakage River Channel in China

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. I: Discharge Relationships

2013  Identifiability Analysis of Wall Decay Coefficients in Water Distribution Water Quality Model

2013  Influence Analysis of Crosswind on Handling Stability of Tractor Semi-Trailer in Double Lane Change Situation

2013  Influence of Flow Width on Mean Velocity of Debris Flows in Wide Open Channel

2013  Influence of Sign Retro-Reflection with Vehicle Headlights under Mesopic Vision Conditions

2013  Inversion Calculation of Permeability Coefficient with the Multi-Scale Asymptotic Expansion Method

2013  Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Porous Media Filled with Electrolyte

2013  Load Coefficient for Ditch Conduits Covered with Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Backfill

2013  Local Calibration of MEPDG for Flexible Pavements in New Mexico

2013  Local Head Loss Coefficients of Riffle Pools in Gravel-Bed Rivers

2013  Local Head-Loss Coefficient at the Rectangular Transition from a Free-Surface Channel to a Conduit

2013  Lysimetric Determination of Coriandrum sativum L. Water Requirement and Single and Dual Crop Coefficients in a Semiarid Climate

2013  Micromechanical Model for Predicting Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. I: Theory and Numerical Implementation

2013  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam-Columns on Nonlinear Three-Parameter Viscoelastic Foundation. II: Applications and Validation

2013  Numerical Simulation of the Three-Component Force Coefficient of a Bridge Section

2013  Numerically Simulating the Aerodynamic Interference Effect of Mean Aerodynamic Force Coefficients on Configurations of Bluff Bodies in Tandem

2013  Oxygen Transfer by Air Injection in Horizontal Pipe Flow

2013  Persulfate Treatment of Dissolved Gasoline Compounds

2013  Pile Setup in Cohesive Soil. I: Experimental Investigation

2013  Pile Setup in Cohesive Soil. II: Analytical Quantifications and Design Recommendations

2013  Principal Factor Analysis for Forecasting Diurnal Water-Demand Pattern Using Combined Rough-Set and Fuzzy-Clustering Technique

2013  Rate-Based Estimation of the Runoff Coefficients for Selected Watersheds in Texas

2013  Regionalization of the Hargreaves Coefficient for the Assessment of Distributed Reference Evapotranspiration in Southern Italy

2013  Return Period Adjustment for Runoff Coefficients Based on Analysis in Undeveloped Texas Watersheds

2013  Revised Coefficients for Priestley-Taylor and Makkink-Hansen Equations for Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration

2013  Role of Particle Angularity on the Mechanical Behavior of Granular Mixtures

2013  Sensitivity of Land-Use Change to Streamflow in Chaobai River Basin

2013  Simple Shear Flow of Collisional Granular-Fluid Mixtures

2013  Simulation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on the Aerodynamics of Rectangular Prisms

2013  Spatially Variable Dispersion Coefficients in Meandering Channels

2013  Study on the Modified Coefficient of Dynamic Penetration Rod Length

2013  Thermal Pressurisation Coefficient During Heating and Rapid Hydrostatic Loading of Porous Media

2013  THM Modeling of the CO2 Injection in Coal: Influence of Biot’s Coefficient and Langmuir’S Adsorption Parameters

2013  Time-Varying Input-Output Inoperability Model

2013  Transverse Mixing Coefficient on Dunes with Vegetation on a Channel Wall

2013  Using Thermal Units for Crop Coefficient Estimation and Irrigation Scheduling Improves Yield and Water Productivity of Corn ( Zea mays L.)

2013  Variability of Mass Transfer Coefficient with Roughness Elements and Approach Flow Velocity

2013  V-Shaped Multislit Weirs

2012  Age and Moisture Effects on Thermal Expansion of Concrete Pavement Slabs

2012  The Analysis of Wind Vibration Coefficient of Long-Span Dome Structures with Different Thickness

2012  Arced Labyrinth Weirs

2012  Contaminant Mass Transfer from NAPLs to Water Studied in a Continuously Stirred Flow-Through Reactor