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2012  Anthropogenic Effects on Coastal Sediment Fluxes in a Nontidal Gulf System

2011  Flow Dynamics and Bed Resistance of Wave Propagation over Bed Ripples

2011  Lagrangian Model for Simulating the Dispersal of Sand-Sized Particles in Coastal Waters

2010  Climate Links and Variability of Extreme Sea-Level Events at Key West, Pensacola, and Mayport, Florida

2010  Influence of Physical Forcing on Bottom-Water Dissolved Oxygen within Caloosahatchee River Estuary, Florida

2009  Hydrostatic versus Nonhydrostatic Euler-Equation Modeling of Nonlinear Internal Waves

2009  Review of Waves in Oceanic and Coastal Waters by Leo H. Holthuijsen

2009  Stochastic Model for Embayed Beaches

2008  Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models: Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999) Hindcast

2008  Field Verification of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking in the Surf Zone

2006  Development and Validation of a Quasi-Three-Dimensional Coastal Area Morphological Model

2006  Explicit Expression for Beach Response to Non-Stationary Forcing near a Groyne

2005  Formula for Sediment Transport in Rivers, Estuaries, and Coastal Waters

2005  Tests of Capability and Reliability of a Model Simulating Coastal Processes

2003  Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications by Robert G. Dean and Robert A. Dalrymple

2003  Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications by Robert G. Dean and Robert A. Dalrymple

2003  Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications by Robert G. Dean and Robert A. Dalrymple

2002  Coastal Processes in Tideless Seas by R. D. Kos’yan, N. V. Pykhov, and B. L. Edge

2001  An Absorbing Multidirectional Wavemaker for Coastal Applications

2001  Advances in Understanding Sea-Level Variability around New Zealand

2001  Application of Discrete Vortex Method Modelling for Studies of Local Eddy Generation in Coastal Waters

2001  Coastal Dynamics ’01

2001  Coastal Engineering 2000

2001  Coastal Evolution of Temryuk Gulf

2001  Coastal Steepening in Denmark

2001  Criteria to Assess the Impact of Sand Volume Removed on the Nearshore Wave Climate

2001  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Indices

2001  Designing with Models

2001  The Dissipation of Waves over a Rippled Bed

2001  Distributed System for Coastal Infrastructure Modeling and Assessment

2001  The Effect of Bedforms on Coastal Sediment Transport

2001  Effect of Wind Waves on Distribution of Muddy Bottom Sediments in Baltimore Harbor, USA

2001  El Niño and La Niña: Erosion Processes and Impacts

2001  Estuary Processes Investigation; New South Wales, Australia

2001  Evaluation of Sediment Transport Processes in the Port of Fortaleza—Brazil

2001  Factors Controlling Navigation-Channel Shoaling in Laguna Madre, Texas

2001  Field Observations of Sea-Salt Quantity Transported Landward by Winter Monsoon

2001  Forced and Free Long Waves Generated by Winter Storms and Typhoons

2001  Fractal Behaviour in Nearshore Processes

2001  Generation of Long Wave Energy in Coastal Bays

2001  The Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Coastal Erosion

2001  Long-Term Modelling of the Holland Coast Using a Multi-Layer Model

2001  Observation of Wave Set-Up Height in a River Mouth

2001  Observations of Surf Beat Propagation and Energetics

2001  An Overview of Coastal Erosion along Taiwan Coast

2001  Predicting Shoreline Change at Decadal Scale in the Pacific Northwest, USA

2001  A Probabilistic Process Model of Cliff Recession

2001  Processes Governing Rip Spacing, Persistence, and Strength in a Swell Dominated, Microtidal Environment

2001  Sand Spit Formation in a Simulated River Mouth

2001  Shoreface Sand Supply to Beaches

2001  A Three-Dimensional Model for Wind and Wave-Induced Coastal Currents, and Its Verification by ADCP Observations in the Nearshore Zone

2001  Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure and Suspended Sediments at Coral Reefs in Teluk Banten, Indonesia

2001  Time-Dependent Eddy Viscosity Models for Wave Boundary Layers

2001  Verification of a Cross-Shore Profile Model Using Field Data

2001  Wave Setup in River Entrances

2000  Appendix

2000  The Beach: A Pile of Sand

2000  Characterization of Testing Sites Description of Experiments, and Observation Data

2000  Coastal Processes in Tideless Seas

2000  Coastal Wave Measurement and Forecast System: Preliminary Results and Model Selection

2000  The Collision of Surf, Sand, and the Law at Lechuza Beach: Coastal Processes and Public-Private Shore Boundaries

2000  Conclusions

2000  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport and Variability of the Underwater Slope Profile

2000  Developing a Capability to Forecast Coastal Ocean Optics: Minerogenic Scattering

2000  Elementary Hydrodynamic Transport Processes

2000  A Framework for Integrated Modeling of Coupled Hydrodynamic–Sedimentary–Ecological Processes

2000  Front Matter

2000  High Performance Estuarine and Coastal Environmental Modeling: The CH3D Example

2000  Hydrodynamic modeling for the 1998 Lake Michigan Coastal Turbidity Plume Event

2000  Index

2000  Longshore Sediment Transport

2000  Measuring Methods

2000  Modeling of Tide-Induced Circulation near a Strait

2000  MORWIN: Collaborative Modeling of Coastal Morphodynamics

2000  Nearshore Hydrodynamics

2000  A PC-Based Visualization System for Coastal Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling

2000  Quadtree Grids for Dispersion and Inverse Flow Models

2000  References

2000  Sand Rights ’99, Bringing Back the Beaches

2000  Simulating Morphodynamical Processes on a Parallel System

2000  Simultaneous LIF and PIV Measurements of a Laboratory Modeled Coastal Plume

2000  Study of Bed Microforms in the Nearshore Zone

2000  Suspended Sediment in the Nearshore Zone

2000  A Three-Dimensional Shear Dispersion Model Applied to Georges Bank

2000  Typical and Extreme Responses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Coastal Plume to Riverine Forcing

2000  An Unsteady Finite Volume Circulation Model

1999  Aircraft Laser Altimetry for Coastal Process Studies

1999  Analysis of Wave Data at Sines

1999  The Art of Coastal Engineering

1999  Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event

1999  Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone of Irregular Waves and their Reproduction by a Cross-Shore Beach Deformation Model

1999  The Circulation over a Longshore Bar with Rip Channels

1999  Coastal Change—Scales of Processes and Dimensions of Problems

1999  Coastal Engineering

1999  Coastal Erosion at Keta Lagoon, Ghana—Large Scale Solution to a Large Scale Problem

1999  Coastal Erosion Caused by Construction of an Artificial Island and Performance of Beach Nourishment

1999  Coastal Impacts of the Pensacola Pass Entrance, Florida, U.S.A.

1999  Coastal Response to a Detached Breakwater System: Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

1999  Coastal Sediment Transport: The COAST3D Project

1999  Coastal Sediments