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2015  Corps Outlines Plan for Boosting Coastal Resilience in Northeast

2015  Reversing Louisiana’s Land Loss

2014  Cross-Shore Redistribution of Nourished Sand near a Breaker Bar

2014  Experimental Investigation of Wave Attenuation through Model and Live Vegetation

2014  Mediation in Coastal and Water Resource Disputes

2014  Wave Runup in a Sand Bed Physical Model

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Ports 2013, Success through Diversification

2013  Reducing Inwater Pile Driving Sound - What Are My Options?

2013  USGS Research Before and After Hurricane Sandy Helps Study Coastal Changes

2012  Coastal Management to Improve Environmental Quality in Göcek Bay, Turkey

2012  The First to Last

2012  How the Failure to Account for Flexibility in the Economic Analysis of Flood Risk and Coastal Management Strategies Can Result in Maladaptive Decisions

2012  The Study on a Valuation Model of Port Coastline Resources Based on Income Reduction Method

2012  Summary of Breakout Session Discussion: Potential Solution Tracks, Research Needs, and Directions

2011  Applying the Design/Build Project Delivery Method to Shore Protection and Other Coastal Works Projects

2011  Back Matter

2011  The Challenges of Permitting Coastal Projects in the 21st Century

2011  Coast Guards

2011  Current Challenges in Coastal Management in the Netherlands: Examples of Pilot Projects

2011  Defining Engineering Guidance for Living Shoreline Projects

2011  Enhancement of Cross-Shore Profile Evolution Models for Sustainable Coastal Design

2011  Feasibility of a Dune Infiltration System to Protect North Carolina Beaches from Fecal Bacteria Contaminated Storm Water

2011  Front Matter

2011  Renewable Ocean Energy

2011  Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Protection Demonstration

2011  Significance of Historical Hurricane Activity on Structural Damage Profile and Posthurricane Population Fluctuation in South Florida Urban Areas

2011  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2011

2010  Ports 2010, Building on the Past, Respecting the Future

2009  Coastal Defense Strategies in the Wadden Sea Region: Coping with Climate Change

2008  Advanced Inundation Modeling and Decision-Support Tools for Gulf Coast Communities

2008  Back Matter

2008  Back Matter

2008  Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Dredge Spoils: Capping of a Harborside Railyard Brownfields Site

2008  Bringing Sea-Level Rise into Long Range Planning Considerations on Maui, Hawaii

2008  Coastal Storms and Climate Change over the Last Two Centuries, East Coast, Australia

2008  Considering Sea Level Rise as a Coastal Hazard

2008  Dredged Material Stabilization: The Role of Mellowing on Cured Properties

2008  Extreme Tsunami Run Up and Inundation Flows at Banda Aceh, Indonesia: Are There Any Solutions to this Type of Coastal Disaster?

2008  Front Matter

2008  Front Matter

2008  Geologic Effects and Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise, Erosion, and Storms

2008  Improving Seawater Barrier Operation with Simulation Optimization in Southern California

2008  Is Stakeholder Engagement in Coastal Management Too Much Like Hard Work?

2008  Long-Term Equilibrium Beach Profile Based on Maximum Information Entropy Concept

2008  Populating a ”Dredged Material” Family of Compaction Curves

2008  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008

2008  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008, Tsunamis

2006  The Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning Market

2006  Investigation of Beach Profile Variability at Different Scales Using a Wavelet Technique

2006  Model for Environmental Risk Assessment of Tourism Project Construction on the Eqyptian Red Sea Coast

2005  Applying Scientists: Facilitating Education Outreach at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

2005  The Big Picture – By the Numbers – And Issues for the Coast

2005  California and the World Ocean ’02, Revisiting and Revising California’s Ocean Agenda

2005  California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region GIS Developments – 2002

2005  California’s New Marine Managed Areas System: The Role and Vision of the California Department of Parks and Recreation

2005  California’s Retreating Coastline: What Next?

2005  The Citizen’s Role in Influencing Public Policy: Coastal and Ocean Activism

2005  A Citizen’s View of Hometown Coastal Controversies and Decisions during 2001-2002

2005  Coastal Ocean Observing Systems: Developing a National System and Ensuring Application

2005  Coastal Problems in Iceland: Increasing Awareness of Hazards through Stories and Photos

2005  Cost of Abrasive Cutting in Decommissioning Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Cost of Site Clearance and Verification Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility: Hurricane Isabel Evaluation & Coastal Engineering Issues

2005  Emerging Issues in California’s National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Energy and the California Coast: Discussion of Presentations at California and the World Ocean ’02

2005  Establishing Development Setbacks from Coastal Bluffs

2005  Evaluation of the Impact of and Management Strategies for Diazinon and Chlorpyrifos in Newport Bay

2005  The Hawaii Coastal Hazard Mitigation Guidebook

2005  Improving the State’s role in Ocean and Watershed Protection: A Local Perspective

2005  The Integrated Ocean Observing System: Better Information about the Coastal Ocean

2005  An Internet Mapping System for Coastal Resource Management and Data Dissemination in Support of a Special Area Management Plan

2005  Joining Hands and Meeting Minds to Mitigate Hazards: Building Hazard Mitigation Partnerships in the State of Hawaii

2005  Kelp Bed Restoration Techniques: Insights into Kelp Biology and Ecology

2005  Lessons Learned from Tropical Storm Isabel in Maryland: A Shore Erosion Management Perspective

2005  Linking Watershed Management and Ocean Management with Internet-based Mapping Tools

2005  Low Income Youth As Environmental Leaders

2005  Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Bangladesh by Building Civil Society Alliances

2005  Managed Shoreline Retreat and Dam Removal: Ecosystem Restoration to Benefit Coastal Resources

2005  Market Incentives That Starve Our Beaches: Gainers and Losers

2005  Measuring the National Impact of Coastal and Ocean Management

2005  Ocean Observing and Modeling System Developments around Monterey Bay

2005  PISCO: A Collaborative Model for Informing Nearshore Policy

2005  Predicting Local Responses to Marine Reserves from Global Evidence

2005  The Present Day Civil Works Role of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Developing, Managing and Protecting California’s Coastal Resources

2005  Recent Changes in the Extent of Estuarine Wetlands in Southern California: Pt. Piedras Blancas to Santa Monica

2005  Sand Management in Hook-Shaped Bays

2005  Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Nutrient Concentrations in Coastal Streams and Variations with Land Use in the Carpinteria Valley, California

2005  State and Federal Management of Submerged Cultural Resources

2005  A Statewide Assessment of Coastal Ecological Condition for California: The Western Coastal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program

2005  The Synthesis of Biology and GIS Technology for the Management of San Diego’s Nearshore Coastal Resources, Part I: Habitat Classification and Mapping

2005  The Synthesis of Technology and Biology for the Management of San Diego’s Nearshore Coastal Resources, Part II: Development of an Interactive GIS Database

2005  Twenty Years of Protection for the California Coast: An Intergovernmental Response to Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing

2005  The UC Davis Wildlife Health Center’s Marine Ecosystem Health Program: A University-Government-Private Sector Partnership to Enhance Marine Stewardship

2005  Watershed-based Partnerships and Coastal Ecosystem Planning

2004  Hydrodynamic Tracking of the Massive Spring 1998 Red Tide in Hong Kong

2003  Geographic Information Systems as a Vehicle for Achieving Collaboration among Levels of Government and the Public

2002  Analysis of Demands on Infrastructure and Emergency Management in Relation to Trends of Coastal Development in Florida

2002  Analysis of the Tampa Bay Coastal Prediction System

2002  Application of an Integrated Monitoring and Modeling System to Narragansett Bay and Adjacent Waters Incorporating Internet Based Technology