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Found 38 Records with the keyword term of "Coarse-grained soils"

2014  Guidelines for Calibration and Use of the Severn-Trent Sand Model in Modeling Cantilevered Wall-Supported Excavations

2014  Instability of Saturated and Unsaturated Coarse Granular Soils

2014  Liquefaction Resistance of Coarse-Grained Alluvium at Calero Dam

2014  Modeling Thermal Conductivity Dryout Curves from Soil-Water Characteristic Curves

2014  Size Distribution of Coarse-Grained Soil by Sedimaging

2013  Behavior of Coarse Widely Graded Soils under Low Confining Pressures

2013  Bimodal Shear-Strength Behavior of Unsaturated Coarse-Grained Soils

2012   K0 Compression and Stress Relaxation of Pumice Sand

2012  Discussion about Analysis Method for Particle Composition of Coarse-Grained Soil and Its Compaction Test

2012  A New Generation of Back-Reamers for HDD Installations in Cohesive and Fine to Medium Coarse Soils

2011  Compressive Strengths of Silicified Coarse and Fine Grained Soils

2011  Development and Procedure for Constrained Modulus of Crushed Rock Test

2011  Undrained Shearing Properties of Sand Permeated with a Bentonite Suspension for Static Liquefaction Mitigation

2010  Comparison and Study on Constitutive Models for Coarse Grained Materials under Different Stress Path

2010  Contact Erosion at the Interface between Granular Coarse Soil and Various Base Soils under Tangential Flow Condition

2010  Laboratory-Prepared Iron Oxide Coatings on Coarse-Grained Soils as Residual Soil Simulants

2010  Microporosity Structure of Coarse Granular Soils

2010  Modeling Rheological Properties of Coarse Grained Materials

2010  Rapid Drawdown of Water Table in Layered Soil Column

2009  Dual-Weight Fall Cone Method for Simultaneous Liquid and Plastic Limit Determination

2009  Identification and Description of Soils Containing Very Coarse Fractions

2009  Performance of Long-Driven H-Piles in Granitic Saprolite

2009  Study on the Strength Mechanism of Coarse-Grained Soil Influenced by Clay Content Based on Laboratory Test

2009  Zero-Displacement Lateral Spreads, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey, Earthquake

2008  Permeability of Coarse-Grain Soil from Void Space and Pore Distribution

2006  Strength Development in Cement Stabilized Coarse Grained Soils

2006  Three-Dimensional Pavement Analysis with Nonlinear Subgrade Materials

2005  Temporary Solidification of Coarse Grained Soil by Magnetorheological Fluids

2001  A Phase-Resolving Model of Sediment Transport on Coarse Grained Beaches

2000  Coarse-Grained Debris-Flows: Hysteresis and Time-Dependent Rheology

1999  Capillary Barrier Effect from Underlying Coarser Soil Layer

1999  Effects of Flow Duration on Local Scour at Bridge Piers in New York

1999  Evaluation of Recent Field and Laboratory Research on Scour at Bridge Piers in Coarse Bed Materials

1999  Velocity and Concentration Fields in Uniform Flow with Coarse Sands

1998  The Santiago Subway: A Geotechnical Experience in Coarse Soil

1997  Bedload Grain-Size Distributions in Degradational Armouring Experiments

1993  Seepage-Induced Mass Wasting in Coarse Soil Slopes

1978  Taking Advantage of Free Air Convection in Coarse-Grained Media to Control the Thermal Regime of Rockfill Dams