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2014  Evaluation of Particle Size Distribution of Coal Gangue through Fractal Method in Dongkuang Mine, Heshan, China

2013  Evaluating SEDCAD Model Performance on Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in East Tennessee

2012  Flow Analysis, Transportation, and Deposition of Frictional Viscoplastic Slurries and Pastes in Civil and Mining Engineering

2011  Development of a Comprehensive Sediment Transport Method in First Order Watersheds with Contour Coal Mining

2011  Effects of Seam Conditions, Injection Pressure, and Gas Composition on CO2 Sequestration in Coal

2011  An Experimental Study on the Performance of PDM for HDD

2011  Research and Application of Down-Hole Motor Borehole Technology for Directional Drilling in Coal Mine

2011  Solid Waste and Ecological Issues of Coal to Energy

2011  A Study of CO2 Storage Capacity Estimation under Supercritical Conditions

2010  Feasibility of Using Coal Fly Ash for Mine Waste Containment

2009  Application of Coal Mine’s Ventilation Network Calculation in Operation Ventilation of Highway Tunnel

2009  Application of Fuzzy Neural Network in Optimal Design of Methane Drainage Pipeline System in Coal Mine

2009  Dimensional Study of Mine Subsidence Mapping Using Google Earth

2008  Application of Audio Frequency Electrical Penetrative Imaging Technology for the Detection of Karst Features of the Ordovician Limestone in Coal Mines, North China

2007  Settlement of Mine Spoil Fill from Water Infitration: Case Study in Eastern Kentucky

2006  Hybrid Analysis of Mining and Environment Underneath Xitian River, China

2006  Substitutive Fills for Geocell: Lime-Fly Ash Stabilization of Muddy Soil Due to Argillization of Mudstone

2005  Coal Mine Hydrology Requirements to Manage Watershed Impacts

2005  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment of West Virginia Coal Mine Permits Using HSPF and WCMS

2005  Development of an Equivalent Homogenous Fluid Model for Pseudo-Two-Phase (Air+Water) Flow through Fractured Rock

2005  Effects of Mine Blasting on Residential Structures

2005  Hydrologic and Geochemical Factors Governing Chemical Evolution of Discharges from an Abandoned, Flooded, Underground Coal Mine Network

2005  The Influence of Mining Draining Water on Water Environment in Zibo Coal Mine, Shandong Province, China

2005  Processes Governing Flow and Chemical Characteristics of Discharges from Free-Draining, Underground Coal Mines

2004  Coal Mine Impoundment Safety

2004  Long-Term Behavior of Fixated Flue Gas Desulfurization Material Grout in Mine Drainage Environments

2004  Modeling Long-Term Transport of Contaminants Resulting from Dissolution of a Coal Tar Pool in Saturated Porous Media

2003  Correlation Survey for Shaft Deepening in Digwadih Underground Coal Mine

2003  Efficiency of Passive Treatment Systems for Treating Acid Mine Drainage and Their Impact on Receiving Streams

2003  Minimizing the Adverse Impacts of Surface Coal Mining on the Environment

2003  Subsidence Mitigation Using Void Fill Grouting

2003  Water Resources: Flooded Mines Could Provide Drinking Water

2002  Evaluating the Liquefaction Potential of Coal Waste Impoundments

2002  Mines: Surveyor Is Crucial Link in Mine Rescue

2002  Rail: Railroad Expansion to Tap Wyoming Coal Fields

2002  Water Resources: Acid Mine Drainage Given New Look in Pennsylvania

2001  Assessing Multicomponent DNAPL Biostabilization. I: Coal Tar

2001  Assessing Multicomponent DNAPL Biostabilization Potential. II: Aroclor 1242

2000  Detection of Coal Mines Using Apparent Conductivity

2000  Structural Roadway Spans the Gap

2000  Thermally Treated Coal Tar Contaminated Soil as a Concrete Aggregate

1999  Hydrologic Analysis for Ecological Risk Assessment of Watersheds with Abandoned Mine Lands

1999  Measured Horizontal and Vertical Movements from a Sag Subsidence

1999  Mine Shaft Stabilization Using Compaction Grouting

1999  TDR Monitoring of Overburden Deformation to Verify Modeled Behavior

1998  Ecosystem Restoration under the WRDA of 1996

1998  Federal Reserve Builds Over Abandoned Mine

1998  Grouting to Control Coal Mine Subsidence

1998  Seismic Stability of Coal-Waste Tailing Dams

1997  Displacement Grouting Used in Abandoned Mine Lands

1997  Dynamic Compaction to Remediate Coal Spoil

1997  Fly Ash Solution to Superfund Dilemma

1996  Bring Attention to Coal-Tar

1996  Discussion of Environmental Engineering Forum: Long-Term Effects of Wetland Treatment of Mine Drainage (November/December 1993, Nov. 119, No. 6, by Thomas M. Walski (Environmental Engineering Forum))

1996  Geotechnical Study and Remediation Design for Coal Mine Spoil Instability in Discontinuous Permafrost — A Case Study

1996  Marine Borers Date Back 60 Million Years

1996  Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

1995  Biodegradiation of Naphtalene from Coal Tar: An Assessment of the Potential for Slurry Treatment at MGP Sites

1995  Shotcreting Technology in Coal Mining - Development, Practice, and Field Experience

1995  Sources of Greatest Acidity in a Coal-Mined Watershed

1995  Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage with a Compost-Limestone Reactor

1994  Behavior of Foundations Subjected to Large Ground Movements

1994  Cleanup of a Coal Tar Deposit Using a Vacuum Clam

1994  Computer-Assisted Coal Mining — An Overview

1994  Gully Erosion Minimization on Reclaimed Surface Mines Using SSAST Computer Model

1994  Performance of Fuel-Resistant Sealers for Asphalt Concrete Pavements

1994  A Real-Time Control Network for Robotic Mining

1993  Sedimentation Pond Removal in Eastern Ohio Coal Mining

1992  Coal Mine Waste Formation and Changes of Microstructure Under Artificial Salting

1992  Coal-Gas Conundrum

1992  Hydrologic Considerations in Mined Land Reclamation

1992  Interface Friction of Polypropylene Straps

1992  Three-Dimensional Analytical Techniques for Assessing Overburden Toxicity as a Decision-Making Tool for Reclaimability Determinations

1992  Two Examples of Position Estimation

1991  Acid Mine Drainage: An Overview

1991  Acid Mine Drainage Control Utilizing Fly Ash

1991  Clean Air, Clean Land

1991  Fly Ash Grouts for Subsidence Control

1991  A Model to Predict the Production Rate of AMD

1991  Overview of Acid Mine Drainage Control Strategies

1991  A Study of the Impact of the Dumping of Spoil on Beach Processes

1991  The U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Proposed Strength-Durability Classification System

1991  Wetlands for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment

1990  Evaluation of the Potential for Release of Residual Coal Tar by Flood Scour at a Superfund Site

1989  High Hopes for Cattails

1989  Investigation and Modeling of Soil-Structure Interface Properties

1989  Repairs to Steel H-Piles at Mystic Pier No. 1, Charlestown, Massachusetts

1988  Advanced Reconstruction for Subsidence-Damaged Homes

1988  Burning Coal’s Waste

1988  Coal Mine Subsidence and Structures

1988  Effects of Slurry Backfilling - Lessons Learned

1988  Evaluation of a Coal Refuse Impoundment Built by the Upstream Method

1988  In-Situ Testing of Fine Coal Refuse by Nuclear Method

1988  Mechanisms of Subsidence Induced Damage and Techniques for Analysis

1988  Mine Induced Subsidence, Effects on Engineered Structures

1988  Properties of Slurried Coal Tailings

1988  Report on Session 2 - Material Properties

1988  Residential Damage in an Area of Underground Coal Mining

1988  Review of Subsidence and Stabilization Techniques

1988  Slurry Backfilling of an Underground Coal Mine