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2015  Land Use, Land Cover, and Population Density Impact on the Formation of Canopy Urban Heat Islands through Traverse Survey in the Nagpur Urban Area, India

2014  Assessing GCM Convergence for India Using the Variable Convergence Score

2014  Climatic Parameter TMI in Subgrade Soils

2014  Comparison of Different Empirical Methods for Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration in Mediterranean Climate

2014  Enhancement of Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase-Change Material under Jordanian Climate

2014  Evaluating Rain Barrel Storm Water Management Effectiveness across Climatography Zones of the United States

2014  Evaluation of Climatic Factors for the Classification of Oklahoma Pavement Regions

2014  Front Matter

2014  Highway Winter Maintenance Operations at Extremely Cold Temperatures

2014  Improving Groundwater Predictions Utilizing Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts from General Circulation Models Forced with Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts

2014  Incorporating Reanalysis-Based Short-Term Forecasts from a Regional Climate Model in an Irrigation Scheduling Optimization Problem

2014  Influence of Spatial Precipitation Sampling on Hydrological Response at the Catchment Scale

2014  Long-Lead Streamflow Forecasting in the Southwest of Iran by Sea Surface Temperature of the Mediterranean Sea

2014  Modeling of CO2 Separation from Flue Gas by Methyldiethanolamine and 2-(1-Piperazinyl)-Ethylamine in Membrane Contactors: Effect of Gas and Liquid Parameters

2014  National Review on Use and Performance of Uncoated Weathering Steel Highway Bridges

2014  State Drought Programs and Plans: Survey of the Western United States

2014  Unsaturated Soil Modeling for Airfield Pavement Design

2013  Assessing Severe Drought and Wet Events over India in a Future Climate Using a Nested Bias-Correction Approach

2013  Determining Safety Climate Factors in the Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration, and Addition Sector of Hong Kong

2013  Effect of Water Table Depth on Growth and Yield of Soybean Yudou 16

2013  Estimating Daily and 24-Hour Net Radiation for All Sky Conditions through Remote Sensing and Climatic Data

2013  Estimation of Graywater Constituent Removal Rates in Outdoor Free-Water-Surface Wetland in Temperate Climate

2013  Evaluating Influences of the Manwan Dam and Climate Variability on the Hydrology of the Lancang-Mekong River, Yunnan Province, Southwest China

2013  Integrating Climate Forecasts and Reforecast Products into Reservoir Operations Management

2013  Method of Estimating Snowy Climate Values to Use Future Projections with Global Climate Model

2013  Microclimate Analyses for the Design of Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

2013  Multilevel Safety Culture and Climate Survey for Assessing New Safety Program

2013  Sensitivity of Predicted Pavement Performance to Climate Characteristics

2013  Storm Event Characteristics Based on IETD for Different Climatic Regions within United States

2012  Analysis of Climatic Influences on Slope Microseismic Activity and Rockfalls: Case Study of the Matterhorn Peak (Northwestern Alps)

2012  Analysis of Microclimate Data Measured over Grass and Soybean Canopy and Their Impacts on Penman-Monteith Grass and Alfalfa Reference Evapotranspiration

2012  Assessment of Climate Models for Water Planning Applications

2012  Climate Adaptation Cost for Flood Risk Management in the Netherlands

2012  Climate Feedback-Based Provisions for Dam Design, Operations, and Water Management in the 21st Century

2012  Contributions of RUSLE2 to TMDL Development

2012  Damage Simulation System for Coupled Hazards Caused by Maximum Possible Typhoons in Coastal Zones under a Future Climate

2012  The Development of Optimal Hydrometric Networks Model in a Watershed

2012  Early Failure Detection Model for Water Mains Due to Seasonal Climatic Impacts

2012  Evaluation of Microclimate Effects on Surfacing Seal Performance

2012  Flood Frequency Analysis of Devils Lake under Current and Projected Future Climates Utilizing HEC Hydrologic Models, NASA Satellite Observations, and Downscaled GCM Simulations

2012  The Influence of Climate on Libyan Roads Deterioration

2012  Influence of the Thermophysical Properties of Pavement Materials on the Evolution of Temperature Depth Profiles in Different Climatic Regions

2012  NewsBriefs: Institute Develops Robots to Work in Most Grueling Climates (Popular Science)

2012  Role of Modeling Uncertainty in the Estimation of Climate and Socioeconomic Impact on River Water Quality

2012  Statistical and Dynamical Climate Predictions to Guide Water Resources in Ethiopia

2012  Trends in Precipitation Maxima at U.S. Historical Climatology Network Stations: 1893-2010

2012  Water Utilities Recognizing and Adapting to a 2050 Climate

2011  Appraisal of Statistical Predictability under Uncertain Inputs: SST to Rainfall

2011  Basis for Extending Long-Term Streamflow Forecasts in the Colorado River Basin

2011  Coupled Regional Hydroclimate Model and Its Application to the Tigris-Euphrates Basin

2011  Crash Analysis and Proper Countermeasures for Xi-Han Freeway

2011  Effect of Climate Conditions on the Cracking of a Highway Retaining Wall Supported in the Active Zone

2011  Effects of Climate Variations and Soil Conservation on Sedimentation of a West-Central Oklahoma Reservoir

2011  Effects of Using Accurate Climatic Conditions for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design

2011  Glacier Variability in the Wind River Range, Wyoming

2011  Predicting Pavement Service Life Using M-EPDG with LTPP Climatic Database

2011  Prototype Decision Support System for Operations on the Gunnison Basin with Improved Forecasts

2011  Reconstruction of Historical Atmospheric Data by a Hydroclimate Model for the Mekong River Basin

2011  Safety Climate Improvement: Case Study in a Chinese Construction Company

2011  Seasonal Moisture Fluctuations in the Active Zone in a Humid-Subtropical Climate

2011  Seasonal Prediction of Karoon Streamflow Using Large-Scale Climate Indices

2011  Sewer Performance Reporting: Factors That Influence Blockages

2010  Adaptive Climate Response Cost Models for Infrastructure

2010  Air Temperature Distribution and the Influence of Sky View Factor in a Green Singapore Estate

2010  Appropriate Drainage Systems for a Changing Climate in the Water Sensitive City

2010  Bioretention Cell Efficacy in Cold Climates

2010  Canonical Correlation Analysis for Hydroclimatic Datasets with Known Measurement Uncertainties

2010  Climate Links and Variability of Extreme Sea-Level Events at Key West, Pensacola, and Mayport, Florida

2010  Climate, Streamflow, and Nutrients Variability Over the Southeastern United States

2010  Climate-Groundwater-Surface Water Interrelationships Over the South Eastern US

2010  Climatic and Anthropogenic Influences on Freshwater Availability in the Eastern United States

2010  Climatology of Monthly Runoff: Causality and Relations to Seasonality in Precipitation and Temperature

2010  Comparative Study of SVMs and ANNs in Aquifer Water Level Prediction

2010  Evaluation of Antecedent Storm Event Characteristics for Different Climatic Regions based on Interevent Time Definition (IETD)

2010  Grappling with Climate Challenge in the Built Environment in China

2010  Long Range Streamflow Forecasting Based on Hydrologic and Climatic Data

2010  Long-Lead Water Supply Forecast Using Large-Scale Climate Predictors and Independent Component Analysis

2010  Low Flow Scaling with Respect to Drainage Area and Precipitation in Northern Iran

2010  New Discoveries Could Improve Climate Projections

2010  NewsBriefs: Facility to Help Scientists Answer Questions about Climate Change

2010  NewsBriefs: Robotic Submarine Aids Research On Link between Climate Change And Fish Growth (Purdue University)

2010  NewsBriefs: White Rooftops May Reduce Effect of Global Warming

2010  Nondeformability of Ventilated and Mortar-Embedded Marble Facade Panels

2010  Reconstruction of Hydro-Climate Data for the Watershed Modeling over Foothills Region, California

2010  Redefine Water Infrastructure Adaptation to a Nonstationary Climate

2010  Seamless Integration of Weather and Climate Information in Developing Operational Streamflow Forecasts

2010  Short Lead-Time Streamflow Forecasting by Machine Learning Methods, with Climate Variability Incorporated

2010  Spatial Assessment of Droughts Vulnerability Using MODIS Image in South Korea

2010  Ultra Urban Green Street Design Criteria

2009  Climate Driven Water Resources Model of the Sacramento Basin, California

2009  Forecasting Palmer Index Using Neural Networks and Climatic Indexes

2009  Origin, Distribution, and Timing of Texas Hurricanes: 1851–2006

2009  Statistical Ensemble Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting in the South Saskatchewan River Basin by a Modified Nearest Neighbors Resampling

2009  Using Regional Climate Center Data to Predict Small Wind Turbine Performance

2008  Case Study of Multiyear Precipitation Variations and the Hydrology of Fort Cobb Reservoir

2008  Effects of Urban Sprawl on the Vulnerability to a Significant Tornado Impact in Northeastern Illinois

2008  Estimating Construction Project ENvironmental Effects Using an Input-Output-Based Hybrid Life-Cycle Assessment Model

2008  Evaluating the Sensitivity of Attic Radiant Barrier Performance to Climate Parameters

2008  Propagating Uncertainty in Climate Data for Hydrologic Prediction

2008  Radar Visualization and Data Exporter Tools to Support Interoperability and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)