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2014  Proposed Rule Seeks to Clarify Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Congress Examines Regulatory, Financial Needs of Water Infrastructure

2012  Mayors Call on Congress, White House To Reform Clean Water Act

2011  Draft Guidance Document Would Expand Reach of Clean Water Act

2011  Regulations and Liabilities of Constructed Wetlands for Aquacultural Wastewater Treatment

2010  Case Studies on Negotiation and Mediation for Coastal Zone Conflicts

2010  A Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Success of Water Quality Trading Programs

2010  Shared Vision Planning for Clean Water Act Permits: An Experiment in Colorado

2009  New Congress Is Expected to Debate Scope of Clean Water Act

2009  Regulatory Changes Needed to Improve Urban Streams, Report Says

2009  Selection of Overflow Control Strategies for the Austin Clean Water Program

2009  Water Infrastructure Financing Act Clears Senate Committee

2008  How to Include Economic Analysis in TMDl Allocation

2007  Implementation and Enforcement of the Clean Water Act: Report from a Special Master and Monitor

2007  Policy Briefing: Document and Legislation Renew Debate over Clean Water Act’s Reach

2005  Advocacy in the Access Age

2005  The History of the Clean Water Act

2005  Policy Briefing: Omnibus Bill Boots Transportation, Cuts Water Funding Sharply

2004  NewsBriefs: EPA Announces Effluent Guidelines (Environmental Protection Agency)

2002  Clean Water at the Crossroads

2002  Federal Regulation of Wetlands in Aftermath of Supreme Court’s Decision in SWANCC v. United States

2002  Wastewater: Orange County and San Diego Contend with Waiver Woes

2002  Wastewater: Orange County to Adopt Full Secondary Treatment

2002  Wastewater: U.S. EPA Promotes Water Quality Trading

2002  Water Resources: Corps’s New Wetland policy Draws Criticism

2001  ASCE Sets Priority Government Relations Issues for the Coming Year

2001  ASCE Wins Concessions on Dredged Material Discharge Rule of EPA and Engineers Corps

2001  Is the Time Right for Consensus on Model Calibration Guidance?

2001  Supreme Court Narrows Wetlands Protection under the Clean Water Act

2001  Water Resources: EPA to Investigate California Sewer Systems for CWA Violations

2000  Clinton Trumps Congress on Water Quality Regulations

2000  Corps of Engineers’ Models for TMDLs

2000  A Framework for Assessment of Hydrologic Condition

2000  Implementation of the Phase II Stormwater NPDES Permits

2000  Major Environmental Laws Face Challenges

2000  Stream Shading Assessment with Airborne Multispectral Videography

1999  Atlanta Fined $3.2 Million for CWA Violations

1999  Clean Water Action Plan on Course

1998  Administration Pushes Clean Water Plan

1998  Making Watershed Management Work for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

1997  Federal and State Disputes Over Water Will Never be Resolved

1997  New Initiatives Urged for Cleaner Water in U.S.

1996  Buying Wetlands

1996  Commercial Wetland Mitigation Banking

1996  How Did a California Dam Get a Section 404 Permit?

1996  Liability of Engineers When Wetlands Laws Change

1996  Slim Environmental Outlook

1996  The Watershed Approach: A Framework for Action

1996  Wetlands Score at Coors Field

1995  All Dressed Up and No Place to Go: FERC Hydro Regulation after Tacoma

1995  American Public Works Point of View

1995  Decision Quality in Water Management

1995  How Congress Should Act on Stormwater

1995  A Methodology for the Assessment of Cumulative Impacts of Section 404 Clean Water Act Permitting: The Santa Margarita Watershed Case Study

1995  Revisiting the 1994 National Enviornmental Pendulum Conference

1995  Streamlined Permitting for Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facilities

1995  A Watershed Approach to Urban Stormwater Management Integrating Federal, State and Local Objectives

1995  Watershed Planning and Management: Barriers and Opportunities

1995  Wetlands Bureaucratic Wars: Courts May Shift Balance of Power

1994  Clean Water Act Reauthorization: The States’ Perspective

1994  Coping with EPA’s Transportation Storm Water Permit

1994  Federal Permits for Marina Development: Controlling the Process

1994  Improvements to the Clean Water Act and Related Statutes

1994  Laws and Regulations Regarding Wetland Mitigation and Mitigation Banking

1994  A Wetland Mitigation Bank - An Economic Model

1994  Wetland Mitigation Banks -- A Win-Win Situation

1992  FAA Storm Water Program

1992  Piles Over Problems Sites

1992  Prospects for Clean Water Bill Hold Center Stage at Seventh Civil Engineering Summit

1992  Statewide NPS Management Strategies

1992  Water-Projects Bills

1991  The 301(h) Waiver & the Clean Water Act in Southern California

1991  Borderline Estuaries and Interstate Management Programs

1991  Clean Water Act Tops Environment Agenda

1991  Coastal Systems: On the Margin

1991  Defining Wetlands—A Balance of Policy, Practicality, and Science

1991  The Impact of “No Net Loss” of Wetlands on Water Power Development Alternatives

1991  Implementing Sacramento’s NPDES Stormwater Permit

1991  One Hydro Project—Many Regulatory Masters

1991  Regional Water-Supply Development and CWA Section 404

1990  Impact of Water-Quality Policies on Water Availability

1990  Impacts of EPA Storm Water Regulations on the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

1990  Natural Resource Damages Under Section 311

1990  The Regulation of CSOs and Storm Water in the United States

1989  Coastal Zone Management and the National Estuary Program: Why Both?

1989  Geologic Review: Better Regulation Through Interagency Cooperation

1989  Nonpoint Sources—Illinois’ Perspective

1989  Practical Approaches to Instream Flow Evaluations

1989  Urban Stormwater Runoff Management

1988  Federal Requirements for Storm Water Management Programs

1988  State Perspectives on Water Quality Criteria

1988  A View from the Middle — Water Quality Act of 1987: Problems and Possibilites for the Design Professional

1987  The 100th Congress

1987  Report Says Dumping Puts Coastlines in Jeopardy

1986  Congress Finishes With a Flurry

1985  Congress Acts on Clean Water

1985  NPDES Permits for Accelerated Oil & Gas Development

1985  Wrestling with Our Environmental Future

1984  Current Trends in Small Community Wastewater Management