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2014  The φ = 0 Concept: Review of its Theoretical Basis and Pragmatic Issues with Implementation

2014  Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Reliability of the Bearing-Capacity Equation for Shallow Foundations on Saturated Clay

2014  Analytical Model for Vertically Loaded Anchor Performance

2014  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles under Scour Conditions Considering the Stress History of Undrained Soft Clay

2014  Calcium-Resistant Membrane Behavior of Polymerized Bentonite

2014  CAPWAP Analysis of Deep H-Piles through Waste and Soft Clay

2014  Centrifuge Modeling Studies of Site Response in Soft Clay over Wide Strain Range

2014  Comparison of DMT- and CPT-Correlated Constrained Moduli in Clayey and Silty Sands

2014  Comprehensive Load Test on Prestressed Concrete Piles in Alluvial Clays and Marl in Savannah, Georgia

2014  Compression Behavior of Unsaturated Clay under High Stresses

2014  Consolidation of Estuarine Marine Clays for Coastal Reclamation Using Vacuum and Surcharge Loading

2014  Cyclic Degradation of a Multidirectionally Laterally Loaded Rigid Single Pile Model in Compacted Clay

2014  Deformation and Shear Strength Behaviors of Overconsolidated Clay from Stress-Path Testing for a Deep Open Cut Excavation

2014  Displacement of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Effect of Installation on the Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan under Combined Loading in Soft Clay

2014  Effects of Firing Conditions on the Properties of Calcareous Clay Roofing Tiles

2014  Evaluation of Data Analysis Methods for the CRS Consolidation Test

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Experimental Investigation of Installation and Pullout of Dynamically Penetrating Anchors in Clay and Silt

2014  Experimental Research on Cone Penetration Resistance

2014  Extraction of Spudcan Foundations in Single and Multilayer Soils

2014  Fracturing Pressure in Clay

2014  Free-Falling Penetrometers: A Laboratory Investigation in Clay

2014  Generalized Direct CPT Method for Evaluating Footing Deformation Response and Capacity on Sands, Silts, and Clays

2014  Ground Improvement Method by Reusing Solidified Iron-and-Steel Slag

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand-Bentonite Backfills Containing HYPER Clay

2014  Hyperbolic Fit Method for Interpretation of Piezocone Dissipation Tests

2014  Impact of Organic Coatings on Frictional Strength of Organically Modified Clay

2014  Impact of Strain Rate on the Shear Strength and Pore Water Pressure Generation of Saturated and Unsaturated Compacted Clay

2014  Improving Geotechnical Behavior of Clayey Soils with Shredded Rubber Tires—Preliminary Study

2014  Improving Plate Anchor Design with a Keying Flap

2014  Influence of Activity and Mineralogy in Compaction and Shear Strength Characteristics of Clays

2014  Influence of Antecedent Rainfall on Stability of Slopes

2014  Influence of Clay and Silt Proportions on Cement-Treated Fine-Grained Soil

2014  Influence of Clay Content on Wave-Induced Liquefaction

2014  Influence of Compaction Degree on Membrane Behavior of Compacted Clay Amended with Bentonite

2014  Influence of Lateral Stress Release on the Stability of Stiff Clay Slopes

2014  Influence of Wet-Dry Cycles on Compressive Strength of Calcium Carbide Residue-Fly Ash Stabilized Clay

2014  Investigation of the Mineral Dissolution Rate and Strength Development in Stabilized Soils Using Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction

2014  Large-Deformation Numerical Modeling of Short-Term Compression and Uplift Capacity of Offshore Shallow Foundations

2014  Long-Term Behavior of Lime-Treated Clayey Soil Exposed to Successive Drying and Wetting

2014  LRFD for Large-Diameter Bored Piles in Egypt

2014  Measurements and Numerical Simulations of Inherent Stiffness Anisotropy in Soft Taipei Clay

2014  Mineralogical, Mechanical, and Electrical Properties of Clays and Their Relation to Clogging during Mechanical Tunnel Driving

2014  Multiphysical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Frost Heave and Thaw Settlement

2014  Nanomechanical and Microstructural Characterization of a Hybrid Clay-Lime-Starch Composite

2014  Nonlinear Load-Deflection Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Drilled Piles in Stiff Clay

2014  Optimization of Site Exploration Effort to Improve the Accuracy of Tunneling-Induced Ground Settlement Prediction in Soft Clays

2014  Organic Contaminant Sorption and Diffusion in Engineered Clays with Organoclay Additives-Understanding Barrier Performance at the Molecular Level

2014  Performance of a Clayey Soil Used for Landfill Liner Material in a Tannery Sludge Disposal Site for Chromium Attenuation

2014  Plane Strain Versus Axisymmetric Modeling of the Natomas Levees - A Case Study

2014  Predicting Peak Resistance of Spudcan Penetrating Sand Overlying Clay

2014  Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Ground Surface Deformation of Compacted Clay Test Sections

2014  Resistance Factors for Laterally Loaded Piles in Clay

2014  Shaft Resistance and Setup Factors for Piles Jacked in Clay

2014  Stability of Unsupported Vertical Circular Excavations

2014  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Modeling Considerations

2014  Strain-Rate Effects in Shear Highlighted by a Dynamical Systems Model

2014  Strength and Stiffness Characterization of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2014  Suitability of Half-Scale Burnt Clay Bricks for Shake Table Tests on Masonry Walls

2014  Swell Behavior of Organo Clay and Organo Clay-Bentonite Mixtures

2014  Transformed Stress Method for Generalizing Soil Constitutive Models

2014  Trench Stability under Bentonite Pressure in Purely Cohesive Clay

2014  URM Walls Strengthened with Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Composite Subjected to Diagonal Compression

2014  Use of Expanded Shale Amendment to Enhance Drainage Properties of Clays

2014  Use of GCL to Mitigate Shear-Induced Damage to Geomembrane from Gravel in Underlying Compacted Clay

2014  Use of Hemp Fibers in Sustainable Compacted Clay Systems

2014  Using the Artificial Neural Networks Methodology to Predict the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays

2014  Volume Change Behavior of Fly Ash-Montmorillonite Clay Mixtures

2013  An Anisotropic Elastoplastic Bounding Surface Model for New York Bay Clay - A Parametric Study

2013  Application of Isotherm and Kinetic Models for the Removal of Lead Ions from Aqueous Solutions

2013  Assessing Adhesion of Driven Pipe Piles in Clay Using Adaptation of Stress History and Normalized Soil Engineering Parameter Concept

2013  Beams on Elastic Foundations: Analysis and Design of Shallow T-Footings on Clays in the San Francisco Bay Area

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Bearing Capacity of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2013  Bridge Approach Embankment Slope Distress: Analysis, Monitoring, Design & Remediation - A Case Study

2013  Centrifuge Model Tests on Influence of Slope Height on Stability of Soft Clay Slope

2013  Characteristics of a Large-Scale Deep Foundation Pit Excavated by the Central-Island Technique in Shanghai Soft Clay. I: Bottom-Up Construction of the Central Cylindrical Shaft

2013  Characteristics of a Large-Scale Deep Foundation Pit Excavated by the Central-Island Technique in Shanghai Soft Clay. II: Top-Down Construction of the Peripheral Rectangular Pit

2013  Characterization of Gas Transport in Low-Permeability Media: Two-Phase Flow Analysis of an In-Situ Experiment

2013  The Chemical-Physical Combined Method for Improving Clay Slurry in Land Reclamation

2013  A Comparison of Fully Implicit and Semi-Implicit Methods for Integration of an Elastoplastic Model for Clays

2013  Comparison of Rapid Load Test Analysis Techniques in Clay Soils

2013  Considerations on the Design of Keying Flap of Plate Anchors

2013  Consolidation for Radial Drainage under Time-Dependent Loading

2013  Cumulative Lateral Soil Displacement Due to Pile Driving in Soft Clay

2013  Database of Friction Angles of Sand and Consolidation Characteristics of Sand, Silt, and Clay

2013  A Dual Porosity Model for Ionic Solute Transport in Swelling Clays Incorporating Ion-Ion Correlation Effects

2013  Dynamic Properties and Influence of Clay Mineralogy Types on the Cyclic Strength of Mine Tailings

2013  Effect of Fast Shearing on the Residual Shear Strengths Measured Along Pre-Existing Shear Surfaces in Kaolinite

2013  Effect of Frequency and Vertical Stress on Cyclic Degradation and Pore Water Pressure in Clay in the NGI Simple Shear Device

2013  Effect of Rainfall on Stability of Unsaturated Earth Slopes Constructed on Expansive Clay

2013  Effect of Water Content on the Mechanical Behavior of Thin Clay Films

2013  Effects of Bed Compaction on Scour at Piers in Sand-Clay Mixtures

2013  Effects of Initial Conditions on the Results of Transient Seepage Analyses

2013  Effects of Pore Fluid Salinity on the Shear Strength of a Soft Clay

2013  Electrokinetic Delivery and Activation of Persulfate for Oxidation of PCBs in Clayey Soils

2013  Empirical Correlations: Drained Shear Strength for Slope Stability Analyses

2013  Engineering Properties of Silty Clay Stabilized with Calcium Carbide Residue

2013  Estimating Strength of Stabilized Dredged Fill Using Multivariate Normal Model