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2015  Application of the Factor Method to the Prediction of the Service Life of Ceramic External Wall Cladding

2015  Design of Metal Foam Cladding Subjected to Close-Range Blast

2014  Static Experimental Testing to Define Force-Deformation Relationships of Precast Concrete Cladding Building Façade Systems

2013  Mitigating Ground Shocks with Cellular Solids

2013  Passive Thermographic Inspection of Adhered Ceramic Claddings: Limitation and Conditioning Factors

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of the Degradation Evolution of Stone Wall Cladding Directly Adhered to the Substrate

2012  A New Simulator to Recreate Extreme Dynamic Loads on Large-Scale Building Component and Cladding Systems

2012  Wind Loads on Components of Multi-Layer Wall Systems with Air-Permeable Exterior Cladding

2011  Blast Amelioration Systems: Effect of Topological Parameters on Performance of Layered Metallic-Lattice Sandwich Panels

2011  Inspection and Defect Diagnosis System for Natural Stone Cladding

2011  Parametric Investigation of Seismic Interaction between Precast Concrete Cladding Systems and Moment Resisting Frames

2011  Wind Risk Assessments for Cladding and Glazing in Critical Facilities

2010  The Design and Engineering of Fabric Membrane Clad Buildings

2010  Inspection and Repair of Ceramic Tiling within a Building Management System

2010  Lateral Seismic Performance of Multipanel Precast Hollowcore Walls

2009  Case Studies of Roofing and Cladding Failures Involving Internal Pressurization

2009  Cladding Performance of High-Rise Buildings in the Houston CBD during Hurricane Ike

2009  Forensic Assessment of Performance Deficiencies of a New Department Store

2009  Game Opener

2008  Field and Wind Tunnel Experiments to Evaluate Wind-Induced Cladding and Structural Loads on a Low Wooden Building

2007  Design and Construction Practices That Affect Diaphragm Strength and Stiffness of Postframe Buildings

2006  A Case Study of Granite Cladding Distress

2005  The Challenge of Unknown Substrate Capacities for the Re-cladding of the Houston Chronicle Building

2005  Cladding-Structure Interaction under Impact Loads

2005  Construction Sequencing: Understanding the Implication of Failure and Effective Repairs for Historic Cladding Systems

2005  Stabilization and Containment of a Deteriorating Stone Cladding System

2002  Cyclic Pull-Out Strength of Screwed Connections in Steel Roof and Wall Cladding Systems using Thin Steel Battens

2000  Cladding Loads: The Influence of Balconies and Slab-Edge Storm Shutters

2000  Internal Pressures and Cladding Net Wind Loads on Full-Scale Low-Rise Building

2000  Lessons from Studies of Cladding Pressures at the John Hancock Tower in Boston

2000  Stone Cladding Failure: The Cause and Consequences

1999  Tests of Post-Frame Building Diaphragm

1999  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Steel Portal Frame Buildings

1998  Effect of Panel Stiffness on Resistance of Cladding Panels to Blast Loading

1998  Pull-Out Strength of Steel Roof and Wall Cladding Systems

1998  Securing the Stone

1998  Seismic Performance of Architectural Glass in Mid-Rise Curtain Wall

1997  A Building Structural Problem Access and Repair Via Curtain Wall Features

1997  Edge Spalling in Thin Stone Cladding

1997  EIFS and Water Migration Issues

1997  Evaluation of Stone Cladding Anchorages on Precast Concrete Building Panels

1997  Management of Prefabrication for Complex Cladding: Case Study

1997  New Philosophy Guides Design of the Building Envelope

1997  Outstanding Paper Award— Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities

1997  Replacement of a Ceramic Tile/GFRC Building Skin with Aluminum

1997  Review of Current Test Methods for Screwed Connections

1997  Saving Face

1997  Shop Drawing Process of Stone Veneered Cladding Systems

1997  Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect’s Perspective

1996  Anisotropic Thermal Expansion Causes Deformation of Marble Claddings

1996  Architect Chooses Slenderwall for Gothic Church

1996  Exterior Cladding Methods: A Technoeconomic Analysis

1996  Lateral Strength of Brick Cladded Frames

1996  Mathematical Model for Durability of Cladding

1996  Wind-Induced Fatigue Loading and Damage to Hip and Gable Roof Claddings

1995  Acceptance Criteria for Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

1995  Characterization of Aluminum-Uranium Core Fuels for Interim Dry Storage

1995  Cladding Systems: Technological Change and Design Arrangements

1995  Determination of SNF Peak Temperatures in the Waste Package

1995  Determination of Wind-Induced Fatigue Loading on Roof Cladding

1995  Energy-Based Seismic Design of Ductile Cladding Systems

1995  Evaluation of Degradation During Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

1995  Optimization of Corrugated Claddings

1995  Precast Concrete: Experience in the Northridge Earthquake

1995  Seismic Performance of Cladding: Responsibility Revisited

1995  Steel and Composite Beams Deflection Criteria

1995  Transitioning Aluminum Clad Spent Fuels from Wet to Interim Dry Storage

1994  Critique - Manufactured Housing Session

1994  Diaphragm Action of Cladding in Low-Rise Metal Buildings

1994  Hurricane Andrew - The Ultimate Curtain Wall Test

1994  Improving the Performance of Architectural Glazing in Hurricanes

1994  Long-Term Effects of Neutron Absorber and Fuel Matrix Corrosion on Criticality

1994  Material Condition of Underwater Fuel and Storage Equipment

1994  Nonlinear Dynamic Response of an RC Structure with Advanced Cladding

1994  Prediction of Cladding Life in Waste Package Environments

1994  Preliminary Spent LWR Fuel Oxidation Source Term Model

1994  Spent Fuel Characteristics Relevant to High-Level Waste (HLW) Source Term

1993  Evaluation of Spent Fuel Behavior Under Interim Storage Conditions in Russia

1993  Masonry Cladding, an Expert System for Distress Diagnosis

1993  A Numerical Analysis of Spent Nuclear Fuel Thermal Characteristics

1993  Spent Fuel Interim Storage: French Experience with Dry Vaults

1992  Criticality Safety and Shielding Design Issues Related to Transport Cask Design

1992  Extended-Life Nuclear Waste Package Utilizing Redundant Corrosion/Containment Barriers

1992  French High-Level Waste Management Research and Development Program

1992  International Status of Dry Storage of Spent Fuels

1992  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of RC Structures with Precast Cladding Using GT-IDARC

1992  Probabilistic Assessment of Spent-Fuel Cladding Breach

1992  Reactivity End-Effects Estimates Using A K∞ Perturbation Model

1991  Cladding Design: Whose Responsibility?

1991  Development of Nonlinear Dynamic Models for Precast Cladding Connections in Seismic Design

1991  Durability and Integrity of Marble Cladding: A State-of-the-Art Review

1991  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Buildings with Advanced Cladding Systems

1990  Building Joint Movement

1990  Estimate of the Source Term for a Repository Surface Facility From the Routine Processing of Spent Fuel

1990  The Expected Condition of Spent LWR Fuel on Delivery to a Repository

1990  Leaking Brick-Clad Walls: Causes, Prevention, and Repair

1989  Local Wind Pressures on Roofs

1989  Wind Effects on Loose-Laid Cladding Systems

1988  Use and Misuse of Exterior Travertine Cladding

1987  Design Criteria for Glass Cladding Subjected to Wind Loads